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Santaman is done so he's being moved until it's the proper time. Now its time to create Bran the Blessed.

"Hahahaha! Hello, my master! I am of the saber class! What a fine servant you've summoned yourself!"

Class: Saber
True Name: Bran the Blessed
Origins: Welsh Mythology
Alignment: Good
Likes: Alcohol, Friendship, the British Isles, and his Family.
Dislikes: Abuse, Trickery, and Boats.
Talents: Destroying Things, Leadership, and Garnering Loyalty.
Natural Enemies: King Arthur, Matholwch
Other Classes: None
Catalyst: A shard of the Cauldron of Ressurection, his skull, a piece of the White Tower, or a piece of a boat destroyed by a giant.
Armament: the White Sword (A-rank)

"My name is Bran the Blessed and with my blessed blade I cannot be defeated!"


Str: A
End: B
Agi: D
Mna: C
Lck: A++

"I have the blood of giants in me... with that strength, I cannot be bested in martial combat!"


A name known in the british isles as the strongest king before Arthur, his legacy lead to the kingdom receiving many gifts during the time of King Arthur. The cauldron of ressurection, the White Sword, the Lance of Longinus, and the Holy Grail.

He had attained all these at some point in his life but he was only ever seen using one regularly. All were gifts meant for others that he gave freely as a means to attain peace for his land. Even if it wasn't meant to be.

Born of the last giant and a divine spirit, he was destined at birth by the white witch to be a powerful king that would cement the kingdom of the British Isles. He trained throughout his youth for that purpose but a single problem was revealed.

His line on his fathers side had been cursed to be unable to ride boats. Any he stepped on became doomed to sink while traversing water to its destination. However his size made it so that most rivers were no problem.

As his kingdom grew he became aware of a distant kingdom that sought war with him. In an attempt for diplomacy, he arranged a marriage between his sister and the distant king named Matholwch. They came to meet the sister to decide if she was worth such peace and they were pleased.

Yet his brother Efnysien was furious that he was not consulted and slew all the horses of Matholwch and his men. Furious, they demanded compensation. Bran readily offered his enchanted cauldron and demonstrated its power by beheading himself and falling in before walking out unharmed.

Matholwch accepted the cauldron and branwen as compensation and payment for peace between them. They left and married in Ireland. However not all was well as he believed. Months later he received a message from a sterling containing horrific news.

Branwen, his sister, had been cast from the kings court over displeasure at the gesture Bran's brother had made and forced to work in the kitchen where she was beaten and leered at by the men within. Further her husband beat her himself occassionally.

Furious, he called upon several heroes of legend to aid him in a rescue effort and set out. The only problem was the sea between him and Ireland. Thankfully, his fellow hero Taliesin came up with an ingenious idea.

They requested Cerdiwen to utilize his giants blood and make him even bigger, enough to wade through the sea to Ireland. It is said the request was so funny to the witch she laughs to this day. However she granted it and with his new titanic size he walked through the sea to Ireland with his army.

Once there Matholwch panicked, worried about the anger of the giant. However his advisor came up with a cunning plan. They promised Bran a house big enough for him and his entire army. Deciding diplomacy, he agreed and waited. Once completed, his brother inspected the house.

Inside were bags of flour hung from the rafters, as was customary. However this was a trap, as each held armed soldiers. Efnysien was wise to the trick and crushed the head of every soldier while they remained unaware they were known. Once it was safe, he bade his companions to enter and informed them secretly of the trick.

When considering what to do, Taliesin made a simple suggestion; to play along as though nothing was wrong and to wait for a chance to claim offense to launch a surprise assault. Bran agreed to the idea and returned to his normal immense size.

When the time came him and his army joined the army of Matholwch in a feast to celebrate peace between the kingdom and discuss compensation for the abuse he put Branwen through. Bran entertained this until Efnysien took offense to the disrespect Matholwch's son Gwern showed their people by not greeting them at the feast and threw a lance at him, killing him.

After this act, a full scale assault began. Initially they had the advantage with numbers and skills but then a tragic twist occured, those that had fallen on the irish's side began to return to battle. Scanning the fight he spotted the problem, the cauldron he himself had gifted them.

That was when he employed his most famous act; He took a mortal injury from Taliesin while disguised as an irish soldier and when he was placed within the cauldron he shed his disguised and used all his strength to shatter it. This act would ensure his death but it won the battle even if only seven survivors were present.

As he laid dying he requested that his head be severed and buried under the White Tower, that he might protect the British Isles for all eternity. Granting his request, Pryderi did the deed and carried his head back to the white tower.

It is said later that King Arthur excavated his head, claiming their power was all that was needed to defend the british isles. It is also said that his head reanimated and berated the king for his foolishness, the two arguing until the king of knights threw his head into the sea.

"Ah... so my tale was heard. I am honored Taliesin found inspiration in that battle... despite the hellscape it became"

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: A++

As a half-giant demigod that lived among humans during a time where magic was most practiced and facing off against several articles and practitioners of the arte he has a very high resistance to magecraft, capable of shrugging off all magecraft from the modern era. When faced with rune magecraft however he gains a plus modifier. He also gains a plus modifier if the magus is of irish origin.

"Indeed. Matholwch was no slouch as a magus nor of the sword. I respected that... of course, I still slew him like rabble for his offense"

Riding: -

Due to his size he was unable to ride any beast in life. Further his curse made riding boats completely impossible. This fact seals this skill despite being entitled to a decent rank in the skill.

"Huh... I suppose I didn't ride anything in life. Still to be sealed over such a thing? What a pity... I was hoping to ride something for once"

Personal Skills

The Blessed: EX

The son of a giant that shares ties with a divine spirit and a divine spirit that remains chronicles in the mabinogi cycle. He was blessed by cerdiwen the white witch and prophecized to be great in life. So great was he that he defied death twice.

Such lineage of course comes with benefits. First, any attempt to deny him his fate, ie to alter it, is immediately rejected. If the effect is caused by a noble phantasm then he is entitled to a luck check that if passed nullifies them completely or if that is impossible makes the damage the absolute lowest unit of measurement possible.

Secondly, he is completely immune to curses. Whether of the mind or of the body, he cannot be cursed. As with the first effect if a noble phantasm attempts to then he is entitled to a luck check that nullifies completely or minimizes the effects to the lowest possible form if passed.

"Divine...? Perhaps. Blessed? Absolutely. By birth. By circumstance. By destiny. I am blessed in many ways... and I wish only to share that blessing with others"

Crossing the Straight to the Isle: A

A skill that encompasses not only his circumvention of his curse but his ability to enter enemy territory and still hold an overwhelming advantage. One that did not die completely when his enemy used a sacred treasure to try to win. Essentially, he can never submerge lower than his waist in water and he is always surefooted when walking.

To be clear, it cannot stop the acceleration of falling nor the descent but it allows him to dictate his momentum and direction. If in water, the effect acts akin to the act of walking upon water but he must be up to his waist for it to work such.

Further it acts as a form of Territory Creation by maintaining a 10 meter space around him that is his domain. It is the domain of the British Isles. Any servant of a similar origin that he considers an ally receives a plus modifier to their skills and parameters while irish servants receive a negative modifier.

"Oh-ho! I never expected my curse to be outstripped! Indeed... I never once thought it'd be outdone!"

Diplomacy of the Isles: A

A skill akin to charisma but with a different effect. It is not meant to inspire troops or raise morale but to convince others to join by his side of their own will.

So long as he believes truly in his cause, his words and intent will reach those listening no matter his lack of social grace. Should they join of their own free will they receive a plus modifier to all actions they perform in his name. Further this modifier cannot be removed by any means.

Based on his legend of rallying troops to invade England, his recruitment of other equally renowned heroes raises its rank. Even those unconvinced to join were convinced to watch over the isles for him in his absence.

"I am Bran the Blessed. I force no man to raise their sword. They choose themselves. I merely ask them to raise it for me. They refuse? I accept it and move on. No peoples should be forced to accept causes they do not believe in"


Despite his inhuman origins he is human. Raised by his parents among humans he learned what being human meant. Cherishing it, he became king for no purpose other than protecting the humans he could. Even now that desire burns brightly.

As expected, he is a proud man. He knows of his legend and takes deep pride in it. He takes offense to any that would belittle him or his legend. However he takes greater offense to those that raised their swords for him regardless of their reason.

His response to offense usually isn't violence. He makes a show of force but will not use it himself. Rather he will weather an offense, a great offense, and a grave offense before resorting to violence. When pushed to this point, he will be merciless but also refrain from cruelty by making any death he gives as painless as possible.

Those that have not offended generally will be spared if they stop fighting. Essentially, as far as he is concerned, the only ones deserving death are those that offend, cause great offense, and are gravely offensive. Until then, while he has no qualms about killing to defend himself he finds it wasteful to kill.

However battle is not where his only traits lie. Outside of combat he is a very wise and pleasant fellow. He acts like a mentor to those needing teaching, a father to those needing raising, and a friend to those needing friendship. He uses these roles to help others.

Despite that he often will take the time to enjoy himself. Each day, once the sun sets he goes about preparing a feast either through what has been gathered for him or by hunting himself. Once done, he enjoys a nice drink with a hearty meal. He always prefers company but can enjoy it in solitude.

His most shocking trait however is his generosity. So long as someone has need of him he will provide best he can. Even resorting to taking part-time jobs in order to acquire what one needs at a particular time. If he has it then he will offer it without expecting payment. All this due to what he believes a good king of humanity is.

"Yes. I would do these things even absent being king... though I will not deny that being one helped me become more human"


"Hmmm... hmmm... yes master. An ideal human. Good and evil intermixed... yes. You are human indeed."

Artoria Pendragon
"YOU! I have a bone to pick with you! Tell me, how did my kingdom end up after your foolishness!?.... Oh...? Huh. Well... I'll admit. My power wasn't entirely needed... even so. I disagree with your decision. I also applaud your bravery, king of knights... for who else would dare disagree with me?"

"To think you became a heroic spirit... hmph. Were I a weaker man I would say I can't forgive you... but you paid the price when I slew you like a rebellious commoner. That disgrace is your price for your offenses to my family"

"My troublemaking brother. I've no doubt he caused problem for the Isles in my absence... yet I love him all the same"

"I see you made it too... good on you lad. See? You lived up to your old mans expectations, as I promised"

"My best friend. Thank you for your aid. Without you, I might not have crossed that sea"

"Hm. Hm. Hm. My most trusted advisor. I am glad to see you as a heroic spirit. I admit, I worried... if you're here, I've nothing to fear"

Cu Chulainn
"A fine lancer you are. That spear is dangerous... sadly, it will not avail you son of ireland!"

Noble Phantasm

Allwedd i'r Twr Gwyn Ar y Bryn
the White Sword

Type: Territory Establishment
Rank: A

A sword Bran claimed early in his career. Ever since he was not seen without it. So great was it that after his death it landed in the hands of the Fisher King who gifted it to Percival. However it's truth is deeper than that.

Based on the historical Tower of London, based on the legends of it and Bran the Blessed's instructions upon his death, this sword is the key to that tower... though not as it is but as it was.

Built from material found in caves beneath the white tower of the british isles, it has the same qualities as a castle. It's purpose was to be the key to that tower, the castle of the king of britain.

A beautiful sword with a sharp hooked end formed from a straight blade into a right angle. The hooked end extends outwards 0.10 meters. It is 2 meters long and weighs 10 pounds. Every centimeter of it is pure white and unsullied.

Only two indents exist in the blade, one approximately 0.75 meters up the blade and another 1.67 meters up the blade. Each is roughly 2 centimeters into the blade and go for roughly 0.05 meters up the blade.

Normally, it is simply an A-ranked armament that cannot be broken. Even skills and noble phantasms that would fail against it. Even fate cannot break this sword.

However if he speaks its true name its purpose becomes clear. To dictate the territory of the White Tower. When he stabs it into the ground and speaks its true name, from the tower a pure white tower begins to rise. Surrounded by a town and walls of equally beautiful quality.

All within eyesight of the tower are judged. They are not met with wrath but penalties if they are found wanting. Any of the evil alignment find their skills ranked down. Any of the good alignment gain a plus modifier. He is not safe from this affect either, should he ever fall to evil he would face the same penalty. Further all territory within eyesight of it becomes akin to the British Isles, granting those of similar origin the same benefits they'd have had they been summoned in the British Isles.

Additionally the tower cannot be broken. Even anti-fortress noble phantasms find themselves useless against it. However there are ways to deactivate its abilities. Specifically, if the White Sword ever cuts the tower then the noble phantasm seals it for 24 hours.

Should this key be used on the real Tower of London, it's mystery is fully restored for twenty four hours and all within eyesight gain the personal skill Anti-Evil for the duration.

"I am the king of the isles. Weakened outside my homeland... so I will bring it! Come, White Tower of the Isles! Allwed i'r Twr Gwyn Ar y Bryn!"

Crochan, Cymerwch fy Mywyd a Byddwch yn Haul
the Broken Cauldron

Type: Anti-Noble Phantasm
Rank: A

His final moments crystallized in this noble phantasm, his heroic feat of destroying the cauldron of life. Without his noble sacrifice his countryman would have lost to the unending wave of irish soldiers. However because of it the cauldron was completely destroyed and gave them the chance they needed.

As he fights he accumulates mana from around him and his opponents. He stores it within himself. Steadily, his rank will increase to a maximum of EX rank Mana. Further, a powerful effect hinders attempts to discern this, making it appear his mana parameter is simply D-rank even to his master.

However when he invokes this Noble Phantasms true name he channels that mana directly into a noble phantasm he is connected with. Either through his unbreakable White Sword or some body part, all the stored mana is pumped directly into the grappled noble phantasm.

A luck check is forced and if his mana parameter matches or exceed the strength of the Noble Phantasm then if he succeeds it is completely broken. If he fails, he still depowers it for a 1 hour per rank of Mana he loses in the process.

However there is a fatal flaw with this noble phantasm. It must be a physical phantasm. Conceptual, Immaterial, or even large quantities of fluid Noble Phantasms are unaffected largely by this Noble Phantasm.

At best, he can impose a negative modifier to such noble phantasms by attempting to inject mana into the enemy servant, but this in turn simply increase their mana parameter. Further whatever limb he used is sacrificed, being obliterated and a heavy curse preventing it from healing. Even if his sword is used, the hand simply explodes in its place.

"So it's come to this... I cannot best that noble phantasm... thankfully, I knew that the moment we met... now face my legend! Crochan, Cymerwch fy Mywyd a Byddwch yn Haul!... with that, your trump card is broken. Now what will you do O' hero?"

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