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Servant Compendium

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Greetings! Welcome to NittyGritty’s Comprehensive Servant Compendium!

Be amazed as I twist and contort historical facts for your amusement!

Stare in awe at my extremely garrish Face Claims!

Witness my descent into madness as I turn even the most masculine heroes into anime girls!

Step right up! Admission is only the low low cost of the time you will never get back! This is a grim reminder that you are spending your day reading this crap.


Servants are divided by classes. Most of the time I stick to the Original Seven (most of the time).

Entries in yellow are ones I consider to be exemplary. Entries in orange are cursed.

Do not @ me.


Core Classes (Canon Babies and "Cannons, Baby!")


Kullervo; Saber of the Talking Sword
Luke Skywalker (Saberface); Saber from Far Far Away
Christian; The Christian Knight
War; Saber of the Second Seal


“George Washington”; Imagined Archer of the Revolution
Echo; The Flower of Reflection
Conquest; Archer of the First Seal


Fierabras; The Redeemed Goliath
Casanova; haha guess what his lance is?
Famine; Lancer of the Third Seal


Leif Eriks(son)daughter; Rider of the Storm
Saint Columba (w/ Nessie~); The Saint and the Serpent
Ilya Muromets; The Bogatyr
Scrooge; The Stingiest Man in Town
Icarus; The Fiery Contrail of Freedom


Pope Sylvester II and Meridiana; The Pope and his Waifu
Viviane, the Lady of the Lake; Fairy Artisan
Raphael; Healer of God?
Marconi; The Voice from On High
Claude Frollo; God’s Will
Hokusai; The Wavemaker


“El Dorado”; “Found”


Assassin of New York
The Iceberg; Yes, THAT iceberg

Extra Classes (Canon Immigrants and other things nobody wants)


“Katey”; “Beast Zeo”
Mark Twain(?); Stranger than Fiction


John Bunyan; The World, Retextured


Commodus; The King of Cosplay
Vortigern; The Hole in the World


Lamb of God/Lion of Judah


Singularities and Lostbelts

Same rules apply


This is where I would put my singularities IF I HAD ANY


Big Apple Eden: New York


Always remember
Be kind and wash your goddamn hands

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