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Cursed by Fortuna

Archer David-Hayk Additional Information

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Development notes

Well I think I donít need to clarify why I originally choose David, aside from me just believing he didnít get nearly enough credit or love from Typemoon (he was originally supposed to appear in a Fate game that Apocrypha was before getting shafted alongside Benkei, and really his Ark was more important than he was in singularity 3). Beyond that I came across the tidbit about Hayk being one name for the name the Armenians gave to Orion (who the Armenians identified Hayk as / with, however I feel the David parallels are much stronger) which was the initial inspiration for this whole sheet. I decided to go the route of not clearly saying one way or the other if Hayk was David, was a story based on David, if Hayk preceded David, or if both were different figures descended from another parent legend. I designed the NPs first starting with the sword of strange hangings. I forget what if anything prompted the idea of the direction the design took aside from disliking Galahadís hype as a perfect knight versus his behavior, and his track record as a perfect knight being slightly marred as if we discount the possibility of him ascending to heaven he died fighting against Lancelot who he mistook as a Saxon.

Here I decided to go with the angle of ďHey if Galahad really found the sword in a shipwreck what if he actually knew nothing about it and was basically using the thing wrong the entire timeĒ I also felt it would fit the direction of Galahad and David having different viewpoints due to the influence of the Church and the shifting role of religion and what it means to serve the faith. In this way Galahad kinda mirrors David (a holy warrior falling to sin) and Lucifer himself, becoming overcome by pride and arrogance and brought to ruin and his own death by it. The Path of Jerusalem I decided as I was working on the sheet would act as a mechanism which would basically place Archer under trials to prove his faith to god while also rewarding him for not straying in his faith.

Oratio Dominica (latin for the Lordís prayer, which latin is the official language of the church) was an idea of mine back from when I first came up with the idea of this sheet, associating Archerís final shot with his sling (or Haykís arrow) with a shooting star, or a prayer to god, a prayer or wish offered up to grant victory even when by all means it shouldnít have been possibly for him to win, literally carving a new path towards the future by faith. This also fit in well as I wrote it out with the ability of Opheliaís mystic eye, making me think of it as sort of an ultimate counter to that ability (the power to select the future versus a power to create the future). This also worked out well with an old idea I established (the concept of the underdog) from Rostamís sheet.

The personal skills mostly came easy with me combining and giving some version of the holy king personal skill in the form of a variation on charisma and a unique personal skill denoting Davidís access to Jacobís limbs (not sure why he didnít have that originally) alongside other arts he was given by god in Vicegerent on Earth, which also served as a nice reference to Davidís role and myths from an Islamic viewpoint, rather than just Jewish or Christain. The personality I decided to try and keep relatively simple, trying to go for the whole ďservant of godĒ approach while also adding in aspects of his philosophy, his general need to serve someone, his beliefs regarding fighting and battle being something someone shouldnít really pride themselves in, and beliefs as well as his reaction to people who live only for themselves or the church (which Iím surprised isnít a topic more servants touch on in some form or another). In general the guyís a bit of a doormat due to his role of serving others, but he does have beliefs and standards which he will stick up for no matter what (unlike his version as a King who did go astray this David has yet to do so) regardless of the hardship it might bring him.