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Servant Attempt List

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Who knew creating Servants would be so hard? (A rhetorical question, I assure you.) There's all manner of factors to juggle with, from recontextualizing history, myth, and anecdote, to determining rankings for parameters, Skills, and Noble Phantasms, to imagining the Skills and Noble Phantasms, to actually naming them, to putting them in the context of the wstablished rules and lore of the Nasuverse.

Hopefully actually cataloguing them would finally give me that bolt of inspiration needed to spur me on towards completing at least some of the sheets that just need that last oomph. Otherwise, I hope can count on you, dear reader, to nudge me towards the right direction, if not actually lend a hand in completing these sheets, the names of which I shall not list below, for now, for R&R calls.



  1. DelRey's Avatar
    still in the waiting room
  2. Tabris's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    still in the waiting room
    As ever. But that's due to the circumstances of the medium -- I'm typing all this on my cellphone, and it's already extra-hard for me to reckon with codes, what with the smilies to your right crowding half the screen, making it impossible for me to appraise the results of my work.
    Updated February 10th, 2021 at 08:41 AM by Tabris
  3. DelRey's Avatar
    oof coding on smartphone is not something i wanna do.
    I had that with the smiles for a while on desktop because i did not notice i zoomed in.

    Else i would suggest to just type in all your ideas without much formatting. Getting the general gist of things is more important for help than appearance