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Upcoming Servant Sheets

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Hey everyone. So, as opposed to making constant posts on the forum detailing the progress of the Servant sheets I am currently working on, I figured that I should make a blog post that I can use to do that. Aren't I innovative? So yeah, I'll update this post whenever I have something new regarding the progress of my sheets.

If you have any suggestions for what I can do for any of these sheets, feel free to tell me.

Rider - Bull Demon King
After, like two years, this one might finally see completion within the next month. Its completion status is almost exactly like Argo's; the only pieces missing are personality and relationships.

Caster - Takiyashahime
Originally proposed by Royd as the Crypter's Servant for the Yomi Lostbelt, I eventually found a use for her as the main antagonist of a Singularity. Once again, I only need to complete her personality and relationships. Likely to see an early May release.

Alter Ego - Wan Hu
That idiot who thought his rocket chair would take him to the Moon only to get blown up when it didn't. Due to how that and him having been a government official are the only known things about him, I had to get a little creative. And by that I mean, I made him into a High-Servant imbued with the essences of various lunar goddesses (which has the side-effect of genderbending him). Everything is being fine-tuned and she might be posted in late May.

Assassin - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The main thing keeping me from releasing the German Lostbelt. His Noble Phantasms,
Operation Valkyrie
The Plot to Kill Adolf Hitler
Book of Christlikeness
, have been giving me a lot of trouble because I just cannot for the life of me figure out how I want them to work. Everything else is fine. Depending on how well the NPs go, its release date is very uncertain other than maybe some time in May.

Alter Ego - Mount Fuji
Because Leftovers just had to give me stupid ideas. This one is a big mess because I can hardly figure out just what I want to do with it, so it won't be released for a while.

Ruler - Ahura Mazda
Basically a reverse Angra Mainyu. I have a good idea on what I want to do with this sheet and its mechanics, I just need to hammer out the details. Release date TBA.

Alter Ego - Hermes Trismegistus
One of the most undeveloped of my ideas. He will be a High-Servant composed of Hermes, Thoth, and Imhotep, but I don't really know just what to do with his Skills and NP. Alchemy with definitely be involved since his texts apparently had some big influence on early alchemists and his (so far only) Noble Phantasm will be called
Founding Texts of Hermetic Wisdom

[???] - Hades
His Class as a Servant will either be Lancer, Assassin, or possibly even Ruler (since Lostbelt No. 5 seems to set him up as a foil to Zeus). His ship designation will likely have something to do with stealth and/or mining. He is being developed for the Greek Lostbelt idea that Royd came up with. I haven't a single clue when he's gonna be completed.

[???] - Persephone
Even more incomplete than Hades. Also made for Royd's Greek Lostbelt idea.

Caster - Herodotus (V2.0)
Cursed actually came up with an amazing idea on how to rework my Herodotus sheet, so I just couldn't pass it up. I've had work all weekend, so I haven't had much time to work on ideas for him to add to Cursed's original ideas for him.

Alter Ego - Hachiko
This one seems to be the most popular of my older sheets. I'm trying to figure out new stuff to add for the remaster, such as a potential new NP based on Laelaps that uses Gae Bolg-type causality shenanigans to "always catch his prey".

Saber - Goro Masamune
Since Muramasa was finally released in F/GO JP earlier this year, I figured that I should rework Masamune to suit this. The tricky part will definitely be figuring out how to differentiate him from Muramasa because I hate hate hate moveset clones (it's why I detest the existence of Echo Fighters in Smash). I do have some ideas; whereas Muramasa always failed in creating a Divine Construct, Masamune succeeded in doing so. While Muramasa is a grumpy old man, Masamune is a cool old guy. But other than that, I have nothing.

Faker - Ea-Nasir
The man who has treated me and my messenger with contempt. Plan to have him rip off Gilgamesh. Royd's idea.

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