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Cursed by Fortuna

Custom Skills List

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Custom Skills List

Custom class skills

Class skills are skills inherently given out to servants of a certain class and generally are considered to have higher versatility or potential than most normal skills. On rare occasions they can also be awarded to applicable servants even if they do not qualify for the role in terms of their class (as an example a lancer who excelled at riding may have riding skills as well even despite being summoned as lancer). Under certain systems like the Moon Cell or the Chaldeas summoning system some personal skills may manifest as class skills for an unknown reason, with divinity as the most common example.

Blessing of a Hero

Blessing of the Loyal Companion

Personal skills

Normal personal skills are exactly those skills drawn from a pool based on personal accomplishments and aspects of a Heroic spirit’s legend; generally a heroic spirit is awarded three, although in some cases they may only be granted two, or granted four or more. Generally a list of personal skills is not comprehensive and a single personal skill while useful isn’t generally is either more situational in use, is only useful in combination with other factors, or isn’t as broadly useful as a class skill. Personal skills are generally subdivided into Personal skills, Rare Skills, and Unique skills with each being generally more unusual and potent than the last.

Blade of Slaughter



Elemental (different from the skill of the same name held by Paracelsus)


Swordsmanship (Pure)

Rare skills

Higher Tier personal skills which generally bridge the gap between “normal” personal skills and “unique” personal skills. These abilities generally are those that either have selective mechanisms on who can learn them, are only known by those of certain groups or have more restrictions and limits upon who may be qualified for them. Consequently those possessing such skills are generally far more likely to be identified by their use than the use of generic personal skills, although this is far more of a concern with unique skills (some of which may even require a true name activation for their full effect which rare skills do not have). Generally the careful and well planned use of these skills can shift or allow one to overcome a battle nearly if not just as effectively as careful use of a Noble Phantasm in a clever tactician’s hands.

Beloved by Anuput

Bounty of the Earth

Divine Arts of the Hunter

Divine Tongue of the Scribe

Holy Sacraments

Imperial Management

Poison Expertise

Punishment of Iresu Kamuy

Reaper’s Footsteps

Song of the Fianna

Voyager of the Unceasing Storm

Warrior of Siege

Unique skills

Personal skills of the highest class and pedigree, these are skills that are so iconic they similar to a Noble Phantasm can be described as “a heroic spirit’s fingerprint” so identifiable in their rarity (as while unique skills are not always unique they generally are restricted to so few heroic spirits they almost immediately identify whoever hold them upon use). If Noble Phantasms manifested as personal skills were to be placed in a category alongside other skills this would probably be where they best fit. Generally Unique skills are abilities whose power and versatility is simply on “a level above” other skills be they class skills or personal skills rivaling or equaling the likes of noble phantasms (and thus they can almost be treated the same as them in practical standards). These abilities similar to noble phantasms are either gifts based on very specific or unusual achievements, awards given by a deity, or some other manner of rare circumstance.

One major factor of note is that skills which would normally allow the bequeathal of other personal skills such as Wisdom of the Benevolent God / Demon God / Divine Gift / Dûn Scáith / Great God (as well as others like Imperial Privilege) and such do not work or apply to Unique skills (although given they don’t work perfectly in complying skills like such as divine protection or blessings from other gods and such, this shouldn’t be all too surprising) as they are considered of the same level as Unique skills thus instead of being an attempt to copy skills of a lesser level, they are an attempt to copy skills of the same level, which they may not even qualify for. It is often said, although not always true or correct, that in a contest between a Unique skill and a skill of any other level the Unique skill will always win out or is always preferable. This however is untrue as often Unique skills while sometimes highly useful may also be highly specialized and thus be less useful than a skill of a lesser level which has more versatility, despite lacking in raw power compared to a unique skill in its intended function. However, some Unique skills may require a true name activation to see their full effect and as such they should be treated similarly to noble phantasms in both their usage and the way they can swing a battle.

Affection Towards Ulster

Arachne’s Loom

Arachne’s Venom

Curse of the Sea

Innovation of the Empire

Mystery Negation



Nine Turns Divine Skill

Presence of Life

Radiance of Heaven

Road of Babylon

Ruler of the Cycle of Souls

The Chaining of Death

Uji Severance Right

Wandering Child of the Earth