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Cursed by Fortuna

Beast The Wendigo Curse Additional Information

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Dev Notes

So while entirely out of nowhere (I have been wanting to do more servants from different parts of the world, I found a bunch of cool wendigo art a while back after being inspired by Delreyís work with Sir John Franklin and Sir James Clark Ross & Lady Jane Franklin as sheets {as well as a sheet a while back on Wendigo which came up with the idea of it being a concept of breaking taboos, while I canít remember itís maker I can say it was an influence on my work}, I was partly inspired by FGO and itís comments on humanity, as well as me recently getting a bit of a slap to the face after looking up Svalbard {Real Talk, if anyone wants to say Climate change isnít a thing show them the wiki page for Svalbard and the segment on climate it is fairly chilling [pun not intended] to say the least, also save the planet, do your part} I can see where the idea grew from.

It still was a bit of a brainwave though and I am surprised how fast the idea developed into this. I would consider this as a separate, yet connected piece Kamuy-huci with them both sharing parallels in that one seeks to deny reality and embodies escapism, one of these embodies the reality (or a part of it) that the other seeks to deny and escape from. In that vein itís love for humanity embodies the desire for humanity to keep surviving and growing, consuming anything in their path to fuel that growth and survival. Perhaps the bit of the idea of a curse (or more specifically not a specific curse, but the concept of a curse against those who would break taboos, go against the balance of the world and humanity, and destroy the world to pursue their own prosperity) as a beast is a little strange, but given curses and such seem to behave somewhat like programs (or can be programmed in how they work and who they target) I would essentially compare it to a program which merged with humanity at a fundamental level and gained sentience as a result.

As you can also tell I drew inspiration from Tiamat (with a few aspects of Kama/Mara borrowed as well) in the general ability to make more of itself, but took a different direction in that even if you are far away you still arenít safe and can start to turn into an insane bloodthirsty monster at almost any moment. The Wendigo Curse itself is also no joke either in that it literally can grow at an exponential rate if it gets going (and given it can literally inhale [much like a giant vacuum cleaner] cities if it gets big enough that makes it exceptionally dangerous). Plus if it gets big enough the advantage of it having low speed disappears (in that itís so large that compared to the distance you are able to travel when it does move it can cover a lot of distance in one go) meaning this much like Adam is a race against the clock, except with the added hurdles of it being near invincible unless you are talking about 2 specific kinds of servants, very powerful, able to create others monsters anywhere, and able to put a master or servant at risk without ever even touching them.

Normally I imagine The Wendigo Curse couldnít manifest as a beast as it cannot manifest itís full nature or take a physical form normally, but if it could, then it would surely be an existence deserving of the title of a beast of humanity. I did have to do some rewrites on what exactly the curse was and how it worked, but I think it worked out in the end.