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Formatting Tips and Tricks for Sheet Creations

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I thought about making this thread for a while now and because of the something upcoming I decided now is a good time to make it.

First up I recommend refresh your knowledge about your options available here..
There are some things that may go over your head if you are not looking for their effects in particular. For now I go over the methods I use for my sheets.

I generally recommend making your sheets in a private blog. That way you can format and see how it will look like right from the start. I say this because I know some start inside a google doc or elsewhere and then just copy paste it here and it looks unpleasant. When you create a blog you have the option to save the draft. It is not posted, but you could by accident. Just make an empty blog, post it and delete it right after. It is still there and only you can see it! Use it as your personal formatting corner. Edit: I even accidentally posted it far from being done. Muscle memory can be blamed.

Also when I format I use the tools when you click "Go Advanced".

So now lets start.

The Collapse Functions.

They are my favourite tool here. I use them a lot and nowadays even replace the Spoiler function with them instead.

Click Me!Good Job!

the code is as follows:
[COLLAPSE=Click Me!]Good Job![/COLLAPSE]

You can do the same with the collapse2 function

Now Click Me!Not bad.

[COLLAPSE2=Not bad.]Now Click Me![/COLLAPSE2]

So they are basically the same function, but what is shown first changes. So when you use it simply for one word or so and you messed up the order, just add or remove the 2 and its fixed. Of course switching the two parts is possible too.
So why do they exist in the first place?
Answer is actually more important than you might think.
The ability to format changes.
As a general rule to remember is the following:
You can freely format anything inside ]...[
But formatting inside [...] becomes much more difficult.

As an example: You use the collapse function to hide a hidden spoiler

The female Servant vanished after using her Noble Phantasm.(Click)The Servant was Jeanne D'Arc and she used
La Pucelle
The Crimson Maiden

[COLLAPSE="The female Servant vanished after using her Noble Phantasm.(Click)"]The Servant was [I]Jeanne D'Arc[/I] and she used [RUBY=La Pucelle]The Crimson Maiden[/RUBY][/COLLAPSE]

Formatting like this would not be possible with the collapse2 function. So when you decide which collapse function you use, have a plan what part of it would like formatting, if at all.

COLLAPSE allows barely any formatting for the part the reader sees first, but free formatting when clicked. COLLAPSE2 is the opposite.

COLLAPSE3 is basically the same as COLLAPSE, but the difference is that you can click on it only one time and it is permanent. COLLAPSE4 exists, but I honestly did not use it at all so far.

When I started reformatting my style from my starting days here, I adapted the look from Kamerad. It basically starts the sheet with a quote and a picture. Then you click on it and the sheet is revealed. Slick and cool method.

The trick to do that is to always use [COLLAPSE="..."] instead of [COLLAPSE=...]
The "" allow you to use the IMG function to insert a picture like this:

this is a test
imagine a flavorful introduction

The Sheet is revealed

[CENTER][COLLAPSE="this is a test
imagine a flavorful introduction
The Sheet is revealed

IMPORTANT: no spacing between the =" or the "], else the code breaks and ruins your sheet. I cant even show it, because it fucks up this blog too much. An example is in the comments. Also afaik only the IMG function is working that way, formatting like U, I, B, etc. will break the code.

The collapse function is for example really popular when somebody creates a "deceiving sheet" like Faker Classes, hiding stuff, lying about their skills, but when you click on the text, the truth is revealed. Good example for this is a recent contest winner: Hong Xiuquan

So those are the basics of COLLAPSE, now to more advanced things you have to know.

interactions with other Collapse Functions:

As you just noticed, you click on a Collapsed field, something is revealed, click again and it reverts back. But exactly that can cause trouble in certain instances. If you have links inside your collapse, well look for yourself:

Stuff (Click)Nice! Here a Link you wanna click.

[COLLAPSE="Stuff (Click)"]Nice! Here [URL=""]a Link[/URL] you wanna click.[/COLLAPSE]

I hope you are still reading after that. I hope you noticed the collapse returned back to "Stuff (Click)". That is because you clicking on the link is like clicking on the text, which reverts it back. When you use that during a sheet for a picture source or music, it collapses it all and is annoying for the reader. The same thing happens when you want to use another collapse function.

More Stuff (Click)Nice! Here another reveal you wanna click.
I guarantee no rickroll video! (click2)thank you for your trust.

[COLLAPSE="More Stuff (Click)"]Nice! Here another reveal you wanna click.
[COLLAPSE=" I guarantee no rickroll video! (click2)"]thank you for your trust.[/COLLAPSE][/COLLAPSE]

See? Reverts back to the first click after clicking click2. Annoying, but that can be dealt with. Just use COLLAPSE3. The one click only will not double register the click on a link or a collapsed text and treats it like normal.

More Stuff now with coll3(Click)Nice! Here another reveal you wanna click.
I guarantee no rickroll video! (click2)thank you for your trust.

[COLLAPSE3="More Stuff now with coll3(Click)"]Nice! Here another reveal you wanna click.
[COLLAPSE=" I guarantee no rickroll video! (click2)"]thank you for your trust.[/COLLAPSE][/COLLAPSE3]

This time I used COLLAPSE3 in the first instance and regular COLLAPSE inside it. you can still click around and it reverts back and forth without reverting back to the first phrase you saw. Using coll3 on both will make it a linear experience without reverting anything.

You can use this knowledge of several nested/chained collapses to for example make a sheet reveal like Kamerad and I do, but later on reveal a whole other section inside it. Surprises! As an example for this take my Lover - Edvard Munch (Spring). I presented a regular sheet of mine, but in the end revealed stuff.

Special formatting (colors, fonts, size, B,I,U)

Like I mentioned earlier it is not easy to format inside the brackets [...] and is only possible in limited fashion.
What happens inside the [collapse] bracket is decided by the function outside of it. wrap anything you like outside of it and it carries over. Try it inside, except the mentioned method for [IMG] and it breaks your code.

Stuff AStuff B

[FONT=System][I][B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#EE82EE"][COLLAPSE=Stuff A]Stuff B[/COLLAPSE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/I][/FONT]

But using the inner part, you can reformat again. It is like in math. The inner function takes priority. So stuff like this is possible:

Stuff AStuff B


Only downside is the use of U, I, B. There is no command that discontinues their usage inside the bracket. It will stay, no way around. Keep that in mind. The only little trick i found is that if you use the standard font here (Arial) you can use the Arial Black Font to imitate the Bold Function:

Arial in Bold - Arial Black, not in Bold
close enough? I guess.

Edit: seems like the standard font here is Verdana. Oops.

You can use this method for example in quotes. When you character has multiple personalities or you make a Duo as a Servant like the Dioscuri, then it is perhaps useful for you. You can chain this trick as much as you like btw:

Stuff AStuff BStuff C

[FONT=System][I][SIZE=3][COLOR="#EE82EE"][COLLAPSE=Stuff A]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR="#00FFFF"][COLLAPSE=Stuff B]
[SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"]Stuff C

But the result is similar to before with the other collapse example. Having 3 different texts follows 1-2-1-3-repeat. Here I recommend using the coll3 function instead to make it linear (1-2-3). That way you can chain even longer. Just notice that if you use BUI for the 2nd line e.g., then the 3 will have it too, because 2's functions carry over to 3. Got it?
Using this method for quotes only is a rather rare gimmick. Not many Servants have multiple characters inside them. But I use the trick for something else entirely. Here an extreme example, multiple clicks ahead!

First Ascension
Second Ascension
Third Ascension
Final Ascension
Spiritron Dress: Decadent King
Spiritron Dress: Boy Plunger
Spiritron Dress: Loan Shark on the Beach

FGO style Faceclaim presentation. I think that is the coolest way to use it. When you use a character as a faceclaim, who has many great arts, why not go all in and present them like FGO? Even with Spiritron dresses.
There are all the pictures I used for one of my biggest sheets - Foreigner - Jesse Livermore.
I use this method only for a few months now, but I saw others already using it as well.

It can also be used in creative ways for "cinematic reveals", like I did in my Avenger/Pretender - Freud Id reveal:

I wish I could do this again, but we have no Faker Class Card and others are missing as well, so it is limiting when I can use or offer it.

Another way of using it is perhaps to simulate a Terminal? Or the intro from Pokemon?

text1text2text3text4final text
Other tricks:

Here other stuff i found after experimenting.
Some forget or just dont like the RUBY function, which allows us to use the "Noble Phantasm Font".


Like collapse, you can stack and format RUBY for various results:



use this when you wish to translate a Noble Phantasm like that for example:

Der Schrei
End of a Corrupted Life
The Scream

You can also color them. I was inspired by someone that made a French Servant.



Coming back to multiple personalities, I recently changed the sizes of it and made a version of the same Noble Phantasm, but different effects based on the owners state of mind:

Marvel and Embrace Nature
Shiver and be Swallowed by Nature

[COLOR="#C4CDC1"][SIZE=4][RUBY=Marvel and Embrace Nature][SIZE=6][COLOR="#FFFFFF"][RUBY=Rückenfigur][SIZE=2][COLOR="#658B6F"]Shiver and be Swallowed by Nature[/COLOR][/SIZE][/RUBY][/COLOR][/SIZE][/RUBY][/SIZE][/COLOR]

So far that is all I can offer for now. There is another creator here that may or may not make a similar blog like this with a much more complicated and striking way of formatting

If you need help formatting or want a certain effect here you can not figure out, dont hesitate to ask me!

I hope this blog was helpful to some of you, even if it does not look that pretty, it was more about tricks than aethetic. There are others here with prettier sheets

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    Example of of how hitting the spacebar can ruin your post
    I typed " ] instead of "]

    "this is a test
    imagine a flavorful introduction
    [IMG[/IMG]" ]
    The Sheet is revealed
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    Hm, hm, useful. Now how to sticky this, or something?