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So I really, really suck at creation.

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Who knew?

At this point, I'm very near giving up. Gods know I've tried to make a Servant sheet worth posting these past few... who knows. Point is, I either leave them unfinished, didn't start them at all, or... in one case, I end up using the character design on some other fictional universe.

In any case, if anyone's interested to look into which people I drew fabulous pools of nothingness from for their own purposes, I'll list the names in a future blog post when I've really given up. I've given myself one more try at making a decent sheet; if that also falls through, down goes the list, along with recommendations on where to find more info about them, how close (or far) I was to completing a goddamn sheet, and what made me give up, as well as my personal thoughts, however valuable they are, coming from a bystander like me.

Till then, ta-ta.

Updated August 21st, 2021 at 08:28 AM by Tabris