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Cursed by Fortuna

Berserker Sisyphus Additional Information

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Development Info

So I originally came up with this as an idea for Daybitís servant based on me misremembering what his servant said precisely, I still feel it would be a good servant for the man as he is one which tries to achieve the impossible similar to Sisyphus here, but thatís probably not the case. The reason I chose him as Grand Berserker or at least a candidate for the role is due to Einstein popularly (but falsely) being associated with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Even still due to the prominence of the idea and the idea of Sisyphian tasks and such I decided he would make a good and interesting candidate for Grand Berserker.

As you may tell I decided to get a little experimental with the format on this one, mainly this is due to me initially coming up with the idea of some of Grand Berserker's parameters fluctuating based on the weight of his primary NP. I then also combined this with the influence I was partly taking from Spartacus and FGOs 3 stages for a servant to give him 3 different stages, each with successively more power than the last. The 4th stage is a level up effectively for his NP making both of them stronger, but doesnít affect any of his parameters. I also as you can tell got a little creative in that basically one of his NPs is directly correlated and required for the use of the other, working kinda like a fighting game super meter in a way, having to be charged up before it can be used.

As for the face claim I was thinking of someone with black hair and muscular, kinda like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but taller and with dark hair, but the person which came to mind was always younger Tagoro, so since I figured I was already taking cues from Spartacus who grows more mutated the more damage he takes I may as well roll with it, having him grow larger and more muscular up till the point that much like Berserker Heracles he clearly isnít human and almost looks monstrous as a result (which also leans into the original designs of Berserkers having mad enhancement disfigure them to an extent).

Another thing is that the fate I gave Sispyhus kina ironically contradicts what his ultimate fate is, but also fits in with Greek mythology. His own hubris and confidence in his cunning literally condemned him to be stuck doing a task which literally cannot be done. While he genuinely is cunning, his own cunning and stubbornness was turned against him, trapping him in a situation where he cannot give up without admitting defeat, but refuses to be defeated by such a seemingly simple task. Thus much like a Chinese finger trap the more he tries to escape the more he plays into the trap that Zeus and Hades came up with.