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The Morrigan

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Source: IrenHorrors,
Class: Rider (Assassin, Caster)
True Name: The Morrigan
Origin: Celtic Myth
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Other Classes: Assassin (Rider, Caster), Caster (Rider, Assassin)
Appearance: When Macha is at the helm, a beautiful young woman with curly brown hair and alabaster skin and red eyes and has lean muscles. Wears black robes with a feathery mantle holding a sword on her hip and a spear in her hand. She also wears a black circlet and black armlets. When Nemian takes over, her hair becomes a black ponytail, peach skin, and blue eyes and loses some of their muscle tone but not all of it. When Babd takes over, their hair is straight and red, they have green eyes, and simply caucasian skin. They also lose all muscle toning and have longer nails.

Str: B End: C+ Agi: B+ Mag: B Luck: D+

The Morrigan. Only spoken by the despaired. ‘A spirit that haunts the fields of battle. Whether they are to come or to go’. Not far from the truth however. This goddess has many responsibilities if her profile is to be believed. Havoc, Strife, Chaos, Magic, War, Illusions, Death, and even Fertility and Life. The reach of this goddess was wide and far. She had a hand in many events that occurred in europe. Even small coincidences such as a cart being sacked by saxons in Britain to the brave stand of Cu Chulainn have traces of her handiwork. It was Macha that cursed the Ulster men to be infirmed when Meb marched on their lands. It was also Babd that told the saxons of the coming wagon containing gold. However, there is more than this. In truth, the Morrigan is not just one goddess but is a trio of demigoddesses in one body. They split whenever they need to be in multiple places or whenever it is convenient but they much prefer their unity. However, their minds do not become one. They become three minds in one body. The Morrigan however foresaw her end coming and rather than cause strife or war in anger, legends say that she simply found a comfortable hill, sat upon it, and waited. The hill became famous over time, eventually becoming a prolific meeting place for witches of all descriptions. However, an inscription found nearby bears interesting fruit; ‘Should one of magic truly sit upon mine throne, inherit my kingdom they shall’. There is much discussion about what this could mean, though the truth is known only by the Morrigan herself as she was well known for being deceptive. It is entirely possible that only misery awaits the inheritor.

“My past is easy to explain. It’s war. It was my purpose in my prior life. It was my bread and butter… I can see how you might be uneasy, but that’s just how it is”.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: B (Macha)

As a goddess practicing in magecraft from the age of the gods, the Morrigan has a degree of magic resistance from her class container. At her level, any spell that is below B-rank will not be able to affect her. Even higher thaumaturgy and greater rituals will have difficulty affecting her unless of B-Rank or above. When using other class containers, this resistance lowers. She can improve her magic resistance half a rank with magecraft but this improvement is most effective as a caster, being able to increase by a full rank and a half.

“Heheheh… sadly, this was always going to be the result… your ignorance of the class system is your downfall… now… please, die screaming for me”.

Riding: A (Macha)

Macha was a demigoddess often associated with horses. Under the rider class and being in control, her riding skill is high. As a result, she can ride anything short of a dragon, the highest of phantasmal species. When in a different class container, her influence permeates and allows this skill to be accessible at lower ranks.

“Is it really that strange? I am a goddess and a rider. It is only natural that if it can be ridden, I can ride it. Even this modified SUV”.

Territory Creation: D (Nemian)

In the past, the Morrigan rarely ever stayed in one place and as such her territory creation even when a caster is quite low. However, she still knows how to make one and in a proper war will take steps to do so if only to create a refuge for herself and her master. As a rider, this skill is weak. She is capable of making and securing a temporary camp but not much more.

“Rest, young master… tomorrow, we will storm the headquarters… we must stop whoever erected this barrier”.

Item Construction: D (Nemian)

The Morrigan is not known for any particular items beyond her legendary throne, but being a prolific user of magecraft she likely had some skill. As a rider, she can make basic armaments and components for rituals, but requires materials.

“Do you like it? I worked all night sewing this. Hmmm? No, I used my magecraft… what, you expected me to use my hands?”.

Presence Concealment: C (Babd)

The Morrigan's plots were rarely uncovered and when they were they had long come to fruition. Further, she has never been observed going from place to place and when observed, she would always hint that perhaps she intended it. As a rider, her skill has decreased significantly, but not enough that it disappeared completely. She is far more skilled at concealment as a caster or assassin.

“Ohhhhh, sorry, did I scare ya? Apologies mate, no really! I just… man…. Tough luck with the sister, eh? So sad...”.

Personal Skills

Divine Core of the Morrigan: -

Being the Morrigan, this skill needs no rank. It functions similar to other divine core skills. However, hers imparts an important ability that allows full utilization of her powers; The Morrigan being a trio of demigoddesses in one body are granted the power to switch the demigoddess in control. When done, their physique, personality, and psyche all change as well as their class skills. They are still ‘Rider’ but they gain whatever their class container would be IE Macha, the controlling identity for this class container switching to Nemian, the Morrigan gains the class skills Territory Creation and Item Construction at the listed rank. If they then switch to Babd, they lose those skills and gain Presence Concealment.

“That... blow almost... split me... dammit.... I hate that!

Strategy: A

The Morrigan was capable of creating and executing plans that spanned years in making and execution. Even in the modern day, there is a legend that one is still yet to come to fruition; the legend of her inheritor. Due to this, she has this skill at a high level. She is adept enough at the skill that she can make 'Sudden Contingencies for Sudden Occurrences' a reality. She is not necessarily omniscient and so not every strategy is guaranteed victory, but the ones she makes grant large bonuses while in motion.

“Ho? You presume to attempt a sneak attack on me? As if such an act would even be worthy of distraction?”.

Familiar (Crows): A+

Can manifest crows from her own runoff magical energy, producing one crow passively every day. Even in the event she chooses to make one, the amount of magical energy used to do so is low. When made, the crows are exactly as intelligent as they need to be and when controlled or made passively they are empowered by her magic passively. If she so desires she can meld her psyche into that of a crow she’s made, passively or otherwise, and temporarily act through it (Even using magecraft through it).

“You like my pet? Thank you. You two make a nice couple yourself… see? He agree’s… oh don’t look at me like that. I’m just having a bit of harmless fun, no?”.

Charisma: C (Macha)

The Morrigan despite being widely feared was capable of garnering a following of witches. While she never took on apprentices herself, she utilized her following for her own ends. Even in the modern day, there is a small following. At her level, she effectively is at the level of a king or queen of a nation and can command an army herself. She utilizes this in a variety of manipulative ways. Macha must be in control.

“Come on, come on… you may want to listen… you don’t want to fight whatever created such an airtight barrier that even a goddess can’t dispel on your own do you? That’s what I thought”.

High-Speed Divine Words: B (Nemian)

She uses magecraft from the age of the gods and this is her method. Being a goddess of magic, she has skill in the ability, but due to not being a proper caster cannot use it at a high level. Even so, high thaumaturgy may be used as single-action spells at her level. She can only use this skill when Nemian is in control.

“Oh? Since when did me being a rider mean I can’t use magic? I am a goddess of magic… truly it must not be that surprising”

Espionage: C (Babd)

Can mix within crowds easily without appearing out of place or hostile. As such, a favorite tactic of hers is to run into a crowd mid-fight to force a servant to become confused. At this level however, observant or intelligent servants cannot be fooled by this skill. Only accessible when Babd is in control.

“C’mon now, don’t be so hostile, I’m jus’ help’in! Tell ya what, I’ll even tell ya how ta break that boundary field keep’in ya from ya sis!”.

Noble Phantasm

Buaireadh, Strì, Agus Cogadh
The One Goddess Becomes Three

Rank: A
Type: Anti-Self

The truth of the Morrigan crystalized into legend. The Morrigan splits up and becomes the three demi-goddesses Babd of Strife, Nemian of Havoc, and Macha of War. They are each their own servant and tied to one command seal that the master gains upon the release of this phantasm. If they have additional seals, they also act as command seals for any of the three. If the master wishes, they may use a command seal to recombine the three demigoddesses back into the Morrigan. If he does this, he loses the extra command seals he gained unless they are already used, in which case nothing is sacrificed beyond the one command seal. An additional power of this phantasm is that it can be used to combine these three when they are under the control of different masters. Under such conditions, each master must use a command seal and the one with the most leftover gaining ownership. If there is a tie, the Morrigan will decide who to follow. Additionally, whenever the three act in concert after the use of this phantasm, they gain 2 ranks to all their parameters. The Morrigan, after use of this phantasm, gains 1 rank to all parameters and applicable skills.

“Interesting… that attack… it was actually strong enough to defeat me… fascinating… to think I’d actually lose… we will meet again… be assured of that”.

Far a bheil Cogadh
She who follows war

Rank: C
Type: Support (Anti-Army)

This noble phantasm crystalizes the legend of the Morrigan being at the site of every battle throughout Europe despite her myths being localized to southern europe. It is an always active passive skill that allows her to be vaguely aware of any war or battle occuring in the world and may at any time learn the details over the course of a minute. Further, she may choose to remotely view the sight of the battle before or after it is to occur. With enough magical energy expended, she can even remotely project to that location to personally examine it. To physically affect such areas she must visit them herself. In a way, it acts very similar to Clairvoyance as it can inform her of battles that have yet to actually occur and can do so well in advance.

“Are you truly shocked I am here? I am a goddess of war I’ll have you know…. Mmm? No. We’ll play another day… for now, my master needs to be secured… you’ll allow that… right?”.

Cnoc Morrigan
Seat of the War Inheritor

Rank: A+
Type: Support

The legend of the Morrigans final moments crystalized as a noble phantasm. The Morrigan must for one day and on a full moon rest upon an elevated position. She must then expand a command spell's worth of magical energy into turning the area into her domain throughout the night. At the end, she must say a prophecy that relays the conditions for her noble phantasms full activation aloud. After this, she returns to the throne. If someone, including other masters, fulfills the conditions while seated in the area, this Noble Phantasm will fully activate. It will pass on the knowledge, experience, and magical power of the Morrigan. If the person lacks magical capabilities, they will develop them suddenly, usually in the form of magic circuits. If the inheritor is a magus, the quality of all their circuits becomes the highest possible quality. Additionally, they will gain a single armament that acts as a C-Rank noble phantasm. Finally, at any time, they may invoke this Noble Phantasm's true name and become a Pseudo-Servant of one of the three demigoddesses for 10 minutes.

“Tsk… listen well master… for I only say this once… ‘Sit upon my throne and learn. If thou hast the courage, thou will vanquish thine enemies’.... Get that…? Good… now fulfill it and take that damn thing down…”.


It is easy to assume that the Morrigan is a cruel goddess of death, war, and strife and that only evil lies at her core. This however is not entirely accurate. She is sadistic, often cruel, callous, and apathetic to the loss of human life. However, she is not entirely these things. She enjoys nature in all its forms, she does have an admiration of humanity, she is bitterly loyal to the end, and despite her love of war she actually has a small aversion to the sight of blood. Very often, she will carry cleaning implements when wandering the sight of a recent battle. Further, she is not one to prolong the death throes of any creature, humans included. The only notable exception are those that have especially crossed her. These factors bleed into each identity that comprises the Morrigan, though there are small differences between each. Most notably, Babd is very shut-in, Macha is very extroverted, and Nemian is very silent. Despite this, all three consider each other their best friends.

Her personality however changes when she meets a master she likes. She becomes whatever she thinks that master needs at any particular moment, taking on any number of roles. Mentor, Friend, Lover, even in some cases Mother. She herself isn’t sure why she does this but the result is usually good for the master. They gain a fulfillment they needed or perhaps didn’t know they needed. Further, the Morrigan is more readily trusting of the master, something she barely does. Normally, she insists on being the one to make battle plans, due to her unique set of skills, but when she trusts her master to a certain extent she will happily include them. Interestingly, her view on her master will not influence her decision on using her noble phantasms. She will use them if they will grant her or her master victory, though she considers the latter a last resort.

Another fact of her personality is that she has a bit of a dependency complex. Babd, Nemian, and Macha all have a strong, innate desire to become the Morrigan and will generally strive to be if possible. Further, they often go to great lengths to discover if the other two are in a particular war and then convince the masters to make an alliance to bring about the Morrigan. This dependency is bad enough that all three will consider betrayal to varying degrees with Babd being the quickest to betray their master and Macha being the slowest. These decisions are not taken lightly, but such is the desire to be the Morrigan to them.

In terms of her wish, she actually has two that she is stuck between. Returning to the modern world in her full glory or having a proper inheritor to her original power find and claim her power that she left behind. She is of two minds in relation to her own place in the world. She long accepted she has died and thinks that she should let go like so many she personally saw to being made to and she also acknowledges her desire to live again. However, she fully acknowledges the absurdity of a goddess living in the modern world and thinks she wouldn’t mind being mortal for a change. However, she also knows she’d search for someone to inherit the power she left ‘At that place’.


“I am servant Rider. We are at your service. If you don’t mind, may I have some privacy? I have… planning to do”.

“Oh don't mind me. Just enjoying the view. Pleasant destruction today!”.

“Oh the little mortal wants to play general... okay. You've got three turns of the willows”.

“Don't worry about them escaping... that's the plan, master”.

“Yes master, it worked. We now know their every move… haaaaa, if only my genius could be appreciated”.

“.... master…. Master… c’mon get up… we can’t…. Cron ei, Eirich!”

“What a... vexing enemy! Brute force is always such a pain!”

“Tsk. For shame. This is my master. Keep your hands off!”

“I... always forget until the end... how much I want to live... but it wasn't meant to be.... sorry for lying. I have to use it now... Master, 'When willows bend, they do not break they brace for the storm'... Cnoc Morrigan.”


This was fun but hard to make, mostly because there's no real notable thing about her other than she's three goddesses in one, she appears in a lot of different places, and then my own personal bit of lore being turned into a NP. Still, it was fun. I personally think that third noble phantasm is pretty unique. Might need to rewrite it though. Not entirely sure if it needs a nerf or not. Also, this time, I got my sourcing right! Though I did make my own small tweaks.

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