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World Grail Ritual - Variant Class System

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A contraction developed by Golden City Milleniumstadt as the absolute Wish Granting Device on their search for a world where magecraft stands as the absolute ruling force of the world. Created using the stolen Fuyuki Grail as basis, the World Grail uses multiple Lesser Grails, positioned over specific leylines to create a channel leading back to the Greater Grail, which uses the gathered power to make the summoning of Heroic Spirits possible.

However, in order to prevent outside forces from banding together and take the Greater Grail, a failsafe was created in order to weaken those Masters outside the influence of Milleniumstadt. Having selected its seven representatives, Milleniumstadt sealed the seven standard classes, making it impossible to summon more than one servant of the same class.

Thus making it so only their masters would have access to the strongest classes while limiting outside participants to extra classes.

With the lesser grails providing Command Seals to individuals within their vicinity, it became necessary to create as many possible vessels for heroic spirits as possible in order to maximize the number of participants. Leading to the creation of irregular vessels within the World Grail System reffered to as Variant Classes.

Variant Classes are nothing more than overspecialized or weakened versions of the standard Classes and Extra Classes.

Variant Caster

Variant Berserker

Variant Assassin

Multiple Variants were developed in order to guarantee the biggest number of participants possible. Although reffering to them as such would be incorrect. Within the boundaries of the World Grail System
Classes are nothing but the fuel needed to grant the wishes of the Milleniumstadt Masters and their

Extra Classes such as Gunner, Avenger and Shielder were also included into the Variant category as a way to weaken these alternative servants, making them easier to fight. Thus it could be said that the World Grail Ritual is a battle between Noble and Counterfeit Servants, where the Seven Noble Classes hunt down and compete to see who will kill the most Counterfeit Servants and be the first to grant their own wish.


  1. Kabalisto Koga's Avatar
    Interetsing ! I must say this has potencia my Friend , i am now intersted have you perhaps thought on who These seven Nobles are ? and do you incorporate my Remainer class into it ? and are Faker class servants also in the Play ?