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My First Servant: Jack O' Lantern

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Fairly new to the forum and this is my first actual sheet. I made it primarily to try my hand at servant sheets after discovering they were a thing. Hope its good but I appreciate critique and criticism!

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Source: Billy Christian,
Class: Assassin
True Name:
Origin: Ireland Folklore
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Other Classes: Caster
Appearance: His appearance varies from summoning to summoning but there are three consistent traits; his head is a pumpkin containing a fire, he wears older style clothing, and he is a very unassuming man pumpkin head aside.

Str: D End: D Agi: D Mag: C Luck: B+


A legend in the folklore of Ireland, the man that started the Jack-O’-Lantern tradition, also known as Stingy Jack. A drunkard and gambler in life, his claim to fame is tricking the devil not once, not twice, but three times. First was securing a year of freedom from hell with a clever ruse, second was trapping the devil atop a tree while he attempted to gather fruit, and thrice was using the very contract the devil forged to force him to give him a guiding light. However, for his misdeeds and unsavoury character he will never know heaven and his foolishness damns him to an eternity of wandering the earth… or so the story goes.

As the story goes, Stingy Jack was a drunkard that lived in a sleepy ireland hamlet. He would spend each night drinking the days earnings away. One night, the devil visited the hamlet and chose to drink at the tavern. He recognized the devil for who he was and invited him to drink. After a night of heavy drinking, Jack suggested they swindle the last payment by having the devil turn into a coin and paying with him. The devil agreed and turned into a coin, which he then pocketed. In the pocket with satan was a crucifix that prevented him from transforming again. The devil demanded release and Jack demanded a year free of the devil. The devil agreed, was released, and left, bound to the agreement.

A year and a night later, the devil returned to enact vengeance. Jack strangely accepted the devils wrath. He merely asked for some fruit in a tree, that he might enjoy a last meal. The devil agreed and climbed the tree to poison the apples and feed them to jack. Jack was cleverer though and placed many crucifixs around the tree. Trapped, the devil asked what Jack wanted now. Jack proposed a contract; that should Jack die before 10 years, the devil and his minions would not harm or lay claim to his soul nor would they drag him into hell. If he died after that, Jack would silently accept his death and go quietly into hell. The devil was forced to sign the contract or be trapped forever and left thereafter.

9 years later, his drinking caught up to him and he died at the tavern table. However, heaven forbade him entry for countless sins and consorting with demons and devils. He attempted to parlay with the devil for entry and the devil refused, citing the contract they made. Jack, rereading the contract, pointed out that without someway to be guided through the world that he could not be refused. The devil took a particular coal from hell, put it in a turnip pumpkin, and offered it, as the coal would always guide Jack to the safest place at any one time. Eventually, this pumpkin would become his head.

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: C

Not known for being particularly stealthy physically, no one once suspected him of devilry despite direct interactions with such a being. Additionally, as a spirit, he is assumed by status to have some measure of it.

Personal Skills

Trickster: A

He is most famous for tricking the devil three times and so he has this trait at a high level. When trying to deceive, lie, or trick others he receives a high bonus to the attempts, almost bordering on being a charisma skill outright.

Protection of the Devil: EX

Due to his contract with the devil, neither he nor any minion of his may ever harm him. Any creature of demonic origin will deal greatly reduced damage or effects on him and anything of christian, biblical, or irish descent will simply be completely ineffective and useless. However, the drawback is that he cannot step foot onto any soil considered the domain of any demonic entity belonging to Biblical, Christian, or Irish descent.

Innocent Monster: D+

The true history and identity of Stingy Jack is completely lost to the annals of time, wholly replaced by the folklore of Jack O’ Lantern. As such, he has warped to reflect the legends, being a pumpkin-headed spirit wandering the land. This personal skill cannot be removed, altered, or influenced in any way.

Subversive Tactics: D

Using lore to his advantage, he managed to trap the devil twice. Reflecting this, he has this skill at a low level. So long as he knows one's true name and has time to research he can devise clever traps to ensnare enemies. Of course, being servants these often are not enough alone to win a fight.

Noble Phantasm

Thrice Cheated
The Infamous Tricks of Stingy Jack

Rank: C+
Type: Anti-Unit

The infamous act of tricking a demonic figure thrice, this is but a facet of his full legend. When in the act of deceiving or forging deals, he knows how best to utilize and outwit the one he is dealing with or deceiving. His power is not so great as to damage servants outright, but he is capable of a great many tricks that may weaken or severely sabotage them. This can range from simple handcrafted seals to slow an oni to tricking a servant into handing over their noble phantasm. Of course, the riskier the gamble the more reliant on luck he is, and the harsher the punishment for failure to deceive an enemy or outwitting an enemy. Additionally, he can utilize geas’ with this phantasm to enforce the terms of an agreement as he interprets them three times per summoning.

Thrice Cheated, Thrice Punished
The Infamous Punishment of Jack O’ Lantern

Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Self

The infamous punishment crystalized as his strongest yet most tragic phantasm, the facet of his full legend brought to bear. He hates utilizing it to this extent but if he trusts his master enough he may be convinced to use it. He may weave any agreement he makes with a binding geas that favors him on interpretation, but he will always face a punishment of which he cannot easily recover. He may also offer a deal to another servant or master that will greatly benefit the offered party or severely restrain them. In exchange for Jack O’ Lantern and his master being completely unable to interfere or harm them until him, his master, and they are the last parties involved, the offered parties swear to be steadfast allies and do only things to benefit Jack O’ Lantern and their master, as well as a treaty of total non-aggession until they are the last two parties. The agreement forms a geas using one of the masters command seals that inflicts a very simple if severe punishment: whoever breaks the pact will be unable to win the grail that war. An additional side effect of this agreement unknown to the other party is that Jack O’ Lantern will become fated to die in a confrontation against the other party. This does not ensure loss of the grail for the master, but it ensures he will not live to make his wish. He must trust his master to beg for his wish for him. Only one such agreement may be made each summon though he may attempt to invoke it multiple times. Once it is accepted, further attempts will fail. If forced with a command seal, he will attempt to sabotage any deal regarding this noble phantasm for better or worse.



Jack O’ Lantern is a drunk through and through. Despite being incapable of inebriation, he will attempt it irregardless. He often orders ridiculous amounts of alcohol for himself during his summons. Unsurprisingly, he is a very deceptive individual, not telling the full truth of any one thing to anyone most of the time. In the rare moments he is, his demeanor varies between being contemplative, philosophical, or depressed. Initially, he trusts not even his own master but if his master proves to be accepting and trustworthy, he will divulge the details of his powers and past. Until such a point, he will attempt to make bluffs about his strength or play at being unsure. Once he forms a bond with a master, he will attempt to play the role of mentor to the master, trying to ‘show him the ways of life’. This generally involves large quantities of alcohol and large parties. However, he will always try to impart one thing onto such a master, to learn from the mistakes he made in life. Despite the holiday being the cause of the warped legend, Jack O’ Lantern actually quite enjoys halloween. He finds the acts around it extremely entertaining and if summoned near the holiday will strive to participate in any halloween festivities. These of course will also involve large quantities of alcohol for which he can drink but cannot get drunk due to his nature as a ghost. His wish for the holy grail is to be allowed to rest in heaven. However if he is forced to use his full noble phantasm, he will attempt to sabotage all of his own attempts at securing the deal.


“You know, I’m the reason that quote is famous. ‘Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you’ and all that nonsense”.

“The stupid exist to be scammed my boy. Now come, we fly!”.

“Why wouldn’t I be drinking? Why would my capacity to get drunk influence my decision to drink? I like drinking therefore I drink!”

“Thank you… now if you would? Thank you. Your command seal will be most helpful. Hmmm? Oh right, I did promise that… well if you use a command seal right now to teleport the servant to you, and then flee, my traps around here should prevent chase. I never did agree to fight myself… silly you believing I would actually fight for you”.

“Master… I trust you. With what you did… I cannot but trust you… so now I must apologize for not deceiving you… no I did not lie… however, My true phantasm, Thrice Cheated, Thrice Punished, is much, much stronger than what I told you… with it… we will win… just listen carefully. If you don’t, and I use its full power, we’ll definitely lose”.

“So… this is the end… good play that last trick… even I didn’t see it coming… course… you realize… a true trickster always has a last trick? For mine… tell me, saber… do you truly trust your own sword…? I only regret… I will not… see the answer…”.

“Ah, hello master… yes all these lads are my guests! Secrecy…? I suppose I have to… buuuut the laced alcohol will do just fine. Now c’mon join us! Live a little!”

“Eh? What do I want? Endless alcohol of course! Oh wait… I can’t drink that in heaven can I?”.

“... Master. Tell me… do you know what regret feels like? Not the kind you feel after a mistake… the kind that sticks even after death… pray, never feel it if you can… no matter what you must do”.

“Ah, a tip when negotiating master… don’t hint at what you want right away. Let them assume what you want first so you can use that to find what they want… then use that to ensnare them. Ingenious, no?”.

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