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Cursed by Fortuna

Rider The Flying Dutchman Additional Information

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Identity details
Heís more of a culmination culmination of varying figures, and legends around the flying dutchman, and itís captain who amalgamated to form this entity (Bernard Fokke, Davy Jones, Blackbeard are three spirits who contributed to his existence). Unlike Bernard Fokke who is proper hero spirit, the Flying Dutchman is similar to Jack the Ripper a phantom based on Bernard Fokke and several others legends (as such he could be Called Bernard Fokke (alter), however much like jack the ripper as he is phantom made for public consumption, unlike Bernard Fokke, he is both different in his power and nature, and also arguably stronger than his original as result. Also goes by the king of the damned, the king of wandering sea spirits, and the voyager of
Hellís deep
The lightless sea

Dev notes

So for this servant I went for a bit of a different angle than a normal heroic spirit, in truth Rider here is more of a wraith than a proper heroic spirit, and he isnít exactly happy that he even exists. You could call him Rider (alter) as he is an alternative to existing servant a version of Bernard Fokke whose legend amalgamated with and was overwhelmed by the myths and stories which attached to it eventually dragging him down and creating an effect similar to innocent monster so strong it lead to his current manifestation.

In terms of things I would describe Rider here as being at his strongest in two specific areas, in the waters around the British isles and the Netherlands and the Caribbean. The former is due to that being where his legend was at its prime (near his home of the Netherlands) and with the British empire being so involved in seafaring and trade, stories of ghost ships and would conglomerate there. In the Caribbean due to his existence having merged with that of Davy Jones and stories of pirates, he holds great power there as well.

In either of the situations he could be called a kingpin servant whose appearance would slightly differ based on where (he looks slightly different in the Caribbean than in the area around the British isles and the Netherlands). But in either case both his ship, and his parameters would increase, functionality making him arguably a A level servant in those areas (he could go on par with Francis Drake in the area around the British isles, and could fight as a foe capable of matching Blackbeard [who would be more cunning and powerful] in the Caribbean).

In either case it could be claimed that even having the ability to summon the Leviathan is a sort of cheat ability, as it boasts increased damage and effectiveness against naval servants, and alongside itís sheer power essentially forms a sort of suicide move where Rider loses, but if the foe he faces isnít a top level servant with a lot of firepower or doesnít have a really good plan (throwing the ark of the covenant inside itís mouth, then shutting it, where it blow up with enough force to destroy itís head), then theyíve essentially lost.

He also would probably qualify for one of those ďHow the heck does this not violate the rulesĒ kinds of servants in the grail war, where using him would be unless you were at sea, so blindingly obvious the Magus association would likely lock you up for causing them so many problems on the coverup (the storm they can cover up as mostly a hurricane, but the doing a believable coverup for the flying ship and fog is a little harder. In either case Iím sure he would be a headache for the Magus Association and likely cause the Church to probably hate you on principle for summoning something so diametrically opposed to them [like if you summoned Caine or such], and for Riderís desire to potentially wipe out any faiths based on Aberhamic origins from ever having spread or maybe even been a thing.

I kind of designed him to be a servant who is very capable and powerful if you can use him right (although he requires setup like a caster), and in those cases you essentially have a powerhouse. The biggest problem in those cases when everything is going well would be compatibility as he hates the christain god, and mentioning him or worshipping him would likely make him consider killing you (although if you reminded him of the grail, he would probably abet his vendetta for now (as he could erase chirstianity, bring and end to his curse, or erase his existence).

One of the major reasons he is eligible as an Avenger is that much like the count of Monte Christo, he isnít Bernard Fokke, as Bernard Fokkeís curse has an endpoint, you get married and the curse ends. Riderís curse never does, as that is part of his legend, his own legend makes it so that he like Rama and his wife will never be free of his torment, he will always be cursed as long as he exists or his legend remains what it is (as long as public perception of him exists) to keep hating God due to his stubbornness and refusing to ask forgiveness, thus keeping his curse going forever as the cure for his curse is to accept his wrong and ask forgiveness (which he can never do, as that contradicts the foundation of his Saint Graph and would kill him to do such).

In essence he is trapped in a cycle where he will always sail the sea, never touching the land or being reunited with his love, and this fuels his hate for God, and in turn fuels the existence of the curse. He is very much trapped in a cycle with no endpoint and he knows and hates this. This is why he hates being called Bernard Fokke, and violently rejects such, this is why he wants the grail, this is why he desires to alter human history. Most wraiths seek acceptance and entry to the throne, but since that would mean his curse is set in stone and his legend would be recorded as complete and unable to be modified anymore, Rider wants out, he wants to vanish, to disappear fully and never enter the throne as he is.

As for his ship I hope I gave it some compelling details and such to distinguish it from other ship type noble phantasms. I though the whole usage of the cannot touch the land clause in a bit later, but the original need for summoning materials to make his ship was something I thought of as a justification that he is merely a wraith supported by a fragment of a proper heroic spiritís existence, not a proper heroic spirit, so he canít just call a ship that isnít technically his, unless he has the material (although you donít have to assemble them, you just have to bring the stuff and he can poof a ship into being as ďI have the materials to make a ship").

I did consider giving the requirement you also have to build the ship before he can make it his (kind of like a pirate claiming a ship as theirs), but I thought that was a little too cumbersome. Moreover it does make some sense as Davy Jones defies God + he is an evil spirit + zombie crewmates or spirits of the dead + ghost ship = necromancer or user of black magic who defied the heavens. So thatís the logic behind that, he does have the ability to make contact with dark powers like ďSatanĒ so I figured it worked out. As an Avenger I could see maybe giving him access to curse type spells as well, maybe revolving around the use of his spirits, but I didnít go that route personally.

In terms of his abilities I may have overdone it a little with the Leviathan, but I think it may be justified here, it is a suicide technique and there are limits upon it, but if used properly then it truly is a nightmare even for servants to fight as it makes approaching or dealing with it hard. Attacking from the ground may not be an option if you are at sea, and even then it can summon waves and water, if you arenít which makes this potentially a no go. If you can walk on water, then it still can attack from under you as the lack of a boat means it can blindside you with a tentacle and the ability to alter the watery terrain with whirlpools, and huge waves makes approaching it a headache and a slog as itís potentially shooting blasts of water, moving around, and as the lightning overhead may even strike your if you arenít careful.

A ship seems to fix these problems, but unless it can fly then it still has to deal with the whirlpools and waves, and as a larger target Rider is going to have an easier time hitting it, and he deals more damage to ships as the one who receives sunken ships and helps sink ships in myth (due to Leviathan taking up the empty slot (kind of like and Angel in El Melloi chronicles) fo Davy Jones as a divine spirit). Arguably the best case scenario is flying and even then the stormy weather, may inhibit movement and sight, unless you have enough firepower you may not be able to hurt it, lightning is still a problem, and the creatureís ability to go underwater and movie like that makes tracking where it is and hitting it hard from the air, in the darkness of the storm, and he may be able to lunge from the water at you or swipe with his tentacles.

In general the best solution aside from stopping him from being summoned at sea, is to run away, go inland, and wait it out (and pray you are either far enough away it canít get to you before itís time limit or energy burns out, or you are far enough inland it canít easily access you). In terms of danger alone this single creature like Caster of Blackís golem (when ramped up to max size) could end an entire grail war in its strongest wiping out the other candidates and forcing a stalemate.

Also in terms of his whole personality and talents/dislikes, the joke is the guy has been alive so long, and due to not technically being a proper heroic spirit, he isnít fully applicable to the there is no time in the Throne of Heroes thing, so he has had a lot of time to think. This has not made him exactly pleased as he knows the situation he is in is one where there is really no good way out (which is why he wants to delete himself), but on the other hand it also has given him the ability to find out a lot about just how many things he can come to dislike over eternity, and a breadth of knowledge on almost anything you can ask about related to his curse, the sea, ships, or ghosts.

The main drawback to Rider as a Servant I feel, is that side from his abilities being a little hard to use at times and pricey in terms of Mana cost (especially over time), is his own personality and how reserved the guy is. Compatibility between him and his master is essentially a nightmare, this guy is no Artoria if you try and go all Kiritsugu on being a master, he will try to kill you and mess up everything you intend faster than you can blink. Rider may be a servant, but he doesnít care much for the rules of heroic spirits (the dead donít lead the living, obey the master, etc.) and much like Gilgamesh demands respect and care with his usage.

Unlike Gilgamesh, what truly makes Rider dangerous is that he can be so reserved regarding his feelings that it can be very hard to tell what his current mental process or how happy or unhappy with you as a master or ally he is. As such there is a constant danger that he is actually very displeased with you or an ally and wants you dead, but hasnít made that clear (as either he doesnít care to, or doesnít feel it pertinent). Much like Lu Bu, betrayal is a big risk to using him, but if brought to task on this he would likely shrug and chalk it up to being part of his myth, and more broadly a factor inherent to human behavior (betrayal for oneís own beliefs or goals is characteristic of all human or humanoid entities and thus is to be expected and moreover should just be expected).

Ironically this means that Magi would be well suited to try and understand the danger of having Rider as a servant (they are well known to double dealing characters and betrayal), yet their own arrogance and lack of elegance could very well have them constantly having to worry about making Rider angry enough to want to betray them in the first place. In that right it could be considered a sort of karmic irony, or double edged sword with their aptitude as masters for Rider. Otherwise he could be considered an excellent heavy damage type Rider servant.

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