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Extra Class Servant Compendium

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Next Update with new milestone in CaS3. includes the CaS3 thread, the revision contest & the monthly contest
next update: Milestone 550-600, including, Bimonthly contest after March, Regular contest after april

This Blog aims to be something like a Servant Compendium of some of the most special Extra Classes and Fanmade Classes we have here on this Forum.
Some Classes exist in canon, but are unexplored and some here ventured and tried to make them more than just blank slates. To encourage the use of those Extra Classes I compiled all the different Sheets I could find for future use.
I excluded Avenger and Ruler as both are well enough understood and common enough to not warrant a list.
If one wants to create a Gatekeeper for example, they just need to look up this blog and see the list of all Gatekeepers created by others to find inspiration or see what became 'Forum Canon' in terms of skills, formatting or general types of said class.
Because of my specialization and the character of the Class, I will add notes what the powers behind the Foreigners are. There are two (in bold) of which I am not really sure. I will reach out to them to make sure..
Another bonus is I counted who made the most sheets of each class to unofficially crown 'an expert' in that field.
I can not claim I got them all. I relied on the milestone posts and searched the last sites of the CaS2 thread to get them all, but I am sure to have gotten 99% of all listed classes. I looked through the Monthly Thread, CaS2 and CaS3 and update with after every CaS3 Milestone with all contests thats were going on since then.

When you see a Class like "Voyager" or "Beast", then it means that they are only playing this class. A reveal happens in the sheet.

Suggested Class Categorizations

Voyager Class

Wanderer Type
- Physical Journey, like Voyager 1 or Ibn Buttata

Experience Type
- Metaphysical Journey, like Dante or Liszt

Gatekeeper Class

Obstacle Type
- the 'opponents that need to be overcome by the hero' interpretation

Guardian Type
- the 'protector of a certain area' interpretation

Foreigner Class

Outer God Type
- the HPL Foreigners

Extraterrestrial Type
- the 'out of space' Foreigners, associated with planets, comets, stars, perhaps the Imaginary Numbers

Outsider Type
- Lady Vanatos interpretation, 'outside and antithetical to our human order', something like other literary universes, the future, etc.

Watcher Class

Teacher Type
- the 'making Master into a Servant' interpretation

Observer Type
- the 'observer, data collecting Servant' interpreation

Faker Class

Imitation Type
- the 'actors', who act like someone else or imitate a certain image

Mesmer Type
- the users of body doubles, illusions, etc.

MoonCancer Class

Threat to the MoonCell Type
- the characters associated with the Moon Cell War and therefore 'scarred the moon'

Threat to the Mystic of the Moon/the Stars
- the individuals who are a threat to the moon by touching, observing or explaining the moon/stars, leading to the degradation of the 'mystics' of it, be it the physical moon or metaphorical moon (threat to the moon gods). Perhaps an interesting dynamic with Foreigners, contrasting a menace from the stars with a menace towards the stars

Canon Classes:


Shielder – Nusaybah bint Ka’ab by Funderfullness
Shielder – Sir Breunor by Master of Chaos
Shielder – Ḏū'l-Qarnayn by Funderfullness
Shielder – Aeneas by Bird of Hermes
Shielder – Nanaya by Daneel Rush
Shielder – Galahad by Draconic
Shielder – Conchobar mac Nessa by Ail Don
Shielder – Lakṣmana by PBlades
Shielder – Pallas by RoydGolden
Shielder – Arthur Pendragon (Summer) by asterism42
Shielder – Hektor (Summer) by Nuclear
Shielder – Skuld by Omida
Shielder – Godfrey of Buillon by NMR-3
Shielder – Numa Pompilius by CritHit
Shielder – Naoe Kanetsugu by Spartacus
Shielder – Korragh by Kabalisto Koga
Shielder – Melia by RoydGolden
Shielder – Chīyσu (Summer) by Daneel Rush
Shielder – Artoria Pendragon by DracoFay
Shielder- Horatius Cocles by Shiki-pon
Shielder – Numa Pompilius by ZSB1999
Shielder – Yulungur (Mash Kyrielight) by DracoFay
Shielder/Foreigner – Rinaldo by cooldownnow (Cthugha)
Shielder – Marfisa by RoydGolden
Shielder – Athena by Valfodr
Shielder -- Svalinn by Vance
Shielder – Numa Pompillius by Lambda-Nu
Shielder – Svαfa by Shiki-pon
Shielder – Galahad by Nafaalilargus
Shielder – Athena III (Artoria Pendragon) (Lostbelt) by Wyvern
Shielder – Lagertha by RoydGolden
Shielder – Mozi by RoydGolden
Shielder – Esther by King of Braves
Shielder – Svalinn (Redux) by Vance
Shielder – Sol by BoktaiMoon
Shielder -- Canaan/Nekhbet by DelRey
Shielder - John III Sobieski by DelRey
Shielder - 'Robin Hood' by Nuclear
Shielder - Amaltheia by the god of world-0
Shielder - Vortimer by BoktaiMoon
Shielder - Metatron by Baron Magnus (first half)
Shielder - Hektor (Summer) (Redux) by Nuclear
Shielder - Telesphorus by WhiteFrenzy
Shielder - Mary of Bethany by BoktaiMoon
Shielder - Conall Cernach by RoydGolden
Shielder - Pittacus of Mytilene by RoydGolden
Shielder - Umar Al Aziz by Ismail2002
Shielder - Tower of Babel by DesReploid
Shielder - Phryne by pinetree
Shielder - Karl Heinrich Ulrichs by sutaa
Shielder - Balan by RoydGolden
Shielder - Gertrude Jekyll by jishara
Shielder - O-O-O (Ozone layer) by sutaa
Shielder - Lady Carcas by jishara
Shielder - Guinevere by Skull
Shielder - Roberta Heinlein by NailsInYourFeet
Shielder - Glinda by NailsInYourFeet
Shielder/Berserker - Cincinattus by BnEl15
Shielder - Jalal ad-Din by ThreadNomad
Shielder - Alakhai Bekhi by jishara

(Unofficial King of Shielders: RoydGolden with 7)


Watcher – Neil Armstrong by Leftovers
Watcher – Absolute Zero by Spartacus
Watcher -- The Lost Generation by SleepMode
Watcher – Sputnik-1 by 34
Watcher – The Red Death by the god of world-0
Saber/Watcher – Dionysius II & Sword of Damocles by Kamera
Watcher – 1P/Halley by Wyvern
Watcher – Laika by Perry Ellis.
Watcher – Coronis by Kamera
Watcher - Celeste Albaret by Vance
Watcher - Margaret Maher by Vance
Watcher - Laplace's Demon by BnEl15
Watcher - Time Traveler by Morg van Destro
Watcher - Jack The Ripper by BnEl15
Watcher - Ra by DelRey
Watcher - 'BB' by Frigix
Watcher - Elvis Presley's Impersonators by BnEl15
"Watcher" - "Sun Zi" by Drangle
Watcher - Telesilla of Argos by Nuclear
Watcher of Memes by Morg van Destro
Watcher - Trophonius by RoydGolden
Watcher - Eurystheus by NMR-3
Watcher - Star of Bethlehem by DelRey
Watcher - The Roswell Alien by Baron Magnus
Watcher - Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel by Kamera
Watcher - Fisher king Pelles by Baron Magnus
Watcher - Pucelle's Voices by Vance
Watcher - Flavius Stilicho by Serra
False Ruler - The Horai (Gatekeeper, Voyager, Watcher) by DelRey
Watcher - Yibb-Tstill by pinetree
Watcher - Adam-Kadmon by Baron Magnus
Watcher - (Curious) Lucifer by Nuclear
Watcher - Ashur by RoydGolden
Watcher - Methuselah by RoydGolden
Watcher - Jeremy Bentham by BnEl15
Watcher - Sambethe by Kamera
Watcher - Therese of Bavaria by Vance
Watcher - Beast's Lair by jishara
Watcher - James J. Kilroy by BnEl15
Watcher - Rosencrantz & Guildenstern by NailsInYourFeet
Watcher - Dante Alighieri by Random
Watcher - Ajita by MuramasaMachII
Watcher - Gyges by Morg van Destro
Watcher - Richard Feynman by Dreamerless
Watcher - Hata no Kawakatsu by Whitefrenzy
Watcher - Hatsheput by Axe
Watcher - Heeren XVII by Kamera
Watcher - Euroswydd by Baron Magnus

(Unofficial King of Watchers: BnEl15 and Kamera with 5)


Gatekeeper – Annie Moore (Statue of Liberty) by Shiki-pon
Gatekeeper – Phix by Shiki-pon
Gatekeeper – Scylla by ItsaRandomUsername
Gatekeeper – Abre du Tenere by Kabalisto Koga
Gatekeeper – Cadmus by Hound of Ulster
Gatekeeper - Ka'ahupahau & Kahi'uka by RoydGolden
Gatekeeper – Spenta Mainyu by Chuck12
Gatekeeper – Ziz by RoydGolden
Gatekeeper – Daena by DelRey
Gatekeeper – Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr by Morg van Destro
Gatekeeper | Rider -- The Pallanides by DelRey
Gatekeeper -- Iracema by Wyvern
Gatekeeper - Enchanted Moura(s) (Lostbelt) by Wyvern
Gatekeeper - Athena (Summer) by DelRey
Gatekeeper - Zeami Motokiyo by pinetree
Gatekeeper - Uriel by Vance
Gatekeeper - Aleister Crowley (Prologue) by NMR-3
Gatekeeper - The Pallanides (Redux) by DelRey
Gatekeeper - Orcus by DelRey
Gatekeeper - Nannerl Mozart by WhiteFrenzy
Gatekeeper - Daedalides Theos by pinetree
Gatekeeper - Io-Argus by RoydGolden
Gatekeeper - Elisabetha Hevelius by DelRey
False Ruler - The Horai (Gatekeeper, Voyager, Watcher) by DelRey
Gatekeeper - King Momo by Wyvern
Gatekeeper - 'The (Videogame) Boss' by NailsInYourFeet
Gatekeeper - Amedee Mereaux by NailsInYourFeet
Gatekeeper - Lady Sarashina by pinetree
Gatekeeper - Gustavus the Great by Morg van Destro
Gatekeeper - Lili Boulanger by DelRey
Gatekeeper - Loki=Rod by Dracoscribe
Gatekeeper - Lady Liberty by Morg van Destro (Tourist Destination)
Gatekeeper - Eshu by DelRey

(Unofficial Kings of Gatekeepers: DelRey with 7+1 Redux+1 partial GK)


Faker – Omphale by King of Padoru
Faker – Mercadier by the god of world-0
Faker – Francesco Melzi by Vance
Faker – Gerald Fardd Glas/Edward Williams by Skull
Faker – Brionac's Wielder by Comun
Faker – Dagonet the Fool by Morg van Destro
Faker - Narcissus by NMR-3
Faker - Surgeon's Photo by TheLordOfAwesome
Faker – Genivere by Skull
Faker – Arsene Lupin by SilverShadow2001
Faker – H. H. Holmes by Morg van Destro
Faker - Lu Bu by realcasually
Faker - Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova by BnEl15
Faker - Enlil by TheTruthWhale
Faker - Pedro II by WhiteFrenzy
Faker - Paul von Hindenburg by DelRey
Faker - Charles Augustus Milverton/Howell by DelRey
Faker - Lancelet by BnEl15
"Faker" - "Edgar Allen Poe" by Baron Magnus
Faker - Alena Arzamasskaia by Morg van Destro
Faker - Claude des Armoises by Vance
Faker - Claude Doggins/Maurice Doreal by Baron Magnus
Faker - "Albert Johnson" by Kabalisto Koga
Faker - Nero Redivivus by Morg van Destro
Faker - "Mr. Glass" by DelRey
Faker - Bess Houdini by RoydGolden
Faker - Pyrrhos by SimpleScribe
Faker - Nellie Bly/Elizabeth Cochran by RoydGolden
Faker - Phye by RoydGolden
Faker - Pareidolia by kiwi
Faker - Judas Iscariot by Baron Magnus
Faker - Mary Willcocks by jishara
Faker - Taliesin by Baron Magnus
Faker - Okita Rintaro by BnEl15
Faker - Rosemary Brown by jishara
Caster/Faker - Jay Gatsby by Vididii
Faker - Curse of Tippecanoe by RoydGolden
Faker - Patrick Hamilton by NailsInYourFeet
Faker - Fou Pendragon by Morg van Destro
Faker - Anna Morandi Manzolini by jishara
Faker - John Gomez by RoydGolden
Faker - Sir Christopher Lee by DesReploid
Faker - Ern Malley by NittyGritty
Faker - Patroclus by NailsInYourFeet
Faker - The Stronsay Beast by Morg van Destro

(Unofficial Kings of Fakers: Morg van Destro with 6)


Pretender - Sun Chiyou by Drangle
Pretender - Freud Id by DelRey
Pretender - Alcyone and Ceyx by WhiteFrenzy
Pretender - Chairil Anwar by MehKitteh
Pretender - Belle Starr by BnEl15
Pretender - Pope Marcellinus by Baron Magnus
Pretender - Azazel by Kamera
Pretender - Antonin Artaud by Morg van Destro
Pretender - Ea-Nasir by RoydGolden
Pretender - H.P. Lovecraft by Baron Magnus
Pretender - Saul by Morg van Destro
Pretender - Aramitama Amaterasu by pinetree
Pretender - Munch-Pesta by DelRey
Pretender - Shimon - Helel by RoydGolden
Pretender - Antoine Lavoisier (Alter) by WhiteFrenzy
Pretender - Jerusalem Syndrome by kiwi
Pretender - Reynard the Fox & Isengrim the Wolf by BnEl15
Pretender - Beast Nero Claudius Caesar by Justiciar Hux
Pretender - Lizzie Borden by realcasually
Pretender - Vivaldi-Aeolos by DelRey
Pretender - Arthur Tudor by Nuclear
Pretender - Modeste Mussorsky by jishara
Pretender - Nero-Draco by Nuclear
Pretender - Sporus=Attis by sutaa
Pretender - Backerhexe Mutter by Vance
Pretender - Curse of Babel by jishara
Pretender - Bradamante-Myrddin by Vididii
Pretender - Gorgias-Gorgias by Morg van Destro
Pretender - J. Carlos by Wyvern
Pretender - Marie Hassenpflug & Dorothea Viehmann by NailsInYourFeet
Pretender - Stanley Kubrick by Dreamerless
Pretender - Caiapσ (Alter) by Sadist Katja

(Unofficial Kings of Pretenders: DelRey with 3)
From Nero-Draco onward the definition of Pretender became clear


Voyager- Voyager I by 34
Voyager – Dante Alighieri by Wyvern
Voyager - Franz Liszt by DelRey
Voyager - John VI of Portugal(Lostbelt) by Wyvern
Voyager - Caspar David Friedrich by DelRey
Voyager - Mansa Musa by DelRey
Voyager - Ferdinand Cheval by Frigix
Voyager - Mnemosyne by Sione
Voyager - Margherita of Savoy by Nuclear
Voyager - The Sandman by Baron Magnus
Voyager - Pytheas (Santa) by RoydGolden
Voyager - Samuel-Balto by Nuclear (The Guide)
Voyager - Moowis by Baron Magnus
Voyager - Pandora by RoydGolden
Voyager/Avenger - Rudolph the Red by Morg van Destro
Voyager - Sarama by Nuclear
Voyager - Voyager 2 (Servantverse) by Vance
Voyager - Enheduanna-Nikkal by DelRey
Voyager - Priapus by Nuclear
"Voyager" - "Phileas Fogg" by RoydGolden
Voyager - Cher Ami by RoydGolden
Voyager - Laika by DesReploid
False Ruler - The Horai (Gatekeeper, Voyager, Watcher) by DelRey
Voyager - Nautilus∙Argo∙Ship Astra by SimpleScribe
Voyager - Ismail Ibn Ibrahim by Ismail2002
Voyager - Ono no Imoko by jishara
"Voyager" - Hotu-Matu'a by Drangle
Voyager - Donner Party by Vance
Voyager - CCCP by Drangle
Voyager - Phantom Messengers by KirAcrux
Voyager - Elizabeth Bisland by jishara
Voyager - Eva Peron by jishara
Voyager - Camille Monet by DelRey
Voyager - Kamaladevi Chattopadyay by jishara
Voyager - Lady Orlando by NailsInYourFeet
Voyager - Mohammed Abdul Karim by BnEl15
Voyager - Tupac Inca Yupanqui by jishara
Voyager - Ann Radcliffe by jishara
Voyager - Viking (Valentine) by WhiteFrenzy
Voyager - Kalakaua by Nuclear
Voyager - Sinbad by Morg van Destro (Fairytale)

(Unofficial King of Voyagers: DelRey with 5+1 partial Voyager)


Foreigner – Moon Cell by AFanficWriter (Moon Cell, duh)
Foreigner – James Clark Ross by Funderfullness (Groth-Golka)
Foreigner – Kurtz by Express (God of the Red Flux)
Foreigner – Pytheas by asterism42 (Rlim Shaikorth)
Foreigner – John Franklin by Zork Knight (Ithaqua)
Foreigner – Nemo by SleepMode (he killed the water Outer Gods)
Foreigner – Qνn Shǐhuαng by Hawkeye (Hastur)
Foreigner – Bκte de Gιvaudan by Voyager (Hounds of Tindalos)
Foreigner – Ada Lovelace by NMR-3 (the Future AI)
Foreigner – Jersey Devil by gyrowins (Shub-Niggurath)
Foreigner – Eustauche Dauger by Slick146 (Hastur)
Foreigner – Christian Rosenkreuz by WhiteFrenzy (Shub-Niggurath)
Foreigner – Temόjin by Shiki-pon (Aiueb Gnshal)
Foreigner – Arion by Funderfullness (Aboleths from D&D)
Foreigner – The Little Mermaid by ylas (Coinchenn)
Foreigner – Miguel Serrano by Bugs (Tulzscha)
Foreigner - Vincent van Gogh by Fabuzer (Aiueb Gnshal)
Foreigner- Yurlungur by DracoFay
Foreigner- Azvoka by Shiki-pon (Yibb-Tstll)
Foreigner – Marνa Lionza by gyrowins (ORT)
Foreigner – Marina by 34 ("destined to become a Foreigner due to her legend")
Foreigner- Juana de Castilla (Alter) by King of Padoru (D'endrrah)
Foreigner – Lavinia Whateley by the god of world-0 (Shub-Niggurath)
Foreigner – Akhenaten by Lambda-Nu (Nyarlathotep)
Shielder/Foreigner – Rinaldo by cooldownnow (Cthugha)
Foreigner – Charles VI by NMR-3 (Tulzscha)
Foreigner – Apepi by Shiki-pon (D’Endrrah)
Foreigner – Hypatia by RoydGolden (Yog-Sothoth)
Foreigner - Tycho Brahe by RoydGolden (Cthuga)
Foreigner – Mycroft Holmes by King of the End, Verthranga (Volgna-Gath)
Foreigner – Ham the Astrochimp by kiwi (Color out of Space)
Foreigner – Chesire Cat by DracoFay (Wonderland/Schrφdinger's Cat)
Foreigner – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Alter) (Lostbelt) by ItsaRandomUsername ("Apollo-Abaddon")
Foreigner – Edgar Alan Poe by Bugs (Dreamlands)
Foreigner – Yurlungur (Redux) by DracoFay (Australian Rainbow Serpent Divine Spirit)
Foreigner – Galileo Galilei by massive_jojo_reference (Original Outer God, representing cosmic distance and void)
Foreigner – Oscar Wilde by BnEl15 (Daoloth)
Foreigner – Hassan of Golden Hands by King of Padoru (Suc'Naath)
Berserker/Foreigner – The Demon Core by Shiki-pon (Azathoth)
Foreigner – Takizawa Bakin by DracoFay (Xirdneth)
Foreigner – Sarah Winchester by kiwi (Hounds of Tindalos)
Foreigner – Elisαbeth Bαthory by Vance (unknown voices of the ocean)
Foreigner – Catherine Genovese by WhiteFrenzy (Nameless Mist)
Foreigner – Ur-Nungal by Der Ritter (Hastur)
Foreigner – Robert Liston by WhiteFrenzy (Daoloth)
Foreigner – Nagasunehiko by the god of world-0 (Amatsu Mikaboshi)
Foreigner – Claude Monet by pinetree (Color out of Space)
Foreigner – Euterpe by Shiki-pon (Tru'Nembra)
Foreigner – Antoine de Saint Expurey by RoydGolden (Hastur)
Foreigner – Leopold II by Perry Ellis. (Aletheia)
Foreigner – Genesis by NittyGritty (metero that brought the K-T extinction event)
Foreigner – Alexander Scriabin by RoydGolden (Tru'Nembra)
Foreigner – Sigmund Freud by DelRey (King Kuranes/Dreamlands)
Foreigner – Howard Phillips Lovecraft by Morg van Destro (duh)
Foreigner – Edvard Munch/Dorian Gray by DelRey (Quachil Uttaus)
Foreigner – Carl Tanzler von Cosel by BnEl15 (Zo-Kalar)
Foreigner – Helen Vaughan by TheLordOfAwesome (Mother of Pus)
Foreigner – Florence Foster Jenkins by DelRey (Skarl)
Foreigner – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Lily) by DelRey (no being, embodiment of wishes for the stars)
Foreigner – Adolf H. by DelRey (no being, too foreign for humanity itself)
Foreigner – Antoku by RoydGolden (Basatan)
Foreigner – Percy Fawcett by RoydGolden (Lost City)
Foreigner – Karolina Olsson by Vance (Morpheus)
Foreigner – Lady Carcas by the god of world-0 (Hastur)
Foreigner – Mr. Zombie by Morg van Destro (nature of zombies itself?)
Foreigner - Tarrare by WhiteFrenzy (ambigous)
Foreigner – Francis E. Dec by Lady Vanatos (The Computer God?)
Foreigner - Jorogumo by the god of world-0 (Atlach-Nacha)
Foreigner - Sir John Franklin by DelRey (Ithaqua)
Foreigner – Shinji Matou by Morg van Destro (Beelzebub)
Foreigner - H. P. Lovecraft by Lazy Yog (duh)
Foreigner – Mark Twain by NittyGritty (Halley's Comet)
Foreigner – Dante Alighieri by NMR-3 ('Angelic' Foreigner)
Ancient Titan | Foreigner - Ymir | Velber 02 by Justiciar Hux (Velber)
Foreigner - Namyaza by BnEl15 (Angelic Foreigner)
Foreigner -- "Jack The Ripper" by TheTruthWhale (Noth-Yidik)
Foreigner -- Amir Timur by DelRey (Algol)
Foreigner -- Li Bai by NMR-3 (Cthulhu)
Foreigner -- Macak by DelRey (Cats of Ulthar)
Foreigner -- Sigmund Freud (Summer) by DelRey (King Kuranes/Dreamlands)
Foreigner - Jesse Livermore (Redux) by DelRey (Hastur)
Foreigner - Sigmund Freud (Redux) by DelRey (King Kuranes)
Foreigner - Edvard Munch | Dorian Gray (Redux) by DelRey (Quachil Uttaus)
Foreigner - Area 51 by BoktaiMoon
Foreigner - Sesshu Toyo (Lily) by RoydGolden (Tsathoggua)
Foreigner - Miss Gardner by Kamera (Color out of Space)
Foreigner - Giuseppe Tartini by Spammin Spiff (Music of Erich Zann)
Foreigner - O Infanticida by pinetree (Demon Foreigner, which are conceptually close to Outer Gods)
Foreigner - Demon King The Leviathan by Wyvern (Demonkind)
Foreigner - Aleister Crowley (Variation C) by NMR-3 (The Black Pharaoh, Nyarlathotep)
Foreigner - Twinkle Star (Redux) by DelRey (wishes for the stars)
Foreigner - Sandalphon by Baron Magnus (angelic)
Foreigner - Sir John Franklin (Santa) by DelRey (Ithaqua)
Foreigner - Psyche by Drangle (ominous)
Foreigner - Apelles by RoydGolden (The Darkness)
Foreigner - Pliny the Elder by NMR-3 (C'thalpa)
Foreigner - Little Match Girl by VitaVitaAR (Ithaqua)
Foreigner - Keziah Mason by VitaVitaAR (Keziah Mason)
Foreigner - Marie-Antoine Carκme by Frigix ("The Tree" from HPL)
Foreigner - Sciron by RoydGolden (Byatis)
Foreigner - Gaius Marius by jishara (The Darkness)
Foreigner - Dr. Seuss by jishara (Shub Niggurath)
Foreigner - Hotu Matu'a by jishara (The Green God)
Foreigner - Viking by WhiteFrenzy (Space Probe)
Foreigner - Delilah by jishara (Dagon)
Foreigner - Virgin Mary by pinetree (Vulthoom)
Foreigner - Delilah by NittyGritty (Dagon)
Foreigner - Hamadryads-Aylith by jishara (Aylith)
Foreigner - Bianca Sforza by jishara (Cynothoglys)
Foreigner - Abhartach by jishara (Rhogog)
Foreigner - Caroline Herschel by jishara (Mnomquah)
Foreigner - "Luke the Evangelist" by RoydGolden (D'endrrah)
Foreigner - Johan Theodor Holmskiold by jishara (Ghadamon)
Foreigner - Semele & Dionysos by jishara (Dionysos)
Foreigner - Despoina by jishara (Persephone)
Foreigner - Umi Bozu by Vance (Yokai Umi Bozu)
Foreigner - Clement I by DelRey (Father Dagon)
Foreigner - Nitocris (Easter) by DelRey (Dunwich Horrors, Nitocris)
Foreigner - Voyager 2 (Servantverse) by Vance (duh)
Foreigner - Frederick V by RoydGolden (Han)
Foreigner - Clement I (Summer) by DelRey (Father Dagon)
Foreigner - Sigbjorn Obstfelder by DelRey (Rlim-Shaikorth/The Worm Gnawing in the night & Aphoom-Zhah)
Foreigner - Abel by RoydGolden (Hastur)
Foreigner - Percival Lowell by jishara (Lam)
Foreigner - Damascius by RoydGolden (Azathoth)
Foreigner - Nero (Alter) by jishara (Cthuga)
Foreigner - Taira no Masakado by Serra (Byatis)
Foreigner - Leonhard Euler by DelRey (Daoloth)
Foreigner - Simo Hδyhδ by DelRey (Ithaqua)
Foreigner - Argos by jishara (Mh'ithrha)
Foreigner - Edith & Lot by TresserT (Ghatanothoa)
Foreigner - Hotu-Matu'a by Drangle (The Green God)
Foreigner - Scheherazade (Alter) by Vididii (Mnomquah)
(False) Foreigner - Franz Kafka by NailsInYourFeet (everyone else is eldritch)
Foreigner - Arthur Charles Clarke by Legendary Hero of the Chain (Azazel)
Foreigner - Black Dahlia by NailsInYourFeet (Zuskakon)
Foreigner - Mother Leeds by jishara (Shub-Niggurath)
Binder/Foreigner - St. Jane Frances de Chantal by DelRey (Mother Hydra)
Foreigner - Charlotte Perkins Gilman by RoydGolden (Dimension of Tindalos)
Foreigner - Ferdinand Cheval by Vance (City of Carcosa)
Foreigner - Eurypylus by RoydGolden (Gloon)
Foreigner - Carl Tanzler von Cosel (Redux) by BnEl15 (Zo.Kalar)
Foreigner - Voyager II by Vance (Spaceprobe)
Foreigner - Luo Guanzhong by NailsInYourFeet (Necronomicon)
Foreigner - Harold Holt by NailsInYourFeet (R’lyeh)
Foreigner - Ambrose Bierce by jishara (Hastur)
Foreigner - Dorothy Gale by NailsInYourFeet (Realm of Oz)
Foreigner - Ludwig II by NailsInYourFeet (No good reason)
Foreigner - Mirabai by jishara (Krishna)
Foreigner - Luois Wayne by jishara (Cats of Sadoqua)
Foreigner - Yang Guifei (Rework) by DelRey
Foreigner - Voltaire by NailsInYourFeet (I won't read it)
Grand Foreigner - H. P. Lovecraft by Shezum3
Foreigner - Ivan Aivazovsky/Hovhannes Ayvazyan by Shezum3 (Ubbo-Sathia)
Foreigner - The Wow Signal "Winslow" by jishara (Outer Space Signal)
Foreigner - Jonah by NMR-3 (a bait for Foreigners)
Foreigner - 'Ashtar', the Freedom Space Station by Wyvern
Foreigner - Nikolai Gogol by ThreadNomad (Mordiggian)

(self-proclaimed official King of Foreigners: DelRey with 16+4 Redux)


MoonCancer - TT by the god of world-0
MoonCancer – Aleister Crowley by gyrowins
MoonCancer – Lunar Cain (Summer) by zikari8
MoonCancer/Foreigner – Kaguyahime by Sunny
MoonCancer – Ada Lovelace by TheLordOfAwesome
MoonCancer – Yuki-Onna by DelRey
MoonCancer - Hati by TheTruthWhale
MoonCancer - Temujin by realcasually
MoonCancer - Isabel (Summer) by WhiteFrenzy
MoonCancer - Semimo-Camazotz by Wyvern
MoonCancer - Hevelius-Holst by DelRey
MoonCancer - Moon Cell Administrator by Justiciar Hux
MoonCancer - Y2K by jishara
MoonCancer - Hachiko-Xolotl by WhiteFrenzy
MoonCancer - Johannes Kepler by MuramasaMachII
MoonCancer - The Horned God by sutaa

(Unofficial King of MoonCancers: WhiteFrenzy (deserved) & DelRey (undeserved) with 2)

Alter Ego

Alter Ego – Yaldabaoth by Aridwolverine
Alter Ego – Jiāng Barbatos (La Befana) by Daneel Rush
Alter Ego – Aslφg by Sunny
Alter Ego – Himiko by Sunny
Alter Ego – “Sophie” by MehKitteh
Alter Ego – Dinosaur Fascination by pinetree
Alter Ego – Basavanna (Nandin) by ItsaRandomUsername
Alter Ego – Prester John by Sunny
Alter Ego – Sullo Kolkka by massive_jojo_reference
Alter Ego – Bαthory Erzsιbet by MehKitteh
Alter Ego – Alice Pleasence Liddel by Spartacus
Alter Ego – Bφlverk by Shiki-pon
Alter Ego – Rāhula by Sunny
Alter Ego – Simoun by Nuclear
Alter Ego – Vasilisa the Beautiful (Baba Yaga) by Shiki-pon
Alter Ego – Hans Christian Andersen & Sesshōin Kiara (Lily) by King of Padoru
Alter Ego – Shinigami by the god of world-0
Alter Ego – Mark Twain by Wizard
Alter Ego/Beast – Nero Claudius (NRON QSR) by massive_jojo_reference
Alter Ego – Zagreus by 34
Alter Ego – Toriyama Sekien (Nurarihyon) by Shiki-pon
Alter Ego – Jacques de Molay (Baphomet) by NMR-3
Alter Ego – Susanoo no Mikoto (Amanozako) by King of Padoru
Alter Ego - Hachiko by Lambda-Nu
Alter Ego – Clνodhna by Shiki-pon
Alter Ego – Julian of Norwich by Funderfullness
Alter Ego - Nomi no Sukume by NMR-3
Alter Ego – Cecil by Kabalisto Koga
Alter Ego – Elisαbeth Bαthoryby Daneel Rush
Alter Ego – Esfandiyār by cooldownnow
Alter Ego – Mfumu Mpashi by Shiki-pon
Alter Ego – Hipponous/Bellerophon (Lily) by RoydGolden
Alter Ego – Iara by Wyvern
Alter Ego - Arsθne Lupin by Master of Chaos
Alter Ego – Brainwashing Detective by the god of world-0
Alter Ego – Neferuaton (Lostbelt) by Kabalisto Koga
Alter Ego – Epione by WhiteFrenzy
Alter Ego – Jenny Lind by Vance
Alter Ego – Macbeth by Morg van Destro
Alter Ego – Juana Inιs de la Cruz by WhiteFrenzy
Alter Ego – Mad Hatter (Frederick Liddell) by DracoFay
Alter Ego – Lewis Carrol(Lostbelt) by realcasually
Alter Ego – John Tenniel by Vance
Alter Ego – Magical Amber by the god of world-0
Alter Ego – Magical Caren by the god of world-0
Alter Ego – Enepsigos by RoydGolden
Alter Ego – Tsarevich Dimitri Ivanovich by BnEl15
Alter Ego – Phantasmoon by the god of world-0
Alter Ego – Sir James Clark Ross & Lady Jane Franklin by DelRey
Alter Ego – Eostre by DelRey
Alter Ego - Hestia by Nuclear
Alter Ego - Boye by ScarfedDyedShadow
Alter Ego - King Momo by Wyvern
Alter Ego - Hermes Trismegistus by GilgameshKingOfMemes
Alter Ego - Iemanja by Wyvern
Alter Ego - Edgar Allen Poe by massive_jojo_reference
Alter Ego - Jurupari by Wyvern
Alter Ego - Kianumaka by Wyvern
Alter Ego - Golden Bride Fran by DelRey
Alter Ego - Jugemo (...) Chosuke by Drangle
Alter Ego - Ratna Manggali by BnEl15
Alter Ego - Sergej Rachmaninoff (Lily) by DelRey
Alter Ego - Stephen Batory by Nuclear
Alter Ego - Harpocrates by RoydGolden
Alter Ego - Aleister Crowley (Variation B) by NMR-3
Alter Ego - Heikegani-Crios by RoydGolden
Alter Ego - Gerdr by Nuclear (The Gardener)
Alter Ego - Prince of the Lilies (Sir Arthur Evans) by doncosaco
Alter Ego - Bride of the Great Hero by Wyvern
"Alter Ego"- Mizukume by pinetree
Alter Ego - Echidna by BoktaiMoon
Alter Ego - Ptolemy I Soter / Serapis by BnEl15
Alter Ego - Idol Group SIX (Wives of Henry VIII) by Nuclear
Alter Ego - H.P.Lovecraft (Alter) by Baron Magnus
Alter Ego - Epione by WhiteFrenzy
Alter Ego - Ikaros by pinetree
Alter Ego - Rabia of Basra by Ismail2002
Alter Ego - Grimm by jishara
Alter Ego - Anna Pavlova/Odette by BnEl15
Alter Ego - Euclid by kiwi
Alter Ego - Mpu Gandring by Ismail2002
Alter Ego - Mary Sue by NielleiN
Alter Ego - Aten by jishara
Alter Ego - Ibn Khaldun by Ismail2002
Alter Ego - Merlin (Alter) by Cing Krimson Requiem
Alter Ego - Hi-no-Kagutsuchi by Cing Krimson Requiem
Alter Ego - Aradia/Alice Kuonji by LegendaryHerooftheChain
Alter Ego - Gottlieb & Wilfried by TQG Imaginatorious
Alter Ego - Jenny Lind by Vance
Alter Ego - Blaise Pascal (Alter) by Nuclear
Alter Ego - Mononobe-no-Moriya by Random
Alter Ego - Sukunabikona by Nuclear
Alter Ego - Erzulie Freda by jishara
Alter Ego - Mars Thingsus by Vididii
Alter Ego - Chione and Agape by WhiteFrenzy
Alter Ego - Abel (Lostbelt] by Baron Magnus

(Unofficial King of Alter Egos: Wyvern & Nuclear with 6


Saver – Antonio Vicente Mendes Maciel by Zork Knight
Saver – Justinian the Great (Alter) by RoydGolden
Saver – Jesus by RoydGolden
Saver – Lucifer Morningstar by Fish11
Saver – Metatron by Brunestud Incarnate
Saver – Jesus by venomking
Saver – Heracles by venomking
Saver – Michael by venomking
Saver – Loowit by EonADS
Saver – Kalki by Clyton
Saver – Amaterasu no Ōkami by the god of world-0
Saver – Job by Funderfullness
Saver – Venus of Hohle Fels by FresserT
Saver – Oskar Schindler by Saron
Saver – ήσrr by Arkanian
Saver – Cthulhu|Vairocana by Aridwolverine
Saver – Sora by Criarino
Saver – Timothy Leary by NMR-3
Saver – Harambe by You
Saver – Zarathuštra by CritHit
Saver – Minato Arisato by humanitysrebirth
Saver – Kṣitigarbha by SleepMode
Saver – Beelzebub by GilgameshKingofMemes
Saver - Nakayama Miki King of Padoru
Saver- Iesua Nazarenus by NominusAbdominus
Saver/Beast - Hosokawa Gracia by Sunny
Saver - Zoroaster by Lambda-Nu
Saver – Cyrus the Great by Zork Knight
Saver – Anne Frank/Elpis by RoydGolden
Saver – Henry David Thoreau by Sunny
Saver – King Sebastian I by Wyvern
Saver – Pythagoras by DracoFay
Saver – Hςu Yμ by Bird of Hermes
Saver – New Testament by the god of world-0
Saver – Edward Jenne by LeadDemon
Saver – Persephone by SleepMode
Saver – Zarathustra by Kabalisto Koga
Saver – Maria by King of Padoru
Saver – Louisette by Clyton
Saver – Jeshua ben Joseph by Hawkeye
Saver – Jesus by Kamera
Saver – Kvasir by RoydGolden
Saver - First Lady by Morg van Destro
Saver - King John IV/King Sebastian I (Lostbelt) by Master_Therion
Saver - Super Saver aka Twinkle Star (Summer) by DelRey
Saver - Marcellinus-Sandalphon by Baron Magnus (Second Half)
Saver - Solomon by Kamera
Saver - Baldr Jφlnir by DelRey
Saver - Ludwig van Beethoven by DelRey
"Saver" - Shimon Bar Kokhba by RoydGolden
"Saver" - "Jesus" by kiwi
Saver - Tamamo Christ by pinetree
Saver/Beast - Lamb/Lion by NittyGritty
Saver - Charles Baudelaire by NailsInYourFeet
Saver - Elagabalus by NailsInYourFeet
Saver - Ayn Rand by RoydGolden
Saver - Menrva by Serra
Saver - Dyson Sphere by DesReploid
Saver - Inkarri by Alexcoene

(Unofficial King of Savers: RoydGolden with 6)


Beast – Gaia by RoydGolden
Beast – Riyo Gudako by zikari8
Beast – Manaka Sajyou by the god of world-0
Beast – Lilith by the god of world-0
Beast – Chīyσu by Daneel Rush
Beast – Urbara by Funderfulness
Beast – Yidhra by Spartacus
Beast – Amaterasu no Ōkami by King of Padoru
Beast – Fenrir by Saron
Beast – Adolf Hitler by Master of Chaos
Beast – Vṛtra by Lambda-Nu
Beast – Samael by Fabuzer
Beast – MARIA by asterism42
Beast – Yama-Rāja by Fabuzer
Beast – Typhon by Shiki-pon
Beast – Kali by RoydGolden
Beast – Cronus by Fabuzer
Beast – Apophis by the god of world-0
Beast – Judas Iscariot by RoydGolden
Beast – Ahura Mazda by massive_jojo_reference
Beast – Icarus/Sol by TYPE-Lune
Beast – Hermes Trismegistus by GilgameshKingofMemes
Beast – Eve by King of Padoru
Beast – Lorina Liddell (Queen of Hearts, Bidevi) by DracoFay
Beast – Emiya Shirō by Kabalisto Koga
Beast – Nνπhφggr by Shiki-pon
Beast – Lilith by DracoFay
Beast – Elpis by Kamera
Beast – Little Boy & Fat Man by sutaa
Beast - James Watt (Lostbelt] by RoydGolden
Beast – Kamuy-huci by Cursed by Fortuna
Beast – Demiurge by Kamera
Beast - Enlil, Degenerative Enhancement: Form IV by TheTruthWhale
Beast - The Wendigo Curse by Cursed by Fortuna
Beast - Eve by GilgameshKingOfMemes
"Beast" - "Hermes Trismegistus" by Baron Magnus
Beast - Dabbah al Ardh by Bunhelier
"Beast" - Nero Claudius Caesar by Justiciar Hux
Beast - Ravana by Bunhelier
Beast - John Leland by kiwi
Great Beast - 「God」 by Random
Saver/Beast - Lamb/Lion by NittyGritty
Beast - Adam by Kamera
Beast - Stella Maris Mary by Frigix
Beast - Balaam by Morg van Destro
Beast - PTGYH by TresserT
Beast VI/S - Pax-Babalon by Nuclear
Beast - Lilith-Niggurath by TresserT
Beast IV/A - Horned God by TresserT
Beast - Madarajin by Whitefrenzy

(Unofficial King of Beasts: RoydGolden with 4)

Popular Fanmade Classes here:

Lover – Omphale by Wyvern
Lover – Anne Boleyn by Wyvern
Lover – Iron Apega by Wyvern
Lover – Beatrice Portinari by Morg van Destro
Lover – Thetis by the god of world-0
Lover - Finnabair by Wyvern
Lover - Andromeda by Morg van Destro
Lover - Maria Leopoldina by Wyvern
Lover - Edvard Munch by DelRey
Lover - "Bonnie and Clyde" by WhiteFrenzy
Lover - Heliogabalus/Marcus Auralius Antoninus Augustus by Morg van Destro
Lover - Angelica of Cathay by BnEl15
Lover - Hestia by Wyvern
Lover - Julia by Kabalisto Koga
Lover - Ruth by Morg van Destro
Lover - Alcyone & Ceyx (Summer) by WhiteFrenzy
Lover - Gustav Klimt by NMR-3
Lover - Den lille Havmand[ by sutaa
Lover - Aristocles "Plato" of Athens by NMR-3
Lover - Petrus & Catherine Gonsalvus by DracoScribe
Lover - Sigyn by DracoScribe
Lover - The Horned God by Alexcone
Lover - Sir Orfeo by BnEl15
Lover - Lνfthrasir and Eve by Drangle
Lover - Zellandine by Skull

(Unofficial King of Lovers: Wyvern with 5)


Monster – Courtaut by RoydGolden
Monster – Ullikummi by RoydGolden
Monster – Glatisant by Morg van Destro
Monster – Krampus by Vance
Monster - Cath Palug by Morg van Destro
Monster - Iara by Wyvern
"Monster" - The Stronsay Beast by Morg van Destro

(Unofficial Kings of Monsters: Morg van Destro)

Other Extra Classes:

Striker – Spirit of the Olympics by RoydGolden
True God - Kinoko Nasu by Gil-kun
Maid – Šiduri-Sβbξtu by Daneel Rush
Launcher – Maria Theresia von Habsburg by Nuclear
Striker – Zhāng Sānfēng by WhatShouldNotBe
Banner – Blandina by PBlades
Gunner – Bonnie & Clyde by venomking
Keeper - Artoria Pendragon by AvengerEmiya
Retainer – Saitō Musashibō Benkei by RoydGolden
Launcher - AR-78-2 by zikari8
Tower – Nimrod by Ruisu
Gunner – Joaquνn Murrieta by Shield_Back
Trickster – Lucifer by venomking
Trickster – Loki by CritHit
Gunner – Cupid by venomking
Cute Mons – Mash Kyrielight by King of Padoru
Trickster – Reynard the Fox by CritHit
Funny Vamp – Count Manfred (Matō Shinji) by zikari8
Launcher – Sigurπr Snake-in-the-Eye by King of Padoru
Boxer – Bαi Mιi by gyrowins
Breaker – Šarur by gyrowins
Healer – Mary Jane Seacole by DracoFay
Brawler – Gilgameš by DracoFay
Brawler – Gilgameš by DracoFay
Grand Brawler – Louis Cyr by DracoFay
Leader - Queen Elizabeth by gyrowins
Striker - Santa Claus by King of Padoru
Striker – Gottfried von Berlichingen by King of Padoru
Striker – Bodhidharma by King of Padoru
Star – M.E.M.E by Glazy
Classless – Karl Marx by Kamera
Ancient Dragon – Apophis (Lostbelt) by Kabalisto Koga
Gunner – Hephaestus III (Sigurd) (Lostbelt) by Wyvern
Ancient Giant/Ruler – Porphyrion by BoktaiMoon
Remainer – Tιshub by Kabalisto Koga
Remainer – Wrangle by Kabalisto Koga
”Joker” – The Fool by Wyvern
Counter – Lucius Tiberius by Wyvern
Rider/Teacher - Dongfu by Wyvern
Leader - Aqualtune by Wyvern
Companion - Hachiko by Cursed by Fortuna
Teacher - Prometheus by Wyvern
Hammer - Brokk & Sindri by Wyvern
Trickster - Amir Khusrau by NMR-3
Trickster - Aleister Crowley (Variation A) by NMR-3
EX - Jesus Christ EX by by Temflakes403
True God - Takashi Takeuchi by Morg van Destro
Stranger - Thais by Random
Binder - Elisabetha&Johannes Hevelius by DelRey
Player - English Game by sutaa
Binder/Foreigner - St. Jane Frances de Chantal by DelRey
Binder - Sorghaghtani by Nuclear
Binder - Sir Sanford Fleming by Vididii
Boxer - Otavio Maeda by Wyvern
"Stranger" - "Farmer" by BnEl15
Stranger - Santa Claus by Gl4re
Binder - The Langlands Program by DelRey
Dancer - Mokosh by Morg van Destro
Binder - Danse Macabre by pinetree
Binder - "Victoria" by WhiteFrenzy
Binder - 'Amatsumikaboshi' by Spelror
Stranger - 'Shiki Tohno' by pinetree
Player - Bobby Fischer by sutaa
Stranger - Judas Iscariot by Legendary Hero of the Chain

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    ... you mean "unofficial", hm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabris
    ... you mean "unofficial", hm?
    dammit, my german coming through and i never noticed for all these months! thanks, got fixed
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    Isn't Monster a canon class not a fanmade one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anju Addams
    Isn't Monster a canon class not a fanmade one?
    nope, it is just a really popular fanmade class. Not here currently, been a long while since somebody did it. I even heard there was a Create-a-Monster Thread to not make monsters actual servants but more like mobs and endbosses etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    nope, it is just a really popular fanmade class. Not here currently, been a long while since somebody did it. I even heard there was a Create-a-Monster Thread to not make monsters actual servants but more like mobs and endbosses etc.
    Huh. Could have sworn Shiki has it in Fate/Extra even as a joke. Anyways, I might be popping up here on that list soon.
    Keep an eye out...