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Cursed by Fortuna

Rider Gaius Julius Caesar Additional Information

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His chariot is lead by two white horses, one named Virtus and the other Felicitas both of which are at the level of strong monstrous beasts in ability (although really since they arenít used for combat; this mostly just means that they have physical abilities similar to weak servants). His chariot is royal purple with gold patterning upon it and can move in the air at the cost of mana (this is generally fairly costly so he doesnít use it unless he has to or wants to survey a situation from overhead). Image Source Image Author

Unlike as a Saber his sword is more romanesque and far more subdued (and deceptive) due to being closer to a noble phantasm imbued with the myths and legends regarding his quick thinking, in the end whatís truly dangerous isnít what you can see, itís what you cannot see.

Dev Notes
So remember when I said that I really hated how some characters get treated by Type-moon? Well here's one of the poster-boys for that problem, introduced in the the Roman singularity and never given a chance to shine really. That's just sad, I mean this is Gaius Julius Caesar, one of the most well known roman emperors and he's treated like a joke, I get that it's even mentioned that Saber isn't his ideal class or use, if that's the case why is he a Saber in the first place? Either way here's what I feel that Rider should have been like in type-moon itself, here's a heroes with a lot of different stories and pieces of his myth that makes him unique and honestly very powerful (I was considering giving him the Star attribute, but felt that may be going a little too far, even if a lot of the later Roman Empire has him to credit/blame for setting up the building blocks).

However the biggest caveat in all of this is the personality behind the power, Rider himself has a very mixed opinion of his life, especially the later half of it, so while some might call His innovation of the Empire skill absurd (although honestly that peanuts compared to some skills in the Fate world), or his Alea Iacta Est ability broken (although as a counterpoint that thing drains mana like nothing else, and he has to know a situation well to properly use it) the bigger problem is in getting him to use it. As for the rest of the details on the sheet I tried to go with a more natural approach to the character (Crocea Mors, what have they done to you? Seriously why is the sword look like a cross, the Roman empire wasn't even Christian at the time) and make him a rider, who like others doesn't have the greatest parameters in the world, but he backs it up with great noble phantasms and personal skills. While he doesn't have the same parameters and isn't as deft with a sword as his Saber counterpart, he is far from weak (I would call him an A rank servant by his noble phantasms alone).

As for his chariot it's based on the legendary Caesarís comet told of by ancient writers (supposedly one of, if not the brightest daylight comets in history, and believed to have been proof of Gaius Julius Caesar having risen to become a god after death. Although the evidence to support it's existence is a little sketchy, I definitely believe that it is yet again something which could have happened, so I gave it to him as a chariot (oh and the names for the horses I just made up, I figured name one after good fortune and another after strength/valor would probably be a good enough name for some war horses), as for the chariot, yeah I couldn't find a chariot which was purple (the color of the roman Emperors) with gold etchings on it, so that's why it's black and white.