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Rider of Contracts primary edition

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link to bigger version of picture and inspiration

the center person is the face clam
Sex male potently hermaphrodite
alignment lawful evil
Attribute Earth
voice actor Kunito Watanabe
due to being summoned under the rider class, his written works have a higher effect on his mental state. Leading to the development of an obsession with the concept of absolute ruler that freedom is highly unnecessary if not unneeded for society's progress and happiness.
class skill
Riding C Because he does not have an anecdote of riding anything special or worth mentioning.

personal skills
Self-Modification EX Do to the effect of the first noble phantasm, other beings can be assimilated into his saint graph with no limit.
Monstrous strength [false] C While not having a legitimate nature or physical relation of monstrous beasts his true name heavily Associated with a certain famous sea monster Judeo -Christianity giving him minor strength boost at the price of development of draconic traits.
polymath D A skill given to those with expertise in many fields including science, math, and philosophy the rank is decreased to that aspect not being in focus.

Contract of great Intertwining beast
rank Ex
type Anti unit
Based on his most famous work. It has two abilities primary one to assimilated other beings into his saint graph and gaining access to everything abilities, normal skills even memories it's what gives him his Self-Modification skill the assimilation takes the appearance of threads made of scales coming out of his body overtaking lifeform being assimilated then them being dragged into his body, mind you it is possible to destroy the threads and escape, a command seal used to teleport would work provided it is used before the servant in direct physical contact is made, can only target one being at a time and mass is taken into account the larger a being the longer the assimilation process takes. However, the other ability is where the true power of it comes from,[and the face claim makes sense] he can copy-paste things that he has assimilated into other being giving them traits what he has absorbed at the price of certain amounts of free will the more or unique traits "taught" the greater loss of self-control.

De cive
the Brutes of Independence
rank C++
type anti-progress
based on an earlier piece of work. nullifies and destroys everything not created by a collective aka from a single person however it can only affect things discovered or made by pure human hands so anything made by inhuman hands such as fey, divine spirits, demigods, or those with phantasmal blood is unaffected also something commissioned by a person but built by multiple people would be unaffected

The reason I did not put stats is that they are generally pointless unless there specific circumstances
the servant of the crypter in
וואָס איז געשען אין די נאָמען פון ליבע איז ווייַטער פון גוט און בייז

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