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Re-reading Stay Night

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I forgot how long the prologue was.

Man, after about 2 years of reading it the first time, it definetly feels very different. The intrigue is no longer there, of course, but it's nice to re-read it knowing all I do now, having it already make sense. The music is top notch, as is the art. It isn't bringing back times past though, that's for certain.


  1. Petrikow's Avatar
    I've been trying to re-read it recently as well, primarily since my formative reads of it were in English, back when the translation of it was first released (2008-9?). Equipped with proper Japanese literacy, I decided it'd be a fun project to go through. That said, eventually it fell by the wayside given all the other things I take upon myself to do in my free-time.

    It is as you say though. Despite the new language, it's not exactly bringing back the past.
  2. Leftovers's Avatar
    Maintaining interest in rereading FSN feels like a difficult task in itself. I think that challenging yourself by trying to spot the foreshadowing or the details that you didn't really remember might be a good way to go about it. Or, if you have TM-itis, taking notes and marking references for future arguments lul

    God that weekend I powered through it really was more than a decade ago, where has the time gone
  3. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    I still enjoy pulling up and going through particular scenes now and again. It hasn’t lost its charm for me. It feels richer now being able to understand more context and depth.

    I wouldn’t just replay through the entire thing though. I just don’t do that in general for the most part.