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Variant Class - Lover

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Heroic Spirit of Romance and Affairs.

Defined by the relationships of love and romance which they have built in their lives, these servants derive strength from the aspects of their legends connected to individuals they held strong feelings of love for or those who held strong feelings for them. On the other hand, Lover class servants are also those who were the target of unrequited love, admired and wanted by the masses.

Loved by others they did not love in turn.

That is not to say that Romantic Love is the only one featured in the Lover Class. There are many different categories within the class based on the kind of love a servant is connect to.

Be is Romantic (Eros), Agape (Selfless), Storge (Familial) and many others.

A Lover Servant wields these
with loved individuals as weapons, manifesting Noble Phantasms representing these legendary relationships which defined the servant's history.

As a Variant Class, Lover does not exist within the standard Holy Grail War system. Instead, it was created as part of a set of diminished classes based on the standard seven which can house a heroic spirit in a very diminished state to what they would otherwise be in one of their usual classes. Nonetheless, this plan backfired when the Lover Class instead attracted individuals with a strong affinity for the role, actually strengthening them as opposed to weakening the servant in prepation to be sacrificed as part of the World Grail Ritual.

The signature skills of the Lover Class are [Lover] and [Beloved]

Lover corresponds to the strength of the Servant's feelings towards those they love. With the skill increasing in rank the more people they loved and the more impressive their 'acts of love' towards those people were. As a Servant this means that the greater the Servant's 'love' for their Master is, the higher the boost in all parameters they will receive.

Beloved is the other way around. A skill connected to the feelings of love and obsession which this servant inspires in someone else. It functions as a passive charm skill on the level of a mental attack. So much as being in the same place as a Lover servant can incite feelings of affection, obsession, protectiveness and lust.

The Lover Class has an interesting interaction within the Holy Grail War. Being that their ability to develop relationships is second to none, if a Master were to summon within this class, it would be more feasible to do so without a relic, as it will guarantee a degree of compatibility.

Servants registered as having aptitude for the Lover Class include:

Omphale - The Bull of Mt. Tmolus
Anne Boleyn - The King's Lover
Iron Apega - The Queen of Iron Thorn
Beatrice Portinari - Guide of the Afterlife
Thetis - Lover of Immortality

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  1. DelRey's Avatar
    Perhaps explain it's Class skills too, rough examples what rank represents which amount of love etc.
    This Class will be a main stay here, i guarantee it
  2. Kabalisto Koga's Avatar
    Would you actually say that Love Gods or Goddessess would be applicable ?
  3. Wyvern's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    Perhaps explain it's Class skills too, rough examples what rank represents which amount of love etc.
    This Class will be a main stay here, i guarantee it
    Added the Skill descriptions! Enjoy!
  4. Morg van Destro's Avatar
    I'd actually suggest changing the names to Devotion and Object of Desire because those actually do a better job of explaining the Skills at a glance.
  5. Tabris's Avatar
    Add White Frenzy's monthly contribution for shits and giggles, eh?
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