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Mankinds sins are innumerable. Yet, as a whole, they are balanced.

Yet now the whole shall be punished for the one.

An accumulation of curses, brought about by the madness of one human.

In the end however which is right? The madness or the malice?

Ramona del ray,

True Name
Schrodinger Cat

Beast IV/R

German Thought Experiment


Hunting HumansMagus, Cats, Toying with Prey, String, High Altitudes, Boxes, Fish, Milk, Knocking things over, the Misfortune of Others, Bloodshed, Pranks, Spying on Others, the Despair of Others.

Dogs, HumanMagus experiments, Water, Being Trapped, Canned Food, Things in his Way, Fortunate People, Illness, Orderly People, Happiness.

Harrassing Humanity and Hunting HumansMagus

Natural Enemy

Other Classes
Assassin, Faker, Pretender, Foreigner

The Presence of Magecraft

Cursed Claws and Fangs


Str: C End: C Agi: C
Mna: A Lck: EX NP: -


An impossibility. That is all that can describe this Evil of Humanity. What should have lived until the last human died has perished long before he was to die. This impossible event has turned what was a delicate but controlled situation into a true disaster. No longer is this beast confined to a small sleepy european town. In death he is free... and he is hungry for revenge.

Once upon a time a man thought up an experimental idea. In support of quantum superposition, a relatively new idea even at the time, he conjured an experiment regarding a cat. He supposed that in this experiment that if one were to create a scenario where something died without being directly observed then the one, in this case a cat, would be in a state of both death and life. That until directly observed their state was in flux.

He never conducted the experiment. It was a 'thought experiment'. An experiment to never be actually done. Yet he could not know the evil he inspired. To this day he is unaware, blissfully. For a man named Shroringer Dazer heard of this thought experiment and felt inspiration. Inspiration he had desperately sought. For in his old age he wished for more life to find the root.

200,000 bodies. That was the confirmed number of cats found in the basement of the Dazer property. Alongside a setup for a ritual. A notebook and audio recording detailed the steps for the ritual. He wanted to preserve it in case he needed to try it again. Yet the dead body in that basement that was not a cat confirmed that it had completely failed... yet... a strange incident occurred.

The next day every cat body was gone. No more. As if it had never happened. That night the incident grew. People went missing. Specifically those that lived near magus confirmed staying until the incident was wrapped up... then, finally, by morning every magus had vanished saved one. One who had the wisdom to flee at the first sign of trouble. This lucky break allowed the Clock Tower to react without hesitation. To contain what could only be described as the outbreak of a cursed beast.

Yet the incident grew further. While the creature was content to keep hidden and keep the town unaware to its antics, it proved immortal. They could hurt it. Crush it. Beat it. Burn it. Zap it. Tear it limb from limb. Yet it always recovered. It would always reappear the next day perfectly fine.

Yet, in the course of their fight, they discovered something. It seemed intent on killing specifically magus. Further it did not stray from the town. For what reason they could not precisely define. Was it the limits of the ritual? Hidden leylines trapping it? Perhaps it simply wished to slaughter all humans first?

Regardless something became clear. So long as a steady supply of magus were sent the beast would be, in a sense, placated and docile. Safe to exist. They could not kill it. They knew not how to seal it... so containing it in that town to them was the next best option. Let it live there. Let it feed. Do not, however, let it leave. Use its preferred bait, magus, to bring it back if it wandered.

This had been the plan for close to 20 years... then, one day, it simply died. In the blink of an eye. Before any could even comprehend what had happened it was simply dead. While before there had been 200,000 bodies of cats now there were 300,000 bodies. 20% were comprised of people who had gone missing over the years. The rest were random animals.

Thus, dead and recorded, he has become an evil of humanity. Normally one would need a love for humanity in order to become an evil... and in a way he does. Whenever the Beast of Ruin manifests he utilizes human tactics in order to bring down and ruin human socieity. Secrecy, backdoor deals, infighting. He employs all manner of devious ploys in order to outo, outperform, and ultimately get revenge on humanity in ruining things.

Ruin is his trait. Not merely in the degredation and collapse of society. In many things. How forests wilt. How relationships stagnate. How inflation makes food too expensive. The beast of ruin learns more and more how best to ruin the world of man and employs those tactics to his own ends. To come out as the best ruinous existence in the world.

Class Skills

Authority of the Beast

A skill held by beasts to degrade the human order. Whether in vengeance or in aid is their perogative. The manner of degredation is unique between different beasts. For example this skill for Beast I rejects the summoning of heroic spirits, burning them away at a far faster rate than normal. However Beast II merely grants it the right to freely manipulate that which it birthed; or anything containing its cells.

In his case his authority pertains to his very existence. That being curses. Humans within the scope of his authority are naturally cursed. The exact nature however is entirely dependent on their own karma. Those that have accumulated bad karma, or luck to some, will find it heightened to an impossible degree. Meanwhile those with good karma find themselves becoming more and more favored by fate, eventually coming across great wealth.

However a different effect occurs to magus. Normally the rate of karmic curse accumulation is dependent on the severity of a humans karma. However magus experience a more pronounced effect. In addition to the the accumulation the curse also affects those around them, drawing on their karma to influence the magus. Either by using their good karma to make good occurences to occur or by bad karma to make bad omens happen to the magus while depriving them of those happenings in turn.

Independent Manifestation

A skill that allows a beast to manifest independent of a master or even summoning in order to enact their plans. This skill, in addition to summoning them autonomously, also supports them in leiu of a master. This is helpful for beasts that refuse a master, which most do out of principle. He especially rejects a master of any sort, viewing such a thing as antithetical to his very existence.

At this particular rank he has the effects of Independent Action at EX rank. He needs no master and can fight as though he had one. All while having his Mana parameter unchanged by the lack of a master. Further this skill also denotes they are a confirmed existence and at this rank makes them immune to space-time distortions and attacks, making such tactics worthless.


A skill borne of his hatred for magus. It denies them their greatest weapon; Magecraft. While in the presence of his territory magecraft has a very diluted effect. Not just that which uses the foundation of Mystery but any magecraft. Even the elusive internet magecraft finds itself worthless within his domains. That is, so long as he is present.

In essence all spells utilizing magecraft as a basis find their spells only as powerful as single-action spells regardless of the aria length. Only non-magus caster servants are unaffected by this power. Further strong enough casters have methods to forcibly increase the power of their spells in spite of this skill. Only noble phantasms are unaffected.

Personal Skills

Cursed Existence

A skill held by beings that have become infested by curses or are living curses. In their case their are a being made up of over 300,000 curses. The victims of itself and the cats that were killed by the mad necromancer Shroringer Dazer. These curses amassed into the cursed being known as Schrodinger Cat. A being that for a time terrorized a town with its immortality until, by unknown means, it was killed and became an Evil of Humanity.

This skill replicates a stronger version of the curse he had in life. In life the mere knowledge of his myth was enough to grant him immortality. However this was because whenever he was 'killed' or 'died' his curse rewound his body to a point before the cause occurred, one where he could survive and recover naturally and so he would since the 'cause' no longer occurred. This curse remained in place so long as at least one person was aware of his existence. They needed only suspect it. No more no less.

As a Beast however it changes completely. It's bodies condition is dependent on the answer of two questions, one direction at itself and one directed at its opponents. What is it's condition? So long as at least one person truly believes that he is alive then Schrodinger Cat will regenerate at a constant rate. Even if he attempts to slay himself that persons belief that they still live will keep him alive and unable to die.

Usually this skill has a heavy mana cost. However the nature of its curse fuels its power as all involved pay a tithe of mana for it. While he loses some mana to support the curse those that know of his existence and answer, consciously or subconsciously, also have some mana stolen to support the curse.

In the event that all believe he is dead then he will simply die irregardless of injuries or abilities. He will simply drop dead and return to the throne.

Hunter of the Human Order

A skill held by creatures of such overwhelming renown as beings that can single-handedly hunt the entirety of the human order. Very few creatures, mythical or otherwise, exist that could claim such a thing. Even perfect animals such as humans or insects could not claim this skill. Instead a select few have it. Golden White Face, Sefar, and some humans are among these individuals.

In his time he could have easily slaughtered the human order. This skill does not run on if they tried to or did it is given on the basis of if they could or rather if these creatures decided to could the human order fight back. As he was effectively immortal and humanity's nature at the time it effectively became an inevitability for it. If it acted to kill all humans there is little recourse that even Alaya could take. As such he has this skill at its peak.

This skill, granted to such monsters, grant them a special authority over humanity. It gains a plus modifier to its noble phantasm, armaments, skills, and parameters whenever confronted by a superior human. Further their senses are heightened to finding and hunting humans, basically allowing them to track humans even in absence of any natural means as well as the ability to discover, through observation, their capabilities akin to a true name discernment.

However this skills strength is further heightened when he hunts Magus. When he does he also gains a rank to all of his parameters and when fighting them he can somewhat divine their future movements. In a sense he simply plays with and toys with humanity while he hunts and slaughters magus.

Black Cat Crossing

A skill that exists due to ones connection with the mythical black cat's curse. As a being of cats and curses it naturally has this skill at its peak. Black cats were used by necromancer Shroringer Dazer's experiments due to their connection to curses and the thought never crossed his mind that this may backfire as it is said crossing a black cat brings bad luck.

This skill allows one to control the luck value of their environment directly. Either increasing the bad luck in an area or decreasing it. Even the bad luck of objects, at this rank, can be directly controlled. He can either bring down the amount of bad luck one has accumulated or increase it. However his nature is to often increase it at least ever so slightly. When used against a servant they may use a Luck check in order to resist and if successful prevent their Luck parameter from dropping by one rank at a minimum or three ranks at a maximum.

Whenever he utilizes this against a magus however the effect grows more pronounced. Rather than simply bad luck he instead invites disaster. Anything that comes about as a result of bad luck becomes more serious as the event becomes hazardous to the health of the affected. As this affects the event and environment itself servants cannot resist this effect itself. Rather only their skills can resist the event. For example a servant could simply smash a series of falling boulders or ignore stray gunshots. They might not however be able to ignore garnering the sudden attention of an enemy servant.

Crown of the Cats

A skill held by cat kings. Whether because of tyranny, diplomacy, or conquest they became, in a way, a king of cats. Most famously in the tale 'King of the Cats' the tale actually goes farther back even in ancient ireland where a bard killed cats as punishment for laziness and the king of cats sought vengeance but was slain by a wandering warrior. While it is unknown how he came to possess it, the contention it is not a genuine cat king crown lowers the rank of the skill... however what makes it still a high-rank skill is that it serves as his horns, his proof of beasthood.

It provides several benefits but its primary one is the ability to perfectly understand and communicate with cats as well as be recognized as their king. They gain a level of charisma towards cats equivalent to the rank of this skill, which at this rank they are respected and given loyalty on the level of a national commander. This means they are motivated to fight for the him and even die for him if properly motivated.

Their luck parameter also cannot be altered, sealed, or otherwise changed by a foreign power whether that is an Authority, Skill, or Noble Phantasm. Additionally their claws and fangs become natural armaments of a rank equal to this skill. Finally they gain a Mana Burst of a type that fits the type of ruler they are. In his case his mana burst is in the form of Curses. These apply a rank down to a random parameter of the enemy struck by his armaments.

Additionally this skill, as it is proof of his beasthood, has a special ability that only he can access. By applying a negative modifier to all of his parameters he can summon up to 200,000 phantasmal cats that are around as strong as a proper magus in terms of magical power and act as familiars to him. They appear as completely ordinary black cats and seemingly have no prana to them. They can perform tricks cats are said to in legend such as climb practically any surface, disappear into shadows, and see in the dark.

If he faces a magus however he gains a powerful ability. He can empower any cats under his command with the strength of servants, giving them all E-rank parameters and a diluted form of his own cursed immortality; in essence the cats can only die when hit with a killing blow while directly observed. All other attacks phase through them, doing nothing. Any cat manifested by this skill instead of dying return to him. These effects only last for 5 minutes after which the bonuses are lost.


A monster would be one way to describe how he acts. While true from the perspective of a human, to animals he is simply acting as a predator ought. In other words to the eyes of nature he seemingly does nothing wrong. His rampage, his desolation, his ruination is squarely aimed at the Human Order and mostly consumes only the human order. Of course it is only natural that to them he is an inhuman, evil monster.

Yet he

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