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I pooped blood

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It was like diarrhea but there was a fair bit of blood when I wiped. Pretty gnarly looking.

I stopped pooping blood the next morning though. I'm probably fine. My fate is in the Emperor's hands now.


  1. aldeayeah's Avatar
    go to a fucking doctor
  2. Leftovers's Avatar
    shit like that happens eh
  3. Five_X's Avatar
    Go get some Preparation H and you'll be good my dude, you've been posting these blogs for so long I don't think your ass can kill you at this point
  4. Petrikow's Avatar
    Sometimes this can be cancer

    I would say it doesn't hurt to get it checked but I don't know your healthcare situation.
  5. Temflakes403's Avatar
    Check for hemorrhoids, if it's painful, there's a high chance it could be that