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Cursed by Fortuna

Assassin Hassan of the Demonic Eyes Additional Information

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Her magic circle (also carved onto her flesh to help contain the spirits and used when casting and manipulating spirits)

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Dev Notes

Original eye color (before she literally started putting spirits inside her body) was hazel. One of the tells for when she is using her noble phantasm to empower herself (which she still needs to say the name of and use od to activate and perpetuate in spite of the spirits being inside her) is that her eyes glow while in use. The original idea for this came partly from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with the whole red eyes motif, and red eyes are commonly associated with demons. As for the idea of using the body as a natural barrier from the external world, that is as I understand it part of the mechanics behind Kiritsuguís Time alter ability, which takes advantage of it.

The idea is that she is allowing herself to be empowered and partly possessed for greater abilities, but in return she starts to go partly insane from doing it, and even then she needs to modify her body (the magic circles carved on parts of her and the jewels inserted in side her, to regulate the amount of influence they have while controlling her to be able to function properly). With these modifications and her sheer willpower she is able to have some semblance of control even while being possessed like this.

One of the noted downsides to this technique is that she is more vulnerable to spirit exorcising technique in it, and it also has negative effects on her health (if she were still alive) and almost ensured she wouldnít live past 60 at absolute max, normally. As for her being Caster, well with Zealotís whole insane devotion I figured she could arguably qualify for Berserker, and King Hassan probably could be summoned as Saber with his skill with a sword. As a result, the whole Hassanís can only be summoned as Assassin is questionable as a result (although one could argue King Hassan is the exception, and Zealot isnít a proper Hassan, just a candidate, so that rule may still hold. Either way her legend as a Caster is far weaker than her aptitude for an Assassin, so even in Syria her home country summoning her as a Caster would likely be a 1/1000 or even a 1/3000 chance, so really for all intents and purposes she is mostly an Assassin class servant.

Maybe I should have given her Double summon/class skill, but I didnít really want to go that route as that seems mostly relegated to servants who are masters in both classes (Semiramis is master mage and a master assassin). But, Assassin is merely talented at magecraft not masterful (partly aided by the fact that she comes from a time where magecraft was still much stronger than it is now), and her true skill is mostly restricted to aspects related to her controlling and binding spirits, and only in that field could she be called a master. Overall I also felt like making her both a Caster and a Hassan would also potentially make her too strong, as the combination of Caster and Assassin is formidable if used right.

As for what she is talking about with Zealot, well essentially, this is just my headcanon and I have no way of proving it otherwise, but I think the Order of Assassins may have been wrong when they claimed she ďwas given no giftĒ, whole she didnít make a unique technique, I do think she had a gift. Namely, kind of like Shioru, her gift was in forgery/imitation/mimicry. Now this may have been because of her origin (I could see an origin of Modification allowing her to modify her body more extensively than normal to allow her to learn and use a bunch of techniques like that), but I still think that she had to have some gift to recreate 18 techniques which took their users a lifetime to make and perfect (even improving some of them, although some like Raving shadow flash are noted to be a bit lacking [she doesnít have the range or fine control the original did]).

However even the fact that she doesnít use them always in the same way or the fact that something seems different about each one to its original use, could parallel the stipulation that a perfect identical copy cannot exist as Gaia rejects it, thus her techniques are all altered in some way (some stronger, some weaker, some different in how they are used) whole in the process or recreating them. To give context on why I think she had to have something special to do so, even if it only took 2 years to remake 1 technique (and given some of them may not have had good records, and in Meditative serenityís case there were no records of it ever being used) then that would take 36 years to learn them all. If she started at age 14, then that would mean she didnít learn them all until age 50 at that rate, so I personally think there might be a little bit more to how she learned all those techniques. Anyways, as I said I canít prove it, just my headcanon.

On a side-note, I originally didnít want to give her dirks, as they are both a Scottish weapon (hundreds of kilometers from where she likely would have ever called home or reasonably ever visited in life), and they probably werenít even invented or developed yet. However, I found very little one actual period daggers that would be able to reasonably be thrown, so I just essentially threw up my hands and said ďfine, give her dirksĒ. Although to be technical they really arenít dirks, the explanation Iím going with is that they were developed by the Order of Assassins as knives that both were weighted to be thrown, and could be used to stab and possibly poison foes.

They are similar to dirks in shape and design, but they have existed since around 300 to 400 AD (I have no idea when the order of assassins was first formed, so Iím just going to guess around 1 AD when the gods lost all influence on the world King Hassan basically thought ďSo the gods now need others to act as their champion and defend their willĒ and made the group around then. Yet again, I have no idea if that contradicts anything in the Nasuverse (feel free to point it out if it does), but thatís just my theory (kind of like how I think King Hassan being immortal by him existing in limbo [between the world of life and death, possibly due to having an origin similar to or an ability like the lines of death or revolving around death or entropy] is a theory I have, but canít prove).

Anyways TLDR, gave her dirks, except their not dirks, because they predate dirks, theyíre throwing daggers/knives which happen to greatly resemble them. As for her hating Hassan of the Hundred faces ďthe foolĒ I kinda thought it was a little weird that nobody from the Order of Assassin hates the guy who was in charge when they got destroyed, so I threw this in (personally I can imagine King Hassan and the other Hassans in their war to become King Hassanís successor all collectively teaming up to kill him first, then fight the rest out).

The whole nicknaming thing came out of the idea of modern spies and covert groups using codenames, and her not referring to herself as Hassan is partly a mix of that and her believing that the title Hassan is that of a champion who kills, as such when she isnít doing things related to being a Hassan she doesnít acknowledge the title as ďIím not Hassan right now (Iím not planning to kill, spy, or deceive anyone at the moment)Ē. I gave the quirk of referring to herself as this one mostly as a joke at first, but then evolved to being part of her character (it also makes a bit of sense retroactively as some curses need a name to work, and using a title for yourself could also give yourself away. Plus I think it fits in with her being fairly humble, save her pride in her skill with spirits and her faith [she doesnít think highly of her Assassination skills, although she knows sheís good with them as she still isnít as good as King Hassan, so she figures she still has a long way to go]).

Side note, it is a pain to find a good picture for the Faceclaim/Appearance section of someone near fully concealed in a cloak. Despite not wearing a mask, she still does have the signature hassan mask as usual, itís just she only wears it when she is doing Hassan related stuff. Oh and as for the 66 spirits being the limit in her body (or six fold six, 6-6 as she refers to it) thatís actually not just a random number there, in Islam 66 is supposedly a way of expressing Godís name.