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My Experience with Final Fantasy VII Remake

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How will you feel if you bought your very own console just to play that one famous game only to find out that that famous game has a part 2 on a newer console?
Because that is the same dilemma I am facing as of now.

So many emotions swirled on my head, from anger, disappointment and frustration to outright rage. And yeah, I am just describing 2 same emotions on a different scaling. I came to the point of almost smashing the console and the game for it in sheer rage, but yep, it did not happen since I am a person who values what I bought for myself.

The game that I am talking about is Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Yes, THAT game.

Iíll just ask one question from the developers:

Why did they not wait for a more powerful console to appear and release that game on that console instead of releasing different parts on different consoles? Final Fantasy XIII did it with 3 parts on PS3, why not this game?

Even the compilation of the original Final Fantasy VII summarizing the events is released on a different platform.

But then again, there is no use complaining about that, for even the original game started on a PS1. Might as well even say that I am hypocritical for asking that question in the first place.

I can only describe my experience with this game as a form of suffering. The fact that the part two of this game will be released on PS5 is just pure pain for my tastes. I bought a PS4 just for this game, why would they announce that this game will be released on PS5? $50 just for this game and then they announce that future iterations will be PS5 exclusive.

For me who is not up to date on the latest console to buy and just worked hard for a $320 PS4 for years on end just for this game, then yep, I looked like a complete and utter idiot and naÔve for even thinking that the following parts will be released on the same platform and that the PS5 will just add some bonus raytracing effects.

Someone told me to git gud and buy PS5. Price of a PS5 here in the Philippines is around $920. My salary is just around $400 a month as a staff nurse, maybe will get even lower to $200 if they feel like itís too high for us. Majority of it which is around 70% will go to food, insurance, internet, water and electricity bills aside from other amenities like bath and dental hygiene.

You do the math.

The saddest thing about this game is that I love this game. The 13 minute short of Japan only deepened my longing to play this game for myself even more. They described the game as an experience. After that announcement that they made this year, I could say many people, including me, got hooked on the commercial with their disappointment for it not being on PS4.

With that frustration, I am also reminded that many people canít even afford to have a console and be happy that they even have food to eat.

I never knew that the company behind this could be this sadistic until I see it for myself.

And boy they did disappoint.

For the record, Iím still at the stage where I still canít accept what happened to the franchise. Sure, might be fun, but I still feel frustrated about it. I can just accept that this kind of practice will never go away, what with the remakes making a bank for it and all.

I can say that nostalgia is ruined but Iíll still play this game.

Just not to the point of buying another console just to play that game.