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  • In an "unbalanced world" exist two entities that can be described as "inordinately mysterious", called [霊子]/Spiriton (Spiritual Factor) and [幽子]/Obscurion(?) (Astral Factor).

  • An obscurion is not found in [physical/real] space within which we dictate all matter exists, but exists in another type of space we call "interior space". Conceptually, it is a particle-like substance, but it does not have a concrete definition, and is incapable of direct influence thru physical means.

  • A spiriton is a one-of-a-kind entity capable of traversing the two aforementioned spaces, thus is equipped with the task to yield data. A spiriton possesses the characteristics of a particle that acts as a vehicle for data within interior space. Within physical space, it acts as a fine particle that becomes endowed with incorporeal energy.

Basic Configuration

The "unbalanced world" has four components:

  1. matter (elementary particles),
  2. dynamic forces (energies),
  3. memory/storage cells ([air]space genes), and
  4. time.

Thru intricate interactions, these four give birth to diverse phenomena.

If we were to make an analogy with computers:

  • Pictures displayed on the screen = matter
  • Flow of electricity = spiritons
  • Computer programs = obscurions

Consider, as well, that the interior space is the information medium, which would be magnetic or optical disks. Of course, as a conceptual entity regarded as "the information medium", it has no component relying on [physical] matter itself.


Obscurions decide on the conditions of elementary particles, existence positions for energies, and orientation. Thru spiritons and the act of transmitting such data, changes in composition and location take place. Unlike the world's laws, which are the pictures displayed on the computer screen, obscurions are said to be capable of interference upon the computer programs, even from the pictures' side. This is, more or less, the structure built by the use of 術法 (thaumaturgy).

The process is depicted in distinct stages below:

  1. Obscurions will alter the layout of physical matter.
  2. Data from the layout of physical matter is transmitted into spiritons.
  3. Spiritons transmit the data to obscurions.
  4. With changes made to the obscurions' layout, the data carried by spiritons also changes.
  5. When the data carried by spiritons towards physical matter changes, the layout of physical matter will change to match the data.

When it comes to thaumaturgy, its execution falls solely onto magic spells and body gestures. One can only hope to use circuits to transmit spiritons, thus it is fairly adequate to rely on electrical transformation on an intracerebral level by means of psychoactivity. However, utilizing supplementary methods makes it far easier to give form to these circuits.

Data exchange via spiritons is present in every aspect of ordinary life. Simple physical phenomena differ from what we call thaumaturgy and unorthodoxical science. The latter extract spiriton energy from both the soul and spiriton substances, and augment the degree of transformation. Thanks to this, changes known as so-called supernatural phenomena, paranormal phenomena, and anomalous phenomena take place.

Furthermore, such phenomena brought forth by thaumaturgy and technology used by unorthodoxical science is not entirely congruent. If thaumaturgy is the only means by which these phenomena are brought forth, conversely, there are a great number of tasks exclusive to unorthodoxical science. Without a sound theory to support these notions, however, its principles have yet to be explained, even in an era where unorthodoxical science exists.

Structure of Living Organisms

  • The body is made up of matter and spiritons.
  • The soul is made up of spiritons and obscurions.

Exceptional Features

There are times when spiritons and obscurions that make up living organisms and their spirits, exhibit behavior different from the spiritons present in the natural world. A prominent example for such an occurrence would be the difference in spiriton energy being utilized by thaumaturgy and unorthodoxical science. Essentially, thaumaturgy cannot operate with spiritons that lack the essence of life, while the instruments of unorthodoxical science cannot operate without utilizing spiriton substances. Due to this distinction, unorthodoxical science has created a classification for spiritons and obscurions that dwell in all that possess a spirit (soul), and have taken to calling them 魂霊子 (Anima-Spiriton] and 魂幽子 (Anima-Obscurion).

For a less technical explanation of the article, click here


  1. Tabris's Avatar
    This is all very interesting, but also quite confusing.

    1) How does this relate to the things this forum usually does, and

    2) Why not follow Portishead's lead and call it a "Mysteron"?

    Apologies if this all seems more forward than I intended, by the way.
  2. T-Toh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tabris
    This is all very interesting, but also quite confusing.

    1) How does this relate to the things this forum usually does, and

    2) Why not follow Portishead's lead and call it a "Mysteron"?

    Apologies if this all seems more forward than I intended, by the way.
    1) Like everything slightly TM-related, I post translations like this for my own curiosity, especially when the subject is obscure.

    2) You mean "obscurion" or "spiriton"? If "obscurion", I just went with the definition behind "幽".

    It's alright. It's not usual I get feedback from this. The source of all this text is found here too.