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Cursed by Fortuna

Beast V Kamuy-huci Additional Information

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Orignal Notes

So I was originally going to do a sheet on Yasuke and then I saw that it was done already so I shelved it even though it was partly finished, then I was going to do another sheet and I came across Kamuy-huci. I have no idea if it may have been the idea of suggesting the smoking mirror portal connection or if Im just kinda weird, but I thought of Yukari for some reason and then I thought some more on it and decided to give it a go. I overall actually feel a little good on the sheet as it was fun to write and I actually think that from the brief bit Ive looked into it Ainu mythology is actually fairly interesting and neat. As for the sheet you can tell where most of the attention was centered, the ability to manipulate boundaries, I always did wonder what would happen if a being much stronger than humans accessed the root, how would they react, what would they think, how strong would they become. As such here I tried to explore the power such a being would hold, yet also the price of a being whose intellect and sense far outstrip any man were to see the root of all existence and the truth of all things laid bare before them. Suffice to say it was all too much for poor Kamuy-huci, Curiosity killed the cat I suppose.

Much like Gilgamesh, the main weakness of Kamuy-huci is that she is driven by her nature as distracting herself and others, as such she doesnt use her abilities to their fullest (if she did she could literally travel back in time to before a fight began using her boundaries and then kill them before the fight would even start), even by beast standards shes absurdly powerful and dangerous and really for context only the limits of her saint graph prevent her from expressing the full potential of her boundaries (which at full strength would be literally an I win button for anything given enough thought [and given she could literally stretch out the time between one moment and the next forever if she wanted, that time would never be a pressing issue to find]) which would probably be a ☆ rank NP just because it really can do almost if not anything she would ever want at full power).

New Developments

So I actually did a bunch of rewriting on this recently as I wasn't fully stratified with it and I wanted to build and improve on it (thanks to Delray for the suggestions), the first thing I did was change the aspect that embodies Kamuy-huci as a beast to distraction (distracting ourselves with phones, creating media simply to entertain us when we could be thinking about solving hard problems, etc.) and actively uses escapism to keep her mind off of the truth of the earth's potential doom and the meaninglessness of life and the human and divine species. I also built up a bit of description of what she was like before she went mad, think a stern mother figure, who also was a bit of an idealist at heart, and wanted the best for humanity. To expand a little bit on the lore I added in, originally in this/my interpretation the Ainu were the original gods of Japan, they were the origin of the term kami and a bunch of Japanese yokai were from their myths and religion. However unusually, they didn't have an afterlife, souls were sent to the root (which existed behind a metaphysical membrane to keep it separate from the material universe) that they called the final gate (which also acted as a bit of a mechanical processing system similar to the weighing of the soul in Egyptian myth), and anything which went through the gate was then spat back out as a reincarnation, based on how good your soul was (your deeds, if you made the best out of your life, faith to the gods, etc.) you might get a more or less favorable reincarnation. Kamuy-huci oversaw this and also had the task of connecting the divine plane where the gods dwelled (often in separate layers to accommodate each of them when they weren't on earth) and connecting the living to the souls of the dead which were in the process of being reincarnated.

For this reason, her existence was interwoven to the hearth (the original hearth in Ainu myth from which all others derived [think fire from darks souls]) and she would reroute prayers or questions and responses to their appropriate correspondent (like a call center). This also gave her the authority over the home, and the dead, and separation, giving her the ability to determine the boundary between things like life and death, home and work, good and evil, and such. The Shinto gods actually in my mind originally came from China, and as implied Amaterasu isn't natively a Shinto god, she isn't even Izanagi's kid, she was for lack a better term an alien from the sun who descended on the earth and caused the myth of Hou Yi to happen (although later version of the myth would mistakenly claim there were 10 suns to start with and they just happened to all cross the sky at the same time being the problem [rather than the existence of 10 suns being the anomaly that needed to be solved]). Izanami and his bunch which ruled over a portion of Ancient China under the jade emperor's rule then took Amaterasu in and awed by her power Izanagi petitioned successfully for her to be allowed to have authority over the sun in their lands. However, due to laking any perception of how to use her power and to have better control over her Izanagi married his son Tsukuyomi to Amaterasu to teach her proper behavior and such. But, after a disagreement with the jade emperor over their position in his court (they wanted a higher station and more authority, but were denied) Izanagi and Izanami (the top gods of the Shinto) left for greener pastures setting sail for Japan.

When they arrived they set up shop in the southern part of Japan (which the Ainu had less of an investment of stake in and thus were more neutral towards, despite their unease with foreign gods arriving and setting up shop). Izanagi still died bathing Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, and became Goddess of the underworld and Izagai now chief god and perhaps a little drink with power made up the story on their origin (hiding their past as being originally from the Chinese pantheon) and the circumstances on Susanoo and Tsukuyomi's birth (and also retconning that Amaterasu was actually his daughter instead of an alien). Amaterasu however despite the best intents took the whole care for making thing the wrong way and ended up coming to the conclusion that "hardship builds character" and that the best way to help mankind was to give them a little help now and then and frequently do things to mess with them and try to force them to become a better stronger species. This actually made her able to understand Hoyau-kamuy and get along with her very well who was very similar in its attitude who wasn't the most well-liked kamuy in the Ainu due to being seen as a bit cold and harsh, likely due to her circumstances of being the god of disease and sometimes seeming ambivalent to mankind suffering*.

* Which was due to her background. In this lore (not the original Ainu myths) Hoyau-kamuy was originally the child of Waka-ush Kamuy, who despite seeming kind and benevolent to mankind, that was really only the surface appearance. Truthfully she looked down on mankind and helped them as really she thought they were so helpless they couldn't help themselves, she also had a bit of an idol complex about her and hated those who were more liked than her (like Okikuurmi and Kamuy-huci [which was why she antagonized the other by trying to steal away her husband]). Hoyau-kamuy was actually her daughter, but when she was born with snakelike scales she was so embarrassed by her "hideousness" that she repeatedly tried to have her killed, eventually abandoning her in the wilderness to die. There she wandered until eventually coming across a great marsh filled with poisonous water and clouds of foul poisonous haze (which she advised by crawling just above the water's surface much like an animal or a snake). After encountering an enormous salamander that ruled there she managed to gut open its stomach as it was breathing out more poison which created the clouds of and was threatening to spill across the land. From its stomach, Sarorun-Kamuy spilled out and swiftly killed the beast before thanking his savior (he had been eaten by the monstrous salamander while he was asleep and it had stolen his power as god of marshes and swamps). He then named the child Hoyau and raised her as his child, eventually with her coming to be considered the goddess of poisons, venoms, and illness (as well as the protector of illness). However this expense and the mentality of the weak survive and the idea that nature is meant to weed out the weak gave her a mentality that unlike her mother she couldn't help mankind any time they asked, they needed hardship to become stronger and if she stopped anyone from dying of disease she would be disrupting the nature of the world.

Oh and I'm not going to be coy about it here, yes Hoyau-Kamuy is the god of Mount Ibuki / Yamato-no-Orochi, she can certainly have a temper and is fairly eventful, but she's not wholly evil really. Susanoo killing her (or trying to at least) may also be part of the reason he and Amaterasu don't get along well.