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Enoch, Knower of Secrets

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From the pits of boredom and distraction this sheet was born. I dunno why this one but I just really wanted to make an Enoch sheet. Thought it was gonna be kinda lame since there's not much about the man himself but I managed to scrounge something together I think. Enjoy.

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Source: Angelo Gabrini, Danmachi.Fandom.Com
Class: Caster
True Name: Enoch
Origin: Christian Mythology
Alignment: Lawful-Good
Other Classes: Ruler

Str: D (C+) End: C (B+) Agi: C (B+) Mag: C+ (B++) Lck: C (B+)


He was once human like any other. However, he was always a curious boy. As he grew, he learned and discovered mysteries. He is recorded to have lived 365 years before willingly ascending to what was recorded as heaven. Thanks to his long life, he learned many, many things including having recorded certain facts about death that even today are disputed among both scientific and magical communities as false. This is due to him never once witnessing the act of death. In addition, his line would lead to the act of the making of the Ark. Most notable is recordings that suggest upon ascension he became a Divine Spirit known as Metatron.

Class Skills

Territory Creation: D (C+)

He had a small workshop in life where he explored his truths. However due to the state of the world, truly recreating it is impossible. However he can make a less efficient imitation that will serve his needs as a caster. It will take him three days and a decent store of prana to accomplish this. Due to Rejection of Humanity this skill is weaker and can only function as a safe haven from human enemies and a place of respite to recharge his prana at a slow pace.

Item Construction: D+ (C++)

Enoch used his research and work throughout his life, all of which led up to his magnum opus the Book of Enoch. This skill is necessary for activating his first Noble Phantasm of the same name. It does have other applications however as he was an accomplished alchemist of his time. He can craft potions, make low-grade wands and even at times create small miracles like he did in life. These miracles do have a physical presence and can grant skills to non-servants but they are temporary at best and the boon they offer cannot grant someone the ability to fight servants.

Personal Skills

Rejection of Humanity: C (-)

A skill similar to Innocent Monster but it functions differently. Instead of legend warping him it alters his own perception and ranks down his parameters and skills based on that perception. Under normal circumstances, suppression or erasure of this skill is impossible. However, his Noble Phantasm, Book of Enoch, can suppress and/or erase this skill in its entirety when invoked. If simply ranked down, then it raises every skill and parameter by a rank for every 2 ranks this loses. After the first rank down, which imparts a plus modifier to all parameters and skill, add an additional plus modifier for every other rank down. The only exception are the Mystic Eyes of Death Rejection which are rank A+ if this skill is suppressed at all.

His Works, Realized: C

A skill that is only achievable if the skill Rejection of Humanity is fully eliminated. Upon elimination, this skill replaces it. It acts as a combination of the skills Magic Resistance and High-Speed Divine Words at their equivalent ranks.

Knower of Secrets: B (A+)

Based on his title and works throughout life, he knows a great many things. Whenever he observes a phenomenon, he can discern the cause of it and the actions needed to resolve it. This includes many different events, from battle to day-to-day life. This skill works best when he directly observes a noble phantasm from a great distance as it reveals the identity of the one using it and methods to counteract it. However, due to Rejection of Humanity it is weaker and instead requires him to spend time in his workshop after to gain these revelations.

Miracle: C (B+)

Based on his accomplishment of his ascension to heaven while still alive. When he uses this skill, circumstances will alter to give him a fair chance at resolving the situation through his own power. However due to Rejection of Humanity it is weaker and so will merely change circumstances to be more favorable to him.

Mystic Eyes of Death Rejection: C (A+)

Is it a mercy from god or is it his inherent Mystic Eyes? Was it simply luck he never saw death in his 365 years as a human or was it fate? Regardless, the mystery regarding this fact has granted him this skill. So long as he gazes at something, the concept of death will be unable to truly grasp it. It can also work in reverse, rejecting something’s ability to kill. However, due to Rejection of Humanity, it cannot reject death from attacks above the grade of this skill.

Connection to the Root: - (E+)

An inactive skill that seemingly does nothing. It may be here due to his ascension into heaven. Even so it should do something shouldn’t it…? I mean… Why would it be here if it does nothing?

Fully activated, it is still quite a weak skill. It does not impart any level of control over the world around him. However, he is privy to secret techniques. His skill Knower of Secrets, Item Construction, and His Works, Realized gain a plus modifier. Additionally, Per Meum Opus gains a plus modifier. However his Mana parameter loses its plus modifier. This skill having a rank is nessecary for the noble phantasm Ascensionis Metatron to be activatable.

Noble Phantasm

Per Meum Opus
Book of Enoch

Rank: B
Type: Self

Based on the discovery of the truth about the Book of Enoch, this is a crystallization of this event. This noble phantasm has two conditions to be met before activation and once done it will activate. To be able to be activated, first Enoch must acknowledge that his works are no longer rejected. Second, Enoch must successfully create with a luck check his magnum opus, the Book of Enoch. This noble phantasm has two effects;

First, it is capable of suppressing or eliminating his personal skill Rejection of Humanity. It depends entirely on the prana output he is capable of. If he can reach its full B-rank potential, it will completely eliminate the skill and replace it with the skill His Works, Realized. Otherwise, the skill will be ranked down equal to the Rank that this noble phantasm is activated at.

Second, it allows for Enoch to maintain multiple workshops with minimal effort. He cannot maintain more than 5 at any given point, one must be his primary and must be upkeep as per normal, and the other workshops cannot exceed D rank. In addition to the normal benefits, each workshop can funnel the prana they collect to his primary one remotely and he can link each via any sort of entryway to allow for ease of travel for himself and his allies. He can remotely deconstruct one with his Book of Enoch if necessary but doing so drains him. Additionally, with a successful Luck check enemies may discover that the workshop is a false copy of a real one. It is unknown if the linked entryways can be reverse engineered. He must use a true name activation at each workshop to truly activate it.

Ascensionis Metatron
I am the Metatron

Rank: EX
Type: Anti-Self

Based on his ascension to heaven and change into a Divine Spirit, crystallized into this Noble Phantasm. The prior is technically a facet of this one but derived from a different source. So impressed was god by Enoch, who used no tricks in reaching his accomplishments, that he was rewarded this act. Normally, Divine Spirits are impossible to summon. However, Enoch may accomplish this with three acts; First he must activate his first noble phantasm, then he must activate his Item Construction at full power, and finally he must activate the skill Connection to the Root. When his first Noble Phantasm is activated, he will gain the knowledge needed to unlock his skill Connection to the Root. Once all three are achieved he may prepare a summoning ritual and speak the true name of this Noble Phantasm after which he will become the Divine Spirit Servant Metatron.


Enoch can be best described as a scientific alchemist. He finds great joy in learning and creating but has ethical boundaries he will not cross. While he finds it sinful to judge others methods and ethics, he finds it hard to not find those that cross his boundaries as unsavory. Depending on the depravity, he may even be pushed to act as he is a kind soul that cannot stand to see suffering. He will help the suffering however he can. Likewise he is not naive either. He fully comprehends that suffering is a part of living. Additionally, he finds it regretful that humanity has rejected his work, the Book of Enoch. Despite not having an inventors mind, he often will conduct experiments using modern science and his ancient practices to concoct new weapons for the Holy Grail War. However, he isn’t completely innocent. He does not hate evil nor does he judge others, but he has great disdain for anything he considers ‘evil’. He does not seek its destruction but refuses to let anything of its kind touch the Holy Grail.

It should be cautioned however for any master of Enoch that despite being a heroic spirit his desire lies not in a wish to the Holy Grail. His wish is that no evil lay hands on it. As such, should he find his master ‘evil’ then he will swear no loyalty. This is if he is even summoned in the first place as it is noted that ‘evil’ masters that try to summon him using catalysts related to him are rarely successful. Those that do find no loyalty and only an enemy, one capable of breaking off and sustaining themselves with a workshop. However, masters that are not such will find a steadfast ally. However, they should be aware that he fights merely to prevent it from falling into ill hands. If he finds another master and servant worthy of it, he will not fight as strongly unless he believes his masters wish to be right or just. As such, the summoning of Enoch can be both problematic and troublesome.


"Hello, master. I am Enoch, son of Jared! I cannot promise you the grail but I can promise no evil shall touch it with me around!"

"Now that my workshop is complete, let us begin! Tell me, master, do you value vitality or stamina more?"

"Tsk... this is problematic... if humanity accepted my works, I'd be capable of fighting you, Avenger!"

"Master... you are alive. This is good... if not for my skill, we'd be dead. We must be more careful, next time"

"Yes, master. It is as you deduced... I am weaker than I should... this is due to humanity rejecting my works after my ascension... so problematic"

"Haha! Now that I am free, I can bring my works fully to bear! Witness as I bring us victory, master!... Huh? What did I do? What I always do! Research!... Ah, sorry master... I don't know why but your words were just hard to believe. I had to see for myself".

"Hmmm... an interesting phenomenon. The mystic eyes of death perception... I wonder, what would happen if our eyes met?"

"Master... we are at a crossroads. Before us lie or greatest foes... and I am sad to say my talent is at its limit... we need more"

"My greatest work master. I will give you the means to summon a great servant. Metatron, king of angels. The chance is 100% if I invoke the true name of my ultimate noble phantasm... I just need some more time..."

"Ah, my wish...? Yes, I am about to vanish as 'Enoch'... I suppose i should express my human desires. I wish to ensure the grail go to worthy hands... and 'Enoch' has decided you are, master. Now, begin the ritual... and I'll see you... 'soon'?".

Seriously fun to write. I might tweak it here and there as i'm not sure if what I wanted to do with this servant fully comes across.... however, I like him so far. I wrang a lot of good things from the small legend he has. All without putting anything from his 'Metatron' ascension. Enjoy!

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