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Current Work In Progress!

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Actually, gonna work on Sandman (Santa). I have time to develop santa sandman and it gives me a lot of time to read about Elijah.

"Ho... ho... ho... if it's christmas time... then it's time for... me to be here... servant Santaman at your service"

Sources: caveman, Empew, Mikonow, Abigail Lyn Arts,
Class: Caster
True Name: Santaman
Origin: European Folklore
Alignment: Santa
Likes: Giving Gifts, Snow, Christmas, and Dreams.
Dislikes: Nightmares
Talents: Giving gifts and Celebrating Christmas
Natural Enemy: Summer
Other Classes: Assassin, Pretender, and Voyager
Catalyst: A bag of north pole snow
Armaments: Bag of Snow (C)

"I come bearing gifts... so please.... open your doors....!"


Str: E
End: D
Agi: D
Mna: B
Lck: B

"... But strength... isn't my point...? I'm to bring gifts... that kids dream of..."


An extremely odd occurrence has happened, it would seem this year Sandman has been bestowed the title of Santa, changing him into a somewhat different figure entirely. He is still sandman to an extent but it's been almost wholesale recontextualize to reflect christmas themes.

Even his physical form has altered, giving him a younger appearance. Rather than a simple pouch-sized bag of sand he has a large sack full of snow. Likely, this snow somehow assists him in his duty as Santa. Yet despite this, some traits of Sandman are present; chief among them being his constant state of tiredness. It does not diminish his christmas cheer but it dulls it somewhat.

Even so, expect this year to be... weird. Sandman seems committed to the role, even throwing his old title away in favor of the new one.

"Oh I was someone else...? Well then I'll fulfill my role... before I become them again... so that this... is a pleasant dream for them... regardless of what they're like..."

Class Skills

Territory Creation: A

As a form of Santa'd Sandman he has this skill at a high level. He establishes a temple-class territory of which he fills with his familiars. They gather and produce more snow and prepare sack-fulls for what he expects to be a long journey.

The entire territory is geared towards the creation of this snow and is it's only function and so when he has procured enough it becomes dormant beyond acting as a safehouse. The defenses are not harmful and utilize tricks such as illusions, misdirection, and confusion.

"Oh yes... please, come in... I don't mind showing you around... my factory... toys? No... My elves make me snow... which will make the toys... Let me show you... hey, you there!... Come here so I... may demonstrate this snow!"

Item Construction: A

While he himself does not per se create items he does help in the process of snow production in his territory. However this skill comes into effect when he enters a dream through the use of his noble phantasm. Through this skill and that act, he fulfills the wish of the dreamer.

Specifically he seeks the desire of the sleeping person whose dream he has entered and using this skill and his power over dreams makes it a real, physical object. He cannot make magical items in this way but he can make other things.

If such things have ill intent behind them, such as using it to kill another, he will ignore these and search for a more pure intended desire. If he finds none, that person can expect to only find a lump of coal. Less as a punishment and more as an apology for being unable to fulfill his role and hoping they have a good-intentioned use for it.

"Yes see? I can... make the toy in their dreams... I need the snow to enter it... Hmmm? This is impossible?... Why? I am Santa... christmas miracles are a common thing..."

Personal Skills

Gifts of the Dreamer: EX

A skill held by being named Santa for the year. Normally, one would hold a bag of gifts yet instead he holds a bag of snow. A conundrum answered by the unique method in which he employs his talents to create gifts. However, there is a flaw; What if the sleeper does not dream? This skill answers that problem.

With this skill he may make anyone sleeping before him dream. He cannot precisely control the dream but he can stimulate it to specifically show what they desire most for christmas. He can also manipulate it somewhat to see what else they might want if their highest desired item comes from a place of malice or ill-intent.

Normally a skill like this could be blocked by preventing mental interference, corruption, or magecraft. However none of these are its basis. Nor is it a curse... in fact it seems to be labeled 'Christmas Miracle' allowing it to bypass most protections. Perhaps thankfully, not only would it never naturally occur to him to use it offensively, he actually seems to be incapable of doing so.

"Ah yes... it is problematic if they don't dream... but I can fix that... after all, it is christmas... and losing out just because they don't dream... well... that goes against the spirit, no?"

Walking Christmas: A

A variation of his original 'the Waking Dream' skill. Instead of making everything just a bit more dream-like, a bit more dramatic it instead alters his surroundings to be more like christmas.

Reds are more vibrant, greens are just a bit brighter. Lights glow just a bit brighter while snow glows just a bit. Even the breeze becomes colder and food radiates its good scent out a bit more. A feeling of peace and calm surround him that seems impeneterable. Even in the worst circumstances he will maintain a cheery disposition.

"It's the most... wonderful time of year... With kids jingle belling... and people telling one another... they'll be of good cheer... yes... it's the most... wonderful time of year..."

Presence Concealment: A+

As Santa he maintains his ability to be stealthy at all times. In fact, due to Santa being hidden for years it is actually a bit stronger than the normal variety, which reduces to D-rank before attacking. While within a home, the reduction is increase to C-rank instead and he has a plus modifier before. This is due to santa hiding best when delivering presents to children.

"Well of course I am sneaky... I can't wake kids up... if I do, then they won't dream..."

Familiars (Elves): A

Through this skill he can create the little santa helpers from legend. They take on the appearance of children and they have the skill Item Construction (Snow of Christmas) at A rank. They work in his factories to produce it.

Additionally, he usually has a few specific ones function as his assistants. One in charge of tracking who needs gifts still, another to navigate, and another to maintain their logistics. While he can always remake these familiars, he is always saddened somewhat by the loss of them as he has named all of them.

All of these elves display traits that lead one to believe they are homunculus rather than familiars. They have sentience and are capable to autonomous thought and will. Even if these are geared towards the completion of christmas and the inability to hold malice, they can make their own decisions to accomplish this. However all hold a loyalty to Santaman.

"Ah my little helpers... truly, this wouldn't work without them... only they know the secrets of making it... all I do is merely refine the end product..."


Sandman takes his role as santa very seriously. He is dedicated to bringing happiness to others and using the methodology of santa to accomplish it. However he acknowledges that it is not the only method. Often he will focus less on what a person thinks they want and more of what will bring them happiness, or what their heart truly desires.

Additionally, perhaps in deep contrast to the usual santa, he does not particularly hide his presence. Rather his hiding functions to ensure sleeping people stay such so he may enter their dreams. Afterwards, he is largely unconcerned so long as they observe the rules of christmas... though even breaking these merely irritates him but does not ruin his good mood, cheer, or disposition.

Likewise he does not look down on the goodwill of others. Any gift given to him he will accept and be genuinely appreciative of even if he normally would despise it. He received a physics textbook from Da Vinci and rather than scold her for trying to ruin his sense of wonder he merely thanked Da Vinci for her thoughtful gift, pocket it, hugged her, and moved on.

Of course, he has a special fondness for christmas day itself. He will join others in celebration, even helping in prepare beforehand. He will not allocate familiars to the task but he asserts this is due to them being needed for the production of snow. It is believed to be true due to him being... simply innocent.

Which brings up his most obvious personality trait; unending optimism. Bloodshed, graphic violence, and even the sounds of children screaming in terror do nothing to make him seem worried. Instead he deliberates how best to solve the problem. While violence is not an immediate solution, he will consider it if the cause is violence.

Yet often he will attempt diplomacy. Offering gifts that they seek and resolve differences. It is only when he is attacked that he will fight back but until this point he will not raise his weapon to attack. When allowed to for negotiations he will prepare proper treats in his customary way; utilizing his noble phantasm to materialize the treats and drinks so that they may be enjoyed.

If he is forced to fight, he does so with no killing intent or malice. He will seek to cripple his opponent and force them to surrender. It is unknown his reaction to killing someone as if another does he recognizes he did all he could and that it was not his hand that caused it... and if in his hands, he will spare them.


"Hello master! I am Santaman! I will bring happiness to everyone throughout the christmas month!

Sanzang Xuanhang
"Hmm, Hmm! The wisdom of bhudda is great! I agree... I can also use this snow for christmas day as well as eve! I will ask my elves to produce more for that!"

"Hmmm? You need my help...? Gift's for children?... Ah, I see. I understand... that said, have you tried for yourself? Making toys and handing them off is more fulfilling than simply producing them from nothing... of course, if you need mass production of your own handiwork, then I don't mind helping with that"

"Ah! King of Conquerer's! A moment, please... here. A new pair of wheels for your chariot. Not terribly better but a 3% boost in mobility is still something, right?"

Noble Phantasm

Julehyggens Pulver
the Snow of Christmas

Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B

A noble phantasm that is a variant of his normal one. After all, the Sandman is an integral part of his legend, even in this form. Yet due to his duty it is heavily altered. Instead of sand his tool is snow.

Like before he may form armaments up to C-rank with the snow and functionally each snowflake is a potential danger. However, he rarely uses it for this reason. Even if he does, he usually uses blunt weapons such as canes or staves.

The actual use is to create dreams. Like his original noble phantasm he creates a texture based on the sleepers dreams by placing snow on their eyes and projecting the texture into it. Due to its size, the prana cost of it is generally very small.

The purpose is to access the dreams and utilize his skill Item Construction to make their dreams physical. It acts like a much stronger form of Projection with the difference being that one is a prana construct that burns prana as it exists while the other uses prana to bring the form into reality.


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