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Cursed by Fortuna

Foreigner The Thing/The Organization Additional Information

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An unusual case in that Foreigner isn’t truly a heroic spirit, but rather “a foreign entity” which has latched onto and fused with a phantom. According to Holmes, the phantom itself shows a high amount of signs of having been tampered with to “fuse” it with other objects of modern fantasy and pop culture. This greatly suggests they might have been a sort of “last resort” by Moriarty or Bael to destroy the world and Chaldeas even should everything else they planned fail.

Based on the assessment of their nature and behavior the phantom seems to be that of The 9 Unknown Men, a secret society of people who were meant to manipulate and regulate the political, scientific, and philosophical knowledge and progress of India founded by Ashoka the Great. It’s unknown who their numbers included, and how long they were around, however they were meant to serve as a bulwark, to protect mankind from themselves and their own self-destructive nature. As such aside from Magus organizations they likely served as one of, if not the first secret society in history. They have since been fused with varying other groups like the Illuminati which exist in pop culture.

As for the other half of his being that is according to Sherlock Holmes an utter mystery to him, with him describing the beings as microbial in activity and behavior reproducing through binary division of a single being which generates 1 new being and a copy of the original parent being. This means that Foreigner has an exponential growth rate and combined with the fact that it can assimilate other living things or spirits to create new beings it presents a rapid danger to the planet. This is compounded by the larger the being gets (which seems to be based on how many entities it has absorbed, a given being’s current mass, and how many other beings there are) it gets both stronger, smarter, and more powerful (able to execute increasingly dangerous and resource-intensive tasks). As such alongside its ability to annihilate all life in the world Foreigner is a high-ranking Threat to Humanity and must be treated with utmost caution.

Additional Lore

The way Foreigner works is that Foreigner is a hive mind, yet chunks of the hive can split off and become their own uniques beings, still linked to the collective whole, but with separate skills and personalities from the rest, I also imagined an aspect of horror in it, perhaps in that in one disguise (as they can take multiple different disguises from men in trenchcoats with hats, to men with sunglasses in black suits, to even robed figures or such) they would be wearing a mask and the mask would be ripped off to reveal that there is nothing underneath, that they have no face.

One could accuse Foreigner of being evil, but really this is just the way their species has always existed by means of killing other worlds, feasting off their life and their spirits and living organisms, then moving on (essentially causing a bunch of “dead planets'' similar to the earth in Angel Notes, but utterly devoid of life). I originally conceived them as actually being the ultimate one not of a planet, but of a black hole reflecting their nature as aberrations which consume, rather than grow normally (which does raise the question of what can and cannot have an ultimate one, can moons have them, comets, do black holes have life in them in Nasu’s cosmology? Moreover, if you have planets that are willing to aid other planets by sending ultimate ones who can’t say that there may be actively hostile planets much like Phazze from Metroid Prime 3 which actively attack and try to kill other planets for some reason?

The idea of Foreigner was also an extrapolation on my part on how the whole ultimate one thing works, while we do know that the ultimate one is the strongest lifeform to exist on any planet and an extension of the planet’s will which can be empowered by the planet I extrapolated they are also intangibly linked to that planet’s life force (although I have seen conflicting information on if an ultimate one can be killed or not with some entities like Type-mercury being claimed to be unkillable normally due to lacking the concept of death [at least as it is understood on earth], yet angel notes does show and mention ultimate ones being killed, thus my best extrapolation is that they can be killed, just only under specific circumstances.

Plus while ultimate ones are normally empowered to always be stronger than their foe there is a comparison made to the whole point on counter guardians being selected to “always be strong enough (provided just enough energy and power) to perform a task” so I surmise this is a privilege granted by being extensions of the planet’s will and combatting things it deems a threat to itself. Now I don’t know if there has ever been any clarity given on how an ultimate one is selected (as I would presume based on Archetype-Earth being dubbed the closest entity to a ultimate one of the earth [and as Berserker Arcuied having access to an ability similar to an ultimate one] that they are indeed selected and not artificially created) and given they represent “the strongest being in the world” that would potentially imply that if a being stronger or more suited than the current ultimate one would appear they may be selected as a possible candidate to replace the current ultimate one (as the former ultimate one would no longer be the strongest being in the world).

I have no clue if there is anything in canon that would disprove or verify this, but that’s the explanation I’m going with. Thus the reason why the counter force or planet doesn’t intervene or protect the current ultimate one from being killed by The Thing is that it thinks the thing is another native species that has grown strong enough to qualify as an ultimate one candidate and thus it removes any involvement from itself as the current and new candidate(s) fight it out with the survivor (or in the case they all die the next strongest living being) becoming the new ultimate one. Thus technically even if you could kill an ultimate one unless you could kill the lifeforce of the planet which fuels them the world they come from could always find a replacement (albeit possibly weaker than the last one). This is the loophole that allows The Thing to become an ultimate one, get into contact with the planet’s lifeforce, then eat it and kill the world in question.
ultimate ones

Development Notes

Inspirations for this partly come from a lot of places, the shadowy group from the X files, SEELE and the multiple masterminds crossing each other in Evangelion, Legion from the bible, Elements of characters from Nasu (Tiamat, Enkidu, Angra Mainyu), the necromorphs from Dead Space, The Blob from the movie of the same name, Lavos from Chrono Trigger, the Illuminati and other urban conspiracy secret societies, the Akatsuki and some of their members from Naruto, The Entities from Worm web series, The Thing from the novella Who Goes There? and the movies associated with such (which is the other entity composing Foreigner), among some others I may not recall.

The main idea behind this was a cabal pulling the scenes of a remnant order style event manipulating events around the globe, with wildly advanced technology, yet having deep enough pockets and great enough resources to even do things like launch an attack on the clock tower and hope to succeed, yet also being at odds with each other and seemingly trying to kill each other and become the leader. Also, the joke with Holmes is that he has no idea about Foreigner because he has never read or seen anything related to The Thing (due to it being after his time)

I will however mention that I am going to cut this off here, as the next section goes into a discussion into some of the racist symbolism in Lovecraft's work, why I feel that the “Death of an Author” solution doesn’t work here, and a few related point. If any of that is not something you want to read or are not comfortable with then DO NOT OPEN THE NEXT SPOILER TAG BOX. I Repeat, if any of what I said did not sound like something you would agree with DO NOT OPEN THE NEXT SPOILER TAG BOX. I generally don’t like to mention this kind of heavy material but given the context, I think it does matter to explain my viewpoint and why I don’t think I could ever do a true foreigner sheet.


I originally came up with the idea of Foreigner because I was tempted to potentially do a sheet sometime if only to say I had done one, to possibly come up with a creative idea possibly for a cosmic entity, however, I never could find a good way to do it. I considered taking beings like the Darkness and such from Lovecraft or other very poorly defined beings and having their natures be vastly different and more expensive than what Lovecraft knew (possibly because his mind couldn’t physically comprehend what they were), and before even that I considered doing a foreigner with Arachne, but it never sat well. Frankly, I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with the Foreigner class and especially Nasu’s choice to draw more influence from HP Lovecraft's works even late into the 2010s, as while I can appreciate some of his prose and the ideas of cosmicism, the small nature of humanity, and cosmic horrors I never could bring myself to want to do them, not with how mixed if not tainted his legacy is (between both what he was like IRL and his books).

While the man is brilliant some of his outer gods are very, very questionable in being “eldritch beasts” as a few of them (if not more) seem to draw clear influence from other ethnicities or countries not part of the Anglo-Saxon world (take Shub-Niggurath aka “The Black Goat of a thousand young” as an example, first squint at that name a little, specifically the last part, if you need to look up HP Lovecraft cat name [and note that not only did he own a cat named that, he had one in the books named the same thing] and his Wikipedia page to get an understanding of who he was. Now consider its title is the Black goat of a thousand young. Now I don’t know if there is a connection to goats I may be missing but also consider the following. Around Lovecraft’s time, an “explanation” presented by people who wanted to deny things like the negative effect of segregation and the idea that separate is inherently unequal, yet explain why the living conditions of people of Color in America was worse and why their children didn’t do as well in school (beyond a bunch of pseudoscience and such) was that people of color were straining the system with overpopulation. This “explanation” was that African American people were simply having too many kids, and that this “overpopulation” was overtaxing the system and thus all the money they supposedly had were simply spread too thin, and that if they stopped having kids it wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

All of this was a lie and it really hits on a problem that should be considered, this was almost certainly a coded message in Lovecraft’s own work to promote racist viewpoints and falsehoods which reinforced beliefs like segregation and inequality (which even to this day is a major issue in America). This isn’t isolated either, several outer if not most of his outer gods are believed to have been made in this way, his works generally don’t treat people of color well at all, and the entire concept and plot of The Shadow Over Innsmouth is based on the fear of race mixing and was almost certainly used by Lovecraft as a message against it. I could go on and on, but I think it’s not needed. Lovecraft may have inspired other Sci-fi writers and such, but even in his own genre, a genre he helped build, the weird fiction genre has undergone a movement (called the new weird) to distance themselves from him and some of his ideas. Now some could argue Death of the author, but the big problem is that doesn’t work here, as I mentioned earlier these viewpoints are encoded in his own books, thus even if you remove Lovecraft from the equation the messaging in his books still exists.

Death of the author assumes that the problems with the writer are separate from the author's works themselves and that if you remove the author then there works become less problematic as a result. But, if there are cases where this is true, then Lovecraft's works are not it. Lovecraft’s racism both pervades and suffuses his books to the point they are as much propaganda as they are stories. Lovecraft’s message and beliefs are so tied into his works that the effort it would to part his beliefs from his stories would require nothing less than a near-total reimagining of his outer gods, rewriting all of his canon, either overhauling and remaking his books and more just for me to be fully comfortable that I wouldn’t be getting more people to read and potentially buy into his some of his beliefs he proclaims in his books by pulling material from them.

But at that point what would be left and moreover would it even be worth it? The Theseus ship paradox likely would have long since taken effect at that point and what would be made would likely be so far removed from Lovecraft that why even bother putting it in the shadow of his dark legacy?

I mean no offense to people who make Lovecraft-based foreigners, and I actually enjoy reading some of them. But, I simply can’t stomach the thought of making one myself, but that's just me.