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Cursed by Fortuna

Rider Rostam Additional Information

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Equipment 1

Starts only with his standard armor, his horse, and his arrows, anything else he must gain due to his noble phantasmís effects.

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The throne of Kāvusāvus_on_his_flying_throne.jpgImage Source
US Public domain, uploaded from Princeton University Library Collection ďMs.G 58Ē

The Mace/club of Nariman Source Author

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The White Helm Source Author

Equipment 2

Dev notes

So I also went for a stronger servant here, Rostam is one of the older servant sheets I made, but I decided to spruce it up a little over time. The first major drawback I decided to give him was that although he may have a large amount of noble phantasms, he has no anti-army or multi targeting techniques aside from curses used when using the helm of the white-dev (but those would not be considered on par with a proper anti-army noble phantasm on their own, at best they would be maybe a B rank non-noble phantasm [D in terms of noble phantasms rankings] magical attack on a semi-large group of 10 to 25 people maximum, medea he is clearly not). This in terms of practical use makes him very powerful in terms of one vs one or even one vs two or three, but would make him unable to deal with having to take out a large number of skilled foes.

Another nerf I gave to him is that although he does like Gilgamesh have a noble phantasm which gives him other noble phantasms (or True Archer from strange fake), he doesnít start with them, and there are restrictions on them. The only noble phantasm he can use a lot of his noble phantasm with is his horse and there are limits on what noble phantasms he can use with Rakhsh (as even if he isnít riding his horse, but it is still near enough to empower him, that means he has to worry about it getting hurt too bad). Plus despite being smarter than your normal horse against heroic spirits it still would be in danger from a noble phantasm or powerful spell, and could be tricked to de-manifest and cause Rostam lose his buff and/or safety net (although he dislikes thinking of his steed like this*). In truth the best noble phantasms to use with his horse would be his helm for ranged spellcasting, either of his armors, or his chains (much more situational).

*Ignoring that the buff to his strength makes using his mace at its strongest even harder, as the relative strength difference between him and his foe goes down.

This combined with his already higher than normal mana cost (he needs both him and his horse active to be at full power) makes him a problematic servant to use fully as with both him, his horse, and another technique all active at once the mana drain is rather high. Another mitigating factor on his overall power is that a lot of his noble phantasms have restrictions on them, beyond just what they canít be used in combination with. 7 of them need to be earned and even then, 1 noble phantasm is a worse version of Medeaís flight spell (or by some metrics better [speed], but has a time limit and has steeds which if killed make it useless), 1 is functionally a personal skill in magecraft in a can, but lowers his physical abilities and luck while in use or while one of itís curses or familiars are around, 1 is a set of armor which if broken makes the wounds he receives more likely to be lethal (although it does offer fairly solid protection otherwise), his dagger is rather weak unless you are using it against specific foes (same with his mace, but a little better on that end).

Even ignoring that, his chains also need to be used against specific foes for their best effect and his famous armor has a hole in itís protection which a cunning foe or master could exploit (as does the other armor he has). As for getting those 7 noble phantasms, he has to earn them by doing things worthy of note (and no he canít collaborate with others to create fake trials to get them, that doesnít work) and what he gets is a random drop of the 7, he could get his mace, or armor, or he could get a helmet. Finally, Rider can only use each technique 1 time against a foe, if he used his helmet once against a group of people and they live, he cannot use it against any of them.

Even his arrows donít let him wish for the same thing twice and canít even be used with his horse active, meaning he has to open himself up for attack to use it and it only works three times (and isnít near omnipotent like the grail). Arguably the most reliable noble phantasm he has is his horse, which is one of the three he starts with (the others being his arrows and the ability to gain his other 7), which cannot die unless he does, can take a lethal blow for him, and powers him up when nearby or while he is riding it. I also made sure that on the resurrection thing (which I was hesitant to put it, but threw in as immense healing abilities are part of the lore and the Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth), that there were caveats to using it (both in a way more and less severe than Asclepiusí own limits on his own resurrection abilities [one being shortly after death like Riders, the other having a lot more rules and requirements to it])

With his personality at first I was going to go for a no nonsense warrior, but then I thought up a better idea, full disclosure here this servant idea comes from an idea of an alternate version of the Fate Apocrypha grail war with Rostram as Rider of Red. However since it was Apocrypha, I thought what if the rather powerful servant working for the red faction who are no nonsense mages turned out to be rather different than expected. So I took the aspects of Achilles wanting to fight others, and added in the childlike wonder of exploring (Rostramís 7 tasks is much the same as a quest and part of a quest in my mind is going to strange places and seeing strange things), the simple joy of having an animal companion (as having done horseback riding for a year or two when I was younger it can be fairly therapeutic and relaxing), and the idea of someone who doesnít want to be tied down by life.

Essentially what you get as a result is someone who one day could be enthralled by this one subject, and the next day be bored with it, who despite caring about his kingdom, wants to live his own life and experience many things both good and bad. If he were in the grail war much like Alfostro (or to a degree Enkidu and Voyager) I can imagine Ruler having to be summoned just to keep him in line from causing a mess and revealing the war, for him the war would be as much about meeting new people, which based on his own teachings by his father (the best way to get to know someone is to fight them) and the grail war is an excuse to experience other legends, see other noble phantasms, meet other people, and see the modern world. For him the experience of being a servant would be just as much a reward as the grail itself.

In regards to him being childlike, I wouldsay he hates his half brother, itís not hate like we understand it, heís angry his half brother killed his son yes, he is actually angry about that and his friend/surrogate brother/horse (yes Iím serious the dude in this world adopted the horse [at least my version of Rostram did] as his own brother, and even wanted to have a marriage when he found a mare his horse mated with [mostly because people told him that you donít marry horses or adopt horses as blood siblings, and he wanted to know what a horseís marriage would be like and he actually considered Rakhsh to be his brother in all but blood, [he also claims to be able to understand what heís saying]]) getting killed, but it's a bit more than that.

To Rostam dying meant he no longer could experience new things, and according to him the throne of heroes is ďLike the worldís most boring waiting roomĒ where he canít even meet other heroes. As such his anger towards dying at his half-brotherís hands is more like a child pouting at being denied sweets or having their toys taken away and being told itís time for bed. If he had a wish Rider would probably at least wish for something which would let him live again to experience the world more with Rakhsh (similar to Rider from Fate-zero, but minus the wanting to relive his legend as he has no qualms with how it ended accepting it for what it is). However, the circumstances around how he may try to do this would differ based on his whims and desire (possibly becoming his masterís family or child in the future, maybe wishing to incarnate, maybe wishing to be allowed to stay his masterís servant even after the war on the grail).

Overall I think I may have finally (as I was tweaking him for some time) managed to nail down the sense very powerful, but very brittle like I wanted (I was going for an approach where itís clear the guy is strong and troublesome, but he has weaknesses which can be exploited). Plus to give you an idea of how hard it would be to get all 7 of his noble phantasm with the second taking the 4th grail war and Arturia as an example, the battle at the docks and all that jazz would be worth 1, the next event worth a noble phantasm would be killing casterís beast, so thatís 2, the next one would be maybe be her fight with Rider (maybe fringe case on it that would or wouldnít count as Rider was handicapped with his master not being able to supply him), Lancelot might also count, but he died due to his master dying beforehand and so she didnít really earn it so thatís a fringe case (leaning towards the No side of things as she didnít do anything to survive it was pure luck and timing that she lived through that), the next surefire thing would would be the final events of the grail with Gilgamesh (where she is made to try to destroy the grail).

Even counting for the 2 fringe cases, that only gives 5 examples of note (that I can recall) where Saber (fate Zero) could have qualified to earn a noble phantasm under this system, as a result suffice to say that in a normal grail war Rider wouldn't be getting all 7, he probably wouldnít even get 5. Plus itís a random pull on 7 noble phantasms of varying quality and usefulness, and he has to be put into harmís way, using up mana to earn any of them (and potentially wasting the chance to get one if he uses an arrow which invalidates that trial). Suffice to say he is a powerful servant, but you will probably never see him with all 9 noble phantasms accessible to him at once (unless you work at a place called Chaldea, wherein he would likely fit in very well getting into all kinds of Shenanigans with his master). Also the joke with Da Vinci is that he is actually right, that is something she and Machievvali planned in 1503, and he knows her better for that and her engineering rather than anything else.