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Lancer Erlang-Shen Additional Information

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Dev Notes

So I originally came up with the idea of mixing Yu the Great and Erlang-Shen early on, and considering the parallels, I think it worked out pretty alright. I tried my best to combine the varying stories of Erlang-Shen into 1 cohesive narrative (I also even tied the Investiture of the gods into his lore to try and give a complete portrayal of his lore), thus why he has Vaiśravana as a father (as for Kubera, the two have many similarities and are believed to have been based on one another so I didnít think it too out of left field to pull it, pull the angle of Hindu Gods gave me an excuse to why his father was still a mortal, he was a mortal avatar of a god, not the god itself, thus explain when Erlang-Shen was born mortal and not a god). The angle of Kubera also worked in explaining the nature of his mystic eye (which if you are wondering would make him the mortal enemy of EMIYA and Muramasa as Muramasaís ultimate attack would be useless as would basically all of EMIYAís kit [Merlin would probably have it worse though]), I also tried to get across with this just how strong the guy is, the guy is Karna levels of bonkers in terms of power (he is cited sometimes as having been stronger than Sun Wukong with Sun Wukong needing his cunning to keep the fight going and the strongest warrior god in the entirety of the Chinese heavens), as I addressed multiple times in this a normal saint graph barely can fit the guy after trimming or shaving off parts of his legend to even do so.

I had to take some liberties with the names of the dragons he fought, although I donít think itís too out of abnormal to considered that Gonggong may be a single aspect of a god (possibly with the Dragon god using different aspects to split himself into multiple manageable personalities rather than a constant whirring maelstrom of emotions). Overall, I hope I got across how strong the guy is effectively without making him seem too wank (as mentioned he has basically lost a bunch of aspects of himself manifesting as a normal servant, and even then the od cost to keep him manifested would literally be murder on almost anyone to the same extent of Karna). I also hope I managed to do the charter justice as I mentioned a lot of the characters from Journey to the West rock and I just hope I didnít butcher him too badly (I did have to make changes like having him kill the then-current Jade Emperor who ordered his and his familyís deaths as I couldnít see Erlang-Shen a god of Justice possibly ever willingly serving him, especially after he may have killed his own brother). The bits about lighting and such was due to me wanting to give Divinity some purpose here (which aside from part of the reason why he was born with his mystic eye) and how he became a god, it does. The lighting thing also works out to an extent as Erlang-Shen is also considered in some respects a filial deity and was said to hurl thunder (except thunder is a sound, not a physical object, so Iíll go with lighting instead [generally seen as a power held by the heavens]) as punishment for unfilial children.

The divine form is me partly borrowing the idea from greek myth and thus using it to explain the 72 / 73 forms, the 73 form is his form as a god while the other 72 transformations are normal ones. I was also surprised by the mention of pillars, but figured Iíll roll with it since pillars upholding the world is already a thing in Nasuís lore and I figured it would heighten the parallels between Lancer and Sun Wukong as rivals. The aspect of meshing the lives of Yu the Great and Erlang-Shen wasn't exactly easy lorewise, but I hope I did it some degree of justice while also compressing the story into a manageable and understandable piece.

More info about the backstory and the Jade emperor

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