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Upcoming Sheets

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Obviously subject to change, and will be updated every so often. Have some internet points and a sense of pride and accomplishment if you can guess their identities before I put them out.

Currently working on these...

????? of the Archipelago: Daughter of ????
Tell me, do you comprehend the depths of your folly? Have your kind finally come to beg for forgiveness and salvation after the hell you've put us through? Or have you come to embrace your own hypocrisies? To admit that deep down, you're no different than the monsters you've created? No, that simply won't do...

Coming Soon
I have a pretty decent idea on what they'd be like. Still have some dead-ends here and there, though. Will probably start working on these after the current projects, if I don't procrastinate or get distracted by other ideas.

??????? of Joseon: A Burning Kingdom in Exchange for My ??????'s Honor
Notes and potential hints to their identity
A tyrant from Korea's Joseon Dynasty. Has a cool Anti-Language NP for banning the use of the Korean alphabet at the time. We barely have any Korean Servants here aside from Yi Sun Shin and the recent Kim Il Sung anyways. Now how do I make him differ from other tyrants/dictators I've written..?

Lancer of ??????? Rhythm: The Prince of ?????? Musicians
Notes and potential hints to their identity
A relatively unorthodox Lancer with a... unique "spear" (no, this is not a dick joke I swear). A famous composer who met his end after inadvertently injuring himself on his own "spear"... Guess that's just how Lancers are, amirite?

A bunch of summer alts for my previous Servants

Vague Ideas
Little to no idea on how they'd turn out just yet, but I do have them on the backburner.

Lover of Cathay: Beloved Princess of the ???????

Notes and potential hints to their identity
Will be my first attempt writing the Lover-class. Not much hints here, as I've announced her some time ago on the main thread, but it doesn't sound like anyone's gonna take her. Might as well do this myself, then.

????? of the ??????? Dynasty: Following the Conqueror's Footsteps
Notes and potential hints to their identity
A great unifier who came shortly after Iskandar's time. Built one of the largest empires in ????? mostly through pacifism and diplomacy as opposed to Iskandar's obsession with warfare and conquest. I have a pretty good grasp on his personality, Skills, and appearance, but I can't figure out a good NP for the guy.

? of Memphis: Pharaoh of the ????? ???????
Notes and potential hints to their identity
As the title says, an Egyptian Pharaoh from a veeeery long time ago. Will probably be the most ancient Servant I've written yet. NP has something to do with the water, considering that's how he (she? they?) met his end.

????? of Graceland: The Spirit of ??? ?????
Notes and potential hints to their identity
A shitpost idea for a milestone achievement somewhere down the line. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready.

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