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Watched Ghost in the Shell.

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It was pretty good. I understand why people were pissed that the 2017 movie sucked balls.

It wasn't too ambitious with its commentary, but the concepts of ghost, hacking, memories and the like were done in a simple yet tasteful way, and the conclusion was rather solid. However, the plot felt not necessarily rushed, but like the climax was not truly palpable. I don't know if it's just too subtle, but it didn't feel like an arc in the biggest sense of the word.

The best part was easily the visuals and the OST, illustrating insanely well everything that was put forth, and ridiculously influencing the next decades of anime and manga. I could even see where some of KATE's Tsuki tracks showed up originally, and a lot of the techier, abstract codespace visuals seemed like the basis for all of Hideo Kojima's tech stuff in Metal Gear. The animation was great too, and the background art was amazing.

Overall, if I had to give it a score, a solid 8.5. Left me wanting in the story department, but it was more out of a lack of key positives than any negatives whatsoever. Everything else though, it did beautifully, no lacks and no negatives.