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Drangle's Servant's: A Compendium

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Avenger - "Mt. Rushmore"
The Sins of the Forefathers

Lancer - Bodhmall & Liath Luachra
Dual Mothers of a Cultural Hero

WatcherPretender - "Sun Zi"
Warmonger Supreme (First of Her Kind on the Site)

Alter Ego - Jugemu Jugemu Go-ko-no-Surike (...) no Chousuke
The First and Longest Name Japanese Performance Comedy

Archer - Pyotr/Petrolina Illych Tchaikovsky
Delicate Duo of Bombastic Music and Forbidden Love



  1. Tabris's Avatar
    Not spelling out those manifold bittersweet blessings?
  2. WhiteFrenzy's Avatar
    YES cheers to some more bangers from now on.