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Cursed by Fortuna

Rider Tutankhamun Additional Information

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Main outfit (looks slightly different, blue instead of red, minor slits near base of dress, ends above ankles instead of near feet, wearing male sandals and male headgear (Uraeus)): Image source Image Author

Anklets & Bracelets (I know the source is a ring, but it looks that this ring, but big enough to go around the arm/leg): Image Source Image Author

Scale armor:

https://weaponsandwarfare.files.word...7956_large.jpg Image Source Image Location Image Author (Warning has some NSFW stuff on it)

Kepresh: Image source Image Location Image Author

Nemes: Image source Image Location Image Author


A metal horn, A bow; If summoned as Caster he would have his dagger and a dog headed staff as his arms rather than his bow. Archer also is garbed in his traditional attire (modified due to how he has manifested) which consists of his Uraeus crown (a circlet with the serpent emerging from the front), a white shawl which goes over his shoulders and has slits cut into each side to allow him free movement of his arms, it is tied blue thread in the front, the rest of the outfit consists of a white dress with another blue knot tied just above the hips, which ends just above his ankles (so it doesn’t get caught while walking).

The attire actually does have a purpose, besides looks, it is enchanted to keep the wearer cool by controlling the warmth of the user’s body, so that even while in the sun He still wears normal male egyptian sandals (which are enchanted to soften shock from falls and running, so he can jump on and off his chariot and move about), on his legs (just above his ankles) and arms (just above his wrists) are gold bands patterned with lapis lazuli. However when he switches to his sun chariot, the Uraeus is swapped for a Kepresh and his shawl is switched to a set of enchanted bronze scale armor which wnet atop the dress. If ever forced to pull out his own ship of the moon, then he is adorned with his Nemes instead of his Kepresh.

Aside from differing how he looked, the gear does serve some purpose. The anklets were enchanted to muffle shocks to his legs and feet as such he could run, stay on a chariot, and hop on and off a chariot or leap a distance of around 30 feet and be fine (if it were worn by someone without Rider’s leg problems in life it’s effect would be much greater, but it had to compensate for that).

The armbands served the purpose of the right serving as a sort of key allowing him to use his mystic code bows safely and the left gave off a faint flow if brought near most poisons.The dress had no real purpose (nor did his normal attire in life), but the armor is enchanted to be much stronger than normal and is resilient to most magical attacks (roughly of rank B), and to a lesser degree physical ones (C rank normal attacks can damage it, and it could break under too many attacks [especially of B or A rank level, much less noble phantasms of greater than that strength]).

Due to Rider already having magic resistance this also could be used by his master as a form of protection on them (although as caster he lacks this armor and instead has a staff which acts as a means of channeling spells and such). As for rider’s headdresses the Uraeus gives clear sight (sees past visual illusions like heat haze), the Kepresh does the same as the Uraeus, but also gives the user the ability to see far distances (like reinforcing one’s eyes), and the Nemes is an even stronger Kepresh, but also gives the user the ability to cancel out mental interference up to rank C.

The drawback is that all of this gear is fueled by Rider’s own mana and as such while using more powerful gear gives him better boosts, it also takes more mana, and if you wanted to conserve it, then you would have to balance the raw benefits versus the energy it drains (for stronger mystic codes, the energy cost gets higher).

Other Noble phantasms (what he would have in other classes)

As an Archer his bow would get stronger and his war horn and chariots would become weaker.

Meteoric Iron dagger, a call towards the stars - B+
A ritual dagger of ancient origins (going back to at least 2000 BCE according to Tutankhamun), used for a simple, yet ingenious purpose, by infusing and sacrificing the Ka of a person (to which purposes it was designed of like a dagger used in the opening of the mouth ceremony and made of a material from the stars and made of iron [also thought of as celestial]), both of which may have been to allow for the mystery of the blade to be very powerful in the abilities it had (as the gods dwelled among the heavens alongside the stars, so by using materials from the heavens they like the gods may be able to manipulate the Ka of a person). The item was meant to be used to infuse their Ka into a phantasmal beast, literally creating a chimera of a beast with a human intellect, it is unknown if this actually worked or not, however when using it upon a sacrifice it summons a phantasmal beast, either a sphinx or perhaps even if the caster is powerful enough a Ammit. After doing this the summoner can give the creatures basic commands and have them follow his orders. These creatures become even more dangerous within the territory Caster establishes with them even gaining regeneration (but not true immortality) in his temple.
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Lotus Chalice, the renewal of the pact - A
A noble phantasm which allows one to perform a sacrifice upon it, doing so would restore one’s health, physical condition (with the more hurt one is the larger the sacrifice needed), and even restore one’s youth. It may have been used according to Rider by his ancestors to extend their lives, however he upon learning that to cure his conditions would have to sacrifice several humans, refused to do so, arguing that in doing so, not only may he condemn his Ka by staining it with such evil, he would also stoop to the level of stealing the lives of others merely so he himself could live. Rider would live life to its fullest, yet he would never deny that right upon others even if it would grant him more time to live. He also speculates it may have been inspired by what was used in “a certain ritual in Fuyuki” or was a prototype of that artifact. But instead of granting a wish by means of magical energy, it “acted as a means of communing with the divine and reviving their aid/favor in exchange for a task or gift”. Doing so however, one could theoretically break even strong curses upon them, dispel powerful illusions, even cast powerful rituals on the scale of anti-army attacks (summoning fire, insects, floods, beasts, etc.). Thanks to his high divinity and relationship with Anuput this noble phantasm's power has increased even further.
Anti-unit (self), covenant, Anti-Army, Anti-Thaumaturgy
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