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Some images of my RP character: Caster - Hildegard of Bingen

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I don't know where to put original characters' drawings that are not made on my own, so I decided to make a Blog.
As the name suggests, she is Caster - Hildegard of Bingen. A German polymath that is a capable physician, doctor, musician, etc and she is also a Saint. She is from a discord RP, which I have become very fond of and be sentimental of her too much.

She was affectionally called differently by other players, Hilde-chan (to differentiate her from other Hilde which is more -san type), Gardie, but I personally call her Castank, because she is tanky for a Caster... and have firepower equal to an MLRS, or perhaps nuke. :lol:


(art by よういち - twitter:@wowo_oe_aiyiy_)

(art by もと - twitter:@otemoto02)

(art by nantaj - twitter:@_kielce_)

yeah, she is one of my baby girls...