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List of Original Personal Skills

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  • Here it is, a bunch original Skill ideas I came up with for my sheets during my time here. Feel free to use, or even expand on them in your own works.

Not included:
  • Minor variations to existing Skills, such as Jirocho Shimizu's Charisma of the Oyabun, since most of them aren't too different from their originals, aside from the name change to fit the sheet and some minor additional effects.
  • Overly specific personal Skills, such as Roberta Hooke's Hooke's Law, since, well... it's most likely unique to them. Feel free to use them if you find anyone else who fits, though.

Now onto the Skills in question...


The user's mere presence causes other Noble Phantasms within their vicinity to rapidly lose power and transform into a mocking, sarcastic, even comedic imitations of themselves. In maximum effect, legendary sacred swords would turn into flabby rubber swords, unbreakable spears would have the durability of a wooden chopstick, and powerful laser beams would become harmless light shows.

Known users:

Demon of Rationality

A Skill granted to those who value logic and rationality above all, nullifying abstract concepts such as fate, emotions, or theology. The higher its rank, the more the owner is removed from the conventional idea of being "human". This Skill functions similarly to Mental Pollution, increasing the user's resistance against mental interference magecraft. Additional effects may vary depending on the user.

Known users:

Knight of Garter

A Skill denoting membership to the Order of Garter, England's most senior order of knighthood founded in 1348. The esteemed order is highly exclusive; appointments are made at the Sovereign's sole discretion. Membership of the Order is limited to the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than 24 living members or companions. Due to its prestige and exclusivity, some consider the Order to be a spiritual successor to the legendary Knights of the Round Table. Confers benefits similar to Innocent Monster, highlighting the user's more heroic aspects over their... more controversial ones. Temporarily enhances parameters and fighting capabilities by invoking the strength, mystery, and chivalry associated with the Knights of the Round Table. Also grants some form of divine protection thanks to the Order's patron saint, Saint George. At higher ranks, one may not look too out of place standing among the legendary Knights of the Round Table themselves.

Known users:

Pleasure Killing

A Skill denoting one who murders solely for the purpose of self-gratification. Allows the user to recover a small amount of health and mana whenever they kill solely for that reason.

Known users:


A Skill signifying one who opposes colonialism. Allows the user to deal more damage to Servants of European origins, particularly those originating from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Known users:

Herald of Misfortune

A Skill granted to certain individuals whose fates foreshadowed great tragedy. Every strike the user makes adds a negative modifier to the target's luck parameter, increasing their probability of failing luck checks. Furthermore, if the user's Spirit Core is destroyed, the curse affects all Servants in the vicinity, permanently capping their luck parameter to D (varies based on rank) unless they are desummoned or if they use certain purifying Skills.

Known users:

Formless Potential

A Skill denoting one whose potentials remained unfulfilled before the world. The user's parameters will appear to fluctuate randomly, making them appear much stronger or weaker than they truly are. Their Skill names are also heavily obscured, while its ranks also fluctuate randomly akin to their parameters. The user can choose to divulge information on his true Skills and parameters with his Master at will.

Known users:

Delusion Trigger

ranted to those who possess abnormally warped views of the world around them, allowing their delusions to bleed into reality and affect their surroundings, potentially inciting cases similar to mass hysteria. In most cases, those who possess this Skill are completely unaware of it, due to how strongly their delusions are intertwined with their identities and how they view the world around them. This means that they have little control over this power, and may occasionally become a danger to both themselves and others. Its effects may vary based on user and rank.

Known users:
  • Franz Kafka (C~B) (Kafka's crippling sense of paranoia, self-consciousness, and social alienation)
  • Jack the Ripper (Watcher) (E~A) (All the fear and suspicion associated with the Ripper murders)
  • Hong Xiuquan (EX) (Megalomania and delusions of grandeur)

Great Multicultural Exchange

A Skill granted to those who metaphorically "unified" the world by facilitating an exchange of culture. A unique variation of Human Observation and Aesthetic Appreciation, there is a chance that the user might be able to deduce an enemy Servant's True Name, Skills, and Noble Phantasm(s) by observing traces of their "culture", consisting of their clothing, accent, speech patterns, and armaments.

Known users:

Hero of Uncharted Lands

A Skill that functions similarly to Demonic Defender of the State, this Skill denotes one explorer's feat of accumulating fame in distant lands, far from their own homeland. Wherever the user is summoned, the surrounding area is marked as their personal territory, and he gains access to leylines within their vicinity. Denoting the act of "accumulating fame in foreign lands", the user gains the benefits of a small fame boost within this "new uncharted frontier". This fame boost gradually grows in strength the more people are aware of them and their actions.

Known users:


A composite Skill consisting of Human Observation and a variation of Understanding of the Human Body, specialized in analyzing the human mind and behavior. A Skill signifying one's ability to grasp the intricacies of the human mind. Increases resistance against mental interference, and increases the probability of inflicting mental interference through words.

Known users:

Erosion of Culture

A Skill granted for those who "killed" culture. An entire way of life, forever lost, or at least relegated into the shadows for decades to come. As the name suggests, it "erodes" the opponent's culture. That is, "everything that makes them unique". Traditional armaments originating from their homelands, Skills based on cultural knowledge and practices, feats greatly celebrated in said culture... all of these would be significantly weakened or outright sealed in the user's presence. In higher ranks, the user could temporarily force the world to treat the opponent's culture as if they do not exist. Therefore, heroes whose main claims to fame were rooted in their culture would effectively be crippled, revered and remembered by "a culture that does not exist". Ultimately, only the most "generic" abilities, or those not rooted in traditions could be spared from this Skill.

Mercy of the End

A Skill granted to those who bestowed death as a form of
. To them, killing is not something to be feared or avoided. It is an act of wish-granting, or a method of sparing their targets from a worse fate that could have awaited them. Deals increased damage to opponents who have accepted their deaths, more so on those who glorify or romanticize it. The more their targets have accepted that they may die, or the more they yearn for said death, no matter the reason, the more their bodies would seemingly surrender themselves to the user's attacks. On the other hand, if the target possesses a powerful sense of self-preservation, an extreme fear of death, or a single-minded determination to live, the less effective this Skill will be.

Hospice Care

The ability to care for the terminally ill, including knowledge of basic first-aid, numbing pain in others, and inducing a calming effect to their surroundings. It's not enough to heal mortal wounds or cure fatal illnesses, but it's just enough to ensure that their final moments would at the very least be a peaceful and comfortable one.

Known users:

Knowledge of Horrors

A Skill denoting the ability and practical knowledge to reproduce feelings of primal fear, suspense, and/or through various forms of stage illusionism, including lighting, gestures, movement, sounds, color, and the overall "atmosphere" of a setting.

Known users:


A Skill similar yet different from Subversive Activities. Instead of preemptively eliminating enemy forces, this Skill is more suited for sneaking in and out of dangerous territory, and gathering information on enemy forces, terrain, and other activities.

Known users:

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  1. DelRey's Avatar
    I had this idea too, but with many more skills of other creators as well. But that would be a terrible ordeal. One would need to start per creator and then go through all their works and compile their non-prf skills...
    Oh lawd i can imagine me doing this
  2. BnEl15's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    I had this idea too, but with many more skills of other creators as well. But that would be a terrible ordeal. One would need to start per creator and then go through all their works and compile their non-prf skills...
    Oh lawd i can imagine me doing this
    I say start from your own, if you'd like. Compiling everyone's Skills will take massive amounts of time and effort as you said, but starting with your own sheets first shouldn't be as hard. Maybe if more and more people would start doing that, a complete Beast Lair Skill Compendium might not be so impossible, eventually.
  3. The Fair Tyrant's Avatar
    Out of curiosity, why is Liu Pengli listed as having Pleasure Killing when he doesn't have it? It makes sense, but it doesn't seem to be in his kit.
  4. BnEl15's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fair Tyrant
    Out of curiosity, why is Liu Pengli listed as having Pleasure Killing when he doesn't have it? It makes sense, but it doesn't seem to be in his kit.
    The Skill completely slipped my mind when I was writing him. I could edit it in, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary now, since it's been a pretty long time since I wrote him. As you said, it still makes sense for him to have that Skill, though.