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I kinda wanna make a Shinji F/SN route. + Other Fate/Alternates

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In Ren'py.

But Alas! I suck ballz at writing.

and I'm not really sure how that would go anyways... Or how Sakura would take it.

I mean losing your beloved to your sister sucks, losing him to a random foreign girl who came out of no where sucks even more, but losing your beloved to your 'brother' who has been raping, and abusing you for years...

Could make her go full DS...

Yeah. If I did a Shinji Route it would probably use HF as a base (reminds me I need to finish HF, and UBW...;~; FATE! Y U SO BORING!?)


And now for something...only...kinda...different...

I kinda had several ideas for a fate/sakura game/route.

One was that Sakura wakes up underground in a old sewer and has to make her way out. After she gets out of the sewer she makes her way to the school and finds that Dark Sakura has taken her place and brain-washed everyone. For some reason....

It wasn't really thought out story-wise and is really only a premise. But I had some ideas for gameplay.

I'm kinda thinking something with Amnesia like gameplay where sakura has to run around and solve problems while not being caught by DS's slaves/familiars/Saber(Rider/Lancer/Berserker/Archerx2/Caster/(True)Assassin) Alter or Dark Sakura herself.

Or...Legend of Zelda like gameplay.

Or! A mix of the two defeat smaller/weaker enemies so that they don't alter stronger enemies (such as the Alters)

OR! OR! DS has taken over all of Fuyuki and Sakura needs to defeat the Alters (area bosses) so that she can corruption Fuyuki and save the day and Senpai!

Another Fate/Sakura idea I had was a what-if situation where Shirou got the 4th wars corrupting lodged inside himself somehow and then was saved by Kiristugu.

F/SN would basically go the same up until the 5th war starts/is about to start and changes with Shirou getting his assed trolled by Kirei and Zouken until he goes Dark Shirou. Then it will be up to Sakura (and Rin) to save Shirou!

Some things I wanted to include in there are:
  • Rider Alter (and her getting RURUBRUREKA! backed to normal [with Lancer sacrificing himself so it could happen])
  • Sakurancer! (Sakura and Lancer)
  • Shinji not dying and making up to Sakura.
  • Sakura becoming super bad-ass (Rin too)
  • Sakura hitting Kotomine with a frying and holding off Saber Alter's blacaliber with a one.

and FINALLY...
Fate/Alternate Night(temp)

Basically a another alternate Fate/Stay Night idea I had (induced by a dream) where it's basically a mash-up of things from all three routes (with HF being the main 'base') were (in point form)

  • Saber pretends to be a man
  • Rin was fighting the Holy Grail War for Sakura
  • Sakura was being cultivated by Zouken to act a Holy Grail (and why the war began 10 years so soon was because Zouken used the corrupted 50% shards on Sakura)
  • The 'Holy Grail' is actually a person (sacrifice) who collects the spirit/energy of the servant sacrifices to open the door to the root.
  • Ilya wants to revive Kiristugu
  • Archer betrays Rin at some point to kill Shirou (possibly tag-team with Caster?)
  • Kotomine later kidnapps and uses Ilya as they grail when Sakura is freed.

I have more alternate fate/stay night ideas but I'll save them for another post~

Till then,



  1. Sei's Avatar
    Shirou having a piece of the corrupted grail in him has potential.

    Here's some motivation for that idea.
  2. lantzblades's Avatar
    in renpy sounds interesting, i just fic'd my version
  3. Altima of the Gates's Avatar
    While some of these ideas sound interesting, you do really look like you should finish Fate first. I saw a few things that will definitely be cleared up for you soon. It'll give you much more focused ideas.
  4. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Sakura route 2: meh
    Shinji route: DO IT
  5. Mike1984's Avatar
    Well, the Shinji route sounds like it wouldn't work, really. Shirou isn't going to fall for Shinji in the state that he's in at the start of the game, he's just too villainous. Indeed, given that both of them canonically seem entirely straight, it's a bit of a stretch to pair them up at all.

    The rest of the ideas sound interesting, although, as Altima says, they probably need a bit more thought and knowledge of the game.
  6. Kotonoha's Avatar
    >at the start of the game

    Haha, what?
  7. Sei's Avatar
    I always just thought of Shinji as an ass instead of a villain. :/
  8. Mike1984's Avatar
    I'd call "trying to kill your entire school" pretty "villainous", personally....
  9. Laith's Avatar
    Pretty sure Shinji wouldn't have done that if his mancrush friend Shirou was with him.
  10. Mike1984's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure he still would, actually. Having Shirou on his side does not make him need prana any less.

    Plus, even if he didn't do that, he's still raping and abusing Sakura, which Shirou is most definitely not going to be willing to tolerate.
  11. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1984
    I'm pretty sure he still would, actually. Having Shirou on his side does not make him need prana any less.
    Mana transfers, Mike! Mana transfers!
  12. LunarLegend's Avatar
    Holy story ADHD, Batman!

    I kind of liked the idea of Shirou getting corrupted. Seeing Kotomine 'win' is always interesting, and having Sakura and Rin try and pull him back from that would be even more so.

    Here, have some shitty drabble.
    "S-sempai..." Sakura breathed fearfully as black tendrils whipped about the form of her Shirou Emiya, his bleach-white hair framing his dead eyes with a starkness of a broken soul.

    "Shirou's gone, you worthless bitch," The figure hissed flatly. Disgust brimmed at its lips, with the froth of white spittle.

    "He's as dead as his shit ideal of Justice. Hollow now. Empty. A discarded vessel, filled with only shit. The filth of sin that is Humanity's greatest wish."

    The Shadow, fat with red veins and bristling with points, loomed over Sakura as it spat the bitter words . "All the World's Evil."

    A knife-like spike spilled from the figure's wrist, twisted red rivulets throbbing like an excited animal in heat.

    "Do me a favor and die, worm-slut."

    The blade fell like a crescendo. "No!" The purple-haired girl cried.

    Sakura's right side was a blur. An explosion of black and red engulfed her right-hand side as the vessel of every human fear and crime blinked confusedly.

    "Sempai is someone very important to me," she said softly, through gritted teeth. Red and black tendrils like those of her assailant pulsed along her arm. Twinges of Matou magecraft crackled against the black steel of Dark Emiya, which pressed down but never quite managed to topple her balance.

    "Since I’ve met him, Sempai taught me so many things. He taught me how to cook and how to mend things and how to persist in holding onto hope when everything in life makes you wish you could die.” Sakura levelled her gaze against the monster that had assumed control of her Sempai. It grunted as it pressed down with the tainted steel of its host’s soul, a jaw clenched in effort.

    “I know All The World’s Evil. I’ve lived with it for the past eight years of my life. I’ve seen things and felt things and done thingstoo horrible to describe. But Sempai taught me how simple kindness and bravery can make all the difference in the world.”

    Sakura’s magic twitched, her Magic Circuits burning fires down her side as she twisted the blade away. A girl with a name like a flower gazed with steely eyes into the face of the monster.

    “I know All The World’s Evil. But thanks to Sempai, I came to know for the first time All The World’s Good.”

    For the briefest of moments, the incarnation of evil itself wavered. Even sin had something feared.

    “Give me Shirou Emiya back, now.”

    Also, I have plans for a Shinji Route. Delicious, delicious plans.
  13. Lilirulu's Avatar
    @ Lunar Legend: Oh Shi-! That was awesome!
    I kinda teared up at the end part. <3

    Oh~ Delicious Plans? Those are some of the best plans of all!