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I Am Legally Required To Make This Compendium

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Normal Servants:


Not a whole lot to work with for Rati, and the one other ability she has (making illusions to have sex with people) wasn't something I could make reader-friendly. Still, not a half-bad sheet.


Big fan of my fucked up momma's girl. First Servant I made that I immediately felt I did a good job with. The technical "alternate" participant of the Legendary Jack-Off. (Note: Not really a participant).


Good old Hati. While technically the Hati from the Norse lostbelt, not a lostbelt servant herself. Sometimes, you just gotta make a wolf girl.

Lostbelt Servants:

Mesopotamian Lostbelt:

You see this? This is the start of my spiral to madness. Still really happy how she turned out.

This is where I lost my damn mind, apparently. My claim to legendary status. The pre-sheet commentary is deadly serious. This thing is a time investment for readers, and a time sink for me. Still, I think he's a dope af final boss.

Contest Entry Servants:

June 2021 (Leaders of the World) Contest:

First contest entry. I had done a bunch of research into Indian history and mythology for other servants, and it was just natural that I'd learn about these two. Saw the contest entry, and decided "hey, now's the time to do something with them." So I did. I'm relatively happy with them.

Second contest entry, and the first of my updated servants. Delahaye V2 turned out great. I feel I redeemed myself properly, and was able to do her the justice she deserved.

Under Construction Servants:

Servants Being Updated:

Not a lot needs to be changed for this one. The NPs need to be updated, the entire sheet needs to reflect the new format I've adopted. This was my first ever servant, and while I like her, she's a relic of a me who didn't even understand the RUBY tag.

I had a plan going into this, and she's executed "okay" in my opinion. I need to lock down how exactly the Three Kingdoms lostbelt is going to roll, which puts her priority far to the back. Not a whole lot needs to be changed about her, but a lot needs to be adjusted.

Gaze upon my failure and laugh. I completely misinterpreted what a Faker was when I made her, and though I changed her to Rider, I put her on a shelf to be properly Rider-fied when I get around to it.

Servants Being Built: Users in italics are the reason/inspiration I'm making the servant.
  • Princess Mononoke (MoonCancer) [May Not Happen] - Master_Therion
  • Ereshkigal (Lostbelt) - BnEl15
  • Kingu (Lostbelt) - BnEl15, Dragolord09
  • Something/somethings summer - Lambda

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