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Cursed by Fortuna

Caster Lorelei Additional Information

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Development Information

So I had to do a lot of reworks with the sheet, first due to the whole confusion of what to even call Lorelei (Is she a siren, a mermaid, a nixie, and undine, a water nymph, a water spirit, etc. [to which I decided to call her a siren, but technically she could be considered a unique subspecies which has both wings and a mermaid tail]) and how to construct her lore as such. I went with the approach of making it so that her story was based on something far earlier (not unheard of as there is a modern perception that Loreli may have been based on older local myths about the area, but this is not believed to be true). I felt the sheet worked well enough with what it was that I didnít need a 3rd personal skill and that I think I nailed down the aspect of tragedy with the character as unlike Mata Hari she only really wants to be loved, but unknowingly she is leading people to their dooms and death (much like a siren would, except the manner in which they die is a little different [I donít know if he based it off of anything but I do recall an old game Adventures in a Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment made by Ben ďYahzeeĒ Croshaw where they had an object described as ďThe Most dangerous book in the universe [it may have been world, galaxy, or existence], one so interesting you can never stop reading it, yet too long to ever finishĒ, which I partly based the idea on them being so entranced by Lorelei that they literally die of thirst or hunger due to forgetting they need to eat or drink]).
Much like Prototype Assassin Caster ironically enough would likely end up accidentally controlling her master (if they are male) and thus leading them along in the grail war in her pursuit to gain her perfect love, become human again, or something along those lines. I also gave an aspect similar to Caster Medea where she isnít strong but can break the grail war as she could easily end up controlling other servants or their masters to do as she wants with her noble phantasm. On her Bounded field I wanted to do something unique with it, so I didnít make it traditional in that it provides offensive or defensive options for Caster, but merely gives her a way to sense incoming foes and a way to recharge on energy (plus the idea of a backwards bounded field kinda fits the idea of Caster benign a backwards servant [a spirit rather than a human, she seeks love and companionship yet ultimately results in death and isolation, etc.] and worked towards the idea of Caster wanting to have people with her, but never let them leave).

On the front of the Noble Phantasm I went with the angle of kinda making it a stronger yet different form of her Alluring Nightingale skill (still working through sound and such with all the weaknesses that implies, yet with no clear limit on itís range or number of targets if Casterís master were to use something to increase the number of people who could hear her (obviously she couldnít control entire countries or the world, but it actively being able to control and manipulate entire cities effectively makes her about as dangerous as some dead apostles in that respect). I also based the idea of it only having a soft rather than a hard limit and the use of sound amplification being able to amplify the effectiveness of her NP based partly on elements from the Lullaby plotline from Fairy Tail.

Overall I went with the idea of her being a simple and weak servant in concept, but one who can be horrifically dangerous (I originally imagined her in a holy grail war ending up controlling Sigmund [Sigurdís father] and Asterios and their masters effectively become the warís dark horse). I also didnít bother writing any dialogue for relationships as I am not good at lyrics or such and even then a lot of it would probably just be her singing (which doesnít always have lyrics itís more sounds which convey emotions which sentient beings are able to process into emotions, sensations, and such). Lastly the bit about the Rhine flooding was a play on the actual historical flooding of the Rhine in 1995, despite being connected with the world she doesnít actually have enough power to use a marble phantasm, if anything it flooding was likely a sort of immune response by Gaia in reaction to a spirit connected with the Rhine dying (spirits are considered sensory organs to Gaia so much like pain receptors or sensory organs Gaia felt and reacted to itís death by sending out an immune response [flooding the river to try and kill them humans who hurt Gaia]).