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Justiciar Hux

Translations (Complete)

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A link to all my extent translations, for quick access.
I am not a translator affiliated with any translation group, nor in communication with any other translators; I am wholly independent.

Servant Profiles
Oberon (Pretender) (Major Lostbelt 6 spoilers!)
Leonardo da Vinci (Ruler), Charlotte Corday (Caster), Anastasia Romanova (Archer), Okita Alter (Saber) [From Summer 6]
Caenis (Rider) [from Summer 6]

Lostbelt 6
Chapter 26
Chapter 27

Chapter 28
Interlude (Final)

Chapter 29
Chapter 30

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  1. Petrikow's Avatar
    Good job!
  2. DelRey's Avatar
    damn hux, great job!