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Cursed by Fortuna

Assassin Santa Muerte Additional Information

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Dev Notes

Not much to say here actually, The height and weight was originally different based on an average height for women in the 1800s (which I hope wouldn’t be too different from the 1700s) then use that to extract a weight of an average female skeleton (~14% of body weight) and add the 2.6 kgs of a scythe based on a number I found for a US made one. I then decided that 5 foot 2 was too short for my tastes and went up about a foot and scaled up the size of the skeleton accordingly. It may not be fully accurate, but it’s not bad either. I went with the specific picture I did as it best highlighted the attributes of the world (what I think is the spherical object in one hand) and the scythe in the other, while also highlighting the idea of Sanata Muetre as a distinctly feminine figure (which most other images I felt were a bit too androgenous for my tastes).

Oh and on the Folk Saint angle look up some pictures and art of Santa Muerte and it looks remarkably close to art of who I think is Mother Mary or another folk saint likely drawing influence from her, so the folk saint angle and Chrtistianity parallels do make sense (despite both the Pope and the church speaking out against Santa Muerte and not recognizing it as a religion alongside a bunch of other detractors). The personal skills were mostly a mix of this should be here to what made sense, I mainly focused on endurance rather than offensive power as death doesn’t always come swiftly or powerfully, sometimes it’s slow, but it always endures and persists (that’s why I gave Assassin healing abilities as well).

Some of the abilities may seem OP, particularly the third, but keep in mind that’s Grand only and even the first would be much weaker outside her station as a grand. Plus with the third NP she’s literally becoming basically a vessel for the primordial concept we understand as “entropy” of which “death” and “destruction” descend from. Plus that ability comes with a bunch of downsides and really is about as absurd as it sounds.