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Moonlight World Materials: The Cincinnati 771

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This post and all other Moonlight World Materials only applies to the works I have made or posted which are automatically assumed to be AU from Nasu's main world.


Cincinnati 711

The 14th colony; The shadow of the USA; The American Association; The American Magus Group; The Castoff of the Clock Tower; Europe’s Shed skin; The Invaders of Turtle Island


The roots of the Cincinnati 711 date back to the exodus of magi and magi families from Europe to North America, either for a fresh start in a land away from the Clock tower and the Church’s regulations on the use of magecraft, new mysteries to learn and discover, a distaste with the rising political scene in the clock tower, the erosion of mystery in Europe, or any other number of reasons. The emergence of a rising number of magi in the new land, the prospect of more followers in the new world counterbalanced with the need to protect the churches and structures they put in place from destruction by Native american magi or mages who immigrated to the colonies from Europe would also lead to a rising number of executors there (and later the formation of a new branch of the holy church disconnected from the greater whole).

Formation and Guiding Philosophy

The Cincinnati 711 originally formed around the start of the American Revolutionary War to create a power structure to oppose the Clock tower and their current and potential future attempts to expand into the colonies, mitigate the growing risk of destruction or exodus by Native American magi, and create a system to run counter to the American Branch of the Holy Church, all of which was felt as a threat to the power base of the varying magi families in the 13 colonies. The overall end goal was to form a group that would advance and augment the strength of the different magi and magus families who were a part of it while also limiting any further attempts into the colonies by European powers and shoring up themselves against any other powers already in the colonies. The basis of this organization was based on a more modern foundation for magecraft, with the admittance of the fact of magecraft’s decline and the understanding of the power and influence that mundane powers, specifically organization like companies, governments, and militaires could provide given a more integrated structure with the “moonlight world”. This way of thinking which was dubbed “twilight walking”, as to practice it is to skirt a fine line between taking advantage if the resources and strategic value of the daylight or non-magical world, whole also seeking to use those resources and strategic investments to advance the goals or projects based mainly in the moonlight world. This practice would, while initially contentious due to the risk of exposing mystery, later become a mainstay of many different organizations and magi families across the globe such as the Edelfelt, Chaldeas, the Tohsaka, and more either relying on mundane means to gain materials for their arts, have investment in mundane groups or facilities, or be partly created using non-magical governments or groups.

This practice while not originating from the Cincinnati 711, as both the
Heavenly Path
(one of the three or four major magus associations in China), The Magus Organization in Europe, The Holy Church, and the
Children of the Holy Star
in Japan who alongside local Shinto families did influence their government to an extent (although with the passage of time and the waning of mystery there was a time where the dominant philosophy was non-interference with the “daylight world”), they were one of the first modern (post 1600s) large scale attempts at building a system from the ground based on a system of connections between the two worlds and are considered a major reason why the philosophy of “twilight walking” took hold and became commonplace, to the extent that the entire organizations like Central American Magus Group (which lacks any proper name, mainly called “CAM”, “The Blood of Mexico”, and/or “The Wolves of Mexico”) is largely based on a series of connections to organized crime groups from or which operate in the region and such as the Sinaloa Cartel (which they use as a means of scoping out possible recruits, maintaining a power base, rooting out things they deem problems, and such). This however is not to say that the opposite approach has fully faded away either with some groups in South America and abroad (including the Summit Court in China, the Wandering Sea [to an extent], and Atlas [to an extent], as well as the remaining Shintō magus families in Japan all choosing to remain more distant or detached from modern society than some others).

It was thanks to this guiding philosophy exemplified by George Washington, a major part of the group who as the spymaster and general of the colonies’ armies not only guided their forces, but alongside Alexander Hamilton supplied weapons, funds, and information to the Cincinnati 771 and thus allowed them to get a leg up on the forces of the Clock Tower and the Native American Mages (alongside a tense temporary alliance between the North American Church and themselves in the latter half of the revolutionary war). With this advancement and the removal of major forces for the opposing factions in the moonlight world attention as turned to the mundane forces which thanks to being distracted by with Napoleon in Europe, usage of Guerrilla warfare against the British forces, and a string of good luck (to what extent this was guine luck and to what extent was their machinations is unknown), as well as the successful battle of the Chesapeake and the Yorktown Campaign ensured their success.

After the defeat of the British and native tribes even with the aid of some parts of the clock tower in the revolutionary war the organization first oversaw and were involved in articles of confederation before their reform and the creation of the modern USA. In either case they have been instrumental in the US since the very beginning, with deep ties to Both Geogre Washington as mentioned prior (and whose efforts they thanked by making him the first Chairman of the departments [essentially the spokesperson and head of the organization] and naming the organization partly after him [his codename Agent 771 and Cincinnati where the meeting deciding on it’s formation was held]) and Alexander Hamilton (whose family still is a part of the group even to this very day) at the minimum. The group refers to itself as an extension and mutual partner to the US government and roughly 50 to 70% of all US presidents are thought to either had connections with them, be part of families that hold power in the Cincinnati 711, or were carefully selected to be placed into office by the group. Their existence and success as a result is deeply tied in with US history and events including the war of 1812 (involving a joint attempt by the Holy Church and Clock Tower to retake the continent of North America and stamp out the rebellious American Holy church and the Cincinnati 711 [largely failed due to a lack of cooperation between the 2, the difficulties in Britain marshalling it’s full power, Britain not doing what the Clock Tower wanted due to them being distracted with Napoleon and their ever shrinking political influence at the time [as well as the tornado they created on August 24th, 1814, which saved Washington and may have helped save the war]) and the civil war (partly fueled by a schism in the Cincinnati 711 at the time).

Current Operations

At the present time the Cincinnati 711 operates partly through proxies like the US government, The CIA and FBI (which are believed to know about and actually collaborate with the Cincinnati 771), and leverages the political, fincail, and military power of the USA to achieve their aims and goals. They exist partly within the public knowledge using aliases like the Society of Cincinnati and other groups spun off from them (mostly somewhat exclusive clubs for recruitment and lineage based groups to extract finance and for attracting and recruiting special talent) including the Daughters of Cincinnati, Colonial Dames of America, National Society for the Sons of the American Revolution, Children of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, Winthrop Society, Sons of the Revolution, Society of the Colonial Wars, Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, and many more private or exclusive membership clubs in the US.

In technical terms while not all that especially strong from a standpoint of their magecraft what makes the Cincinnati 771 anywhere near as formidable as they do is that they boast one of if not the largest and most extensive financial, informational, and military bases among all the magus orginatizoans in the world. The financial aspect beyond even their donations, or possible government funding, is powered through their majority control of Boeing (as the Wright brothers were mages of the Cincinnati 771 and made the argument that based on current evidence the technology for powered flight was already developing, as such they desired with the failure of their family to turn from mages to businessmen and use that technology for profit and the benefit of the world [which the Cincinnati 771 allowed if they got a cut of profits from the patent the two made on powered airline parts]), General Electric (formerly Edison General Electric), varying different oil groups originally part of Rockefeller oil, formerly Carnegy steel, their control of the oil market, agriculture, and other major companies or industries. This combined with the fact that their information operations are integrated with US intelligence operations means that they also boast a network far exceeding what they normally would be capable of.

To put it simply, to fight the Cincinnati 771 is to fight the USA as a country rather than a single organization, a fact which has kept the Clock Tower at bay ever since their defeat in the war of 1812 (although their political influence and power in the globe has been challenged by the rising power and growing political ties of the
Heavenly Path
in more recent years. This intelligence leaning also remains a key part of the group in current days, serving as instrumental in both weakening foundations of mysteries of their rivals and using systematic propaganda, erasure, and disinformation campaigns when needed for practical results. One example of this is the manipulation of the US public through the media* in order to produce Artificial Phantasms and conceptual weapons through the creation of myths, rumors, legends, and mysteries that elevate the importance and fame of chosen subject’s spirits and items associated with their artificial legends to generate and gather mystery to them far more rapidly and capably than normal. This has resulted in some believing them to possibly wish to partake in a sort of global weapons trade of these items in the future, however at this point they seem content to stockpile them amidst themselves for now.

Aside from this the intelligence arm has also undermined the NA branch of the Clock Tower (located in Canada where their power is weaker) since its inception and regularly clashes with the Central American Magus Group who have allied with the New 5 Great Mafias in the US and The Dwellers of Turtle Island (the Native American Magus group largely controlling parts of the American West, American Southwest, The Great Lakes region, and with full control over Canada and Alaska) to make incursions into the carribean, the US South, and the Bible Belt of the US (Controlled by the North American / Western Holy Church, now the just called the American Holy Church after having extended control over Central America, South America, and Canada [due to an armistice decreeing that anything on their side of the Atlantic is their business, and anything on the other side of the Atlnatic is the [Eastern] Holy Church’s business]).

* This technique of leveraging the ability for information to spread in the public using technology and thus influencing the public perception of the world (and by proxy influencing it’s collective unconsciousness) was a technique the group originally pioneered and following the Jack the Ripper murders and the success of the Cincinnati 711 in leveraging and manipulating the public’s knowledge to artificially create and propagate mysteries would result in other groups becoming interested in the application of modern methods and reasoning to magecraft including the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory by their hated rivals the Clock Tower in 1921 after the true events of Belfast’s Bloody Sunday [an event so humiliating and so near to outright revealing the moonlight world that it saw an entire restructuring in several departments among other consequences in the immediate aftermath], an achievement the Cincinnati 711 often boast of.

The current stronghold for the power of the Cincinnati 771 is considered the East Coast and North Central America, with another strong area being parts of California and the different major cities or capitals in most states (Hawaii and Alaska as major exceptions). As a whole the Cincinnati 771 has no significant investment in most US territories or the Carribean (largely considered unclaimed territory as they, the American Church, and the Central American Magus Group all lay claim to it).

Structure and functions

The Cincinnati 771 while superficial similar to the Clock Tower in some respects, differs greatly in others in how they operate. Unlike the 5 traditional elements of the Clock Tower they follow a system based more around the Native American and Scientific understanding of the world and it's states of matter described below

The World is divided into 5 elements/aspects with 2 guiding forces

Wind: The element of the sky and heavens, corresponding with the state/aspect of gases

Earth: The element of the earth, corresponding with the state/aspect of solids

Water: The element of the Sea/oceans, lakes, and rivers, corresponding with the state/aspect of liquids

Electricity: The element of the energy, corresponding with the state/aspect of plasma (not considered a pull element, but rather a 3rd guiding force in Native American magecraft)

Outer: The element of the space/void, corresponding with the state/aspect of "things not of or within this world" (which does not have any equivalent within Native American magecraft as that solely encompasses "the world" not "that which lies beyond or outside it")

With the 2 guiding forces of; Living (Creative Forces) and Dead (or Destructive Forces) which compose all of existence.

The overarching method to this system is that all forms of magecraft are related to or described as descending from the combination of one or more elements (fire magecraft as a combination of water and earth elements and considering lava as "the blood of the earth", sound magecraft as based on the element of wind) and is based upon the overarching principles of some either creation, destruction, or a combination of both. The exception to this is Outer which while still governed by the ideas of creative and destructive forces does not combine with other elements and is considered "of a higher tier" than them (although unearthly forces can be described with other elements they are primarily considered Outer above all else.

As for the organization beyond what system of magecraft they teach it is divided into departments each with a specific purpose, and committees existing within one or more departments run by magi. The departments each have a department head, but are not run by one specific family, rather multiple families in much the same manner as heirs to a throne dispute who is next in the line of inheritance or viy for power; have connections with different departments (some associate only with one, some have connections to many) and seek to place as many of their mages in charge of as many departments as possible to have more of a say and more power in the group as a whole. The system of inheriting the position of department head is based partly on performance and loyalty (with very capable and loyal magi, or those who have performed exceptional feats being placed in higher seats towards being the "heir apparent" by the current heads of the departments [based on a system of recommendations of which they must recommend at least 5 mages from their department in the quarterly full departmental meetings [safeguards and rules have been made over the years to ensure that no one magus family can have total command of a department for permanently nor can they create an absolute rule over the whole association eternally]]).

This then feeds into a score system which alongside the wishes of the current department head when they either die, retire, or have their term expire (8 years no repeats for the same department, you may only ever hold 2 departmental positions and the role of departmental chairman [4 years with no 2nd terms] as a mage in your whole life [meaning at max you can only be in a position of power for 20 years max]) which includes duels, financial contributions, recruitment, how long your family has been with the association and/or the specific department, contributions of research, and so forth. While it is partly rigged in favor of the older original families shakeups have been seen with more recent talent and members earning positions of heads (some being killed, some serving out their full time or marrying into another family). It is described as very similar in how cutthroat and political it is, but with the undercurrent that all of that politics is partly fueled by results. No mage, no matter how great their legacy or who their family is, that fails to produce results will ever head a committee (which has to be approved by a departmental head) to do advanced research, much less become a departmental head.

There also exist some mages in the Cincinnati 771 who outright don't bother with the political spectrum, content merely to do research and not even bother seeking to become department heads (often purposely removing themselves from the running and sometimes turning down the position when awarded it). These groups are often those who would seek out committees (although some use them also for furthering their chance at political power in the Cincinnati 771) as committees often can allow for one to perform research with a group of fellow magi, sometimes even recruiting new magi for long running research in order to advance their knowledge or achieve a goal. Some committees which have become successful have resulted in them being graduated to ongoing projects often run partly by members associated with the original research work (The committee of urban folklore founded in the late 1930s and early 1940s is a major example of that as their work in manipulating the public consciousness to create artificial phantasms [by creating figures of fame and infamy [using the stories of Jack the Ripper as a model to create similar beings"]] was considered greatly successful and work continues even to this very day.

As a whole the scene is desired as a far more complex than even the clock tower, constantly in flux, with some names ever-present, but with levels of power and influence constantly fluctuating in an eternal struggle.

List of Departments and functions

Department of Communication and transportation

In charge of all manners of communication and transportation, they research other worlds or layers of the world, reality marbles, sound magecraft, spells related to the manipulation of space. They are also in charge of communicating with other organization and other beings (with any messages being vetted by the department of security and secrecy). They are also responsible for producing propaganda against other magus groups and with the distribution of embellished or manipulated information to the people of the US.

Department of Security and Secrecy

The muscle of the Cincinnati 771, they are in charge of all matters related to internal and external security, keeping themselves and mystery under wraps, preparing for future operations, acting against other magus groups, dealing with rogue magi, setting policy and enforcing them in the organization and any members of it, securing sealing designates or research candidates, and such. Roughly equivalent to the policy department, except with several other attributes to them.

Department of Biology

A group devoted too the study of life current and past, they share attributes with the department of Zoology and Archeology in the Clock Tower, they also are those dedicated to the preservation of monstrous and phantasmal species and the research of anatomy and existence of lifeforms from beyond the planet.

Department of Records

A group dedicated towards the maintenance of records of all sorts both of the past, the future, alternate worlds, and the collection and concealment of these records, they are somewhat similar to the department of archeology. They serve often to gather information which then allows other departments to claim an issue as part of their purview, then keeping track of affairs, until a matter is completed.

Department of the Unknown

A group sole dedicated towards the study of that which lies outside human knowledge or understanding, things from in the ancient past during the age of the gods, from beyond the stars, or in the deepest depths of the ocean and the earth. Much about this department is held as a great secret, but it is also known as the department of divinity or the department of void, and is considered comparable to the department of lore and the department of astrology

Department of Warfare

The largest department, it is dedicated towards trying mages in combat applications and political understanding and knowledge needed for their lives, researching and (in a very limited extent) teaching different kinds of spells based on combat uses or applications, the creation of mystic codes, artificial phantasms, and conceptual weapons and is considered the equivalent of general fundamentals, Modern Magecraft, but has aspects of many other colleges that while not unique (things like curses, mineralogy, and such may teach similar material) is unique in that all of them are taught under the same general branch (although many sub branches exist covering different styles of magecraft).

Department of Methods

The department of rituals and research, no genuine equipment exists for the Clock Tower, based on the study of rituals, the establishment of rituals and the advancement of research of certain forms of magecraft (weakening styles of magecraft they wish to weaken) and certain spells while also taking scientific understandings and attempting to implement them into magecraft in a practical manner. It is the department with the most committees out of all of them and is aside from the department of Warfare the largest department.


Not a true department, but able to be considered one no less, this consists of other members of different departments, the head of the departments and could be said to be "led" by the Chairman of the Departments, consisting of tasks like keeping order in and between the departments, ministering the gathering and spending of finance, and general day to day upkeep of the organization.


So it's been a while hasn't it? I apologize for that this has been in the pipeline for ages (originally it was going to be a full post on all the major Magus groups of North America, but then I divided it into different posts about each of the three, and somewhere along the line this kept getting pushed back. I apologize for that, but since this is done I should be able to get some work into the American Church and then The Dwellers of Turtle Island (then maybe move onto Japan and China after that with even more information on their magus groups). I apologize if the Chinese isn't right I did try to verify as best I could that it did mean what I meant, but I can't be fully certain [even going beyond just google translate to trying to vet I had the words in the proper place and the proper forms]. Either way I am probably going to do another Moonlight World Materials post to try and explain the moonlight world and what that looks like on a global political standpoint as well as what different regions and continents may look a little like.

I may redo the original Moonlight world materials, make some changes (I'm not fully certain I liked the way I handled how foundations work, but I suppose if people want me to keep it as is then I will), but I do intend to keep this going, I also may use this as a format to explain different ages of the gods, what those were like, how they started formed, and ended, and to just try to build up what I envision the greater "story" of the moonlight world is in my eyes.

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