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Matholwch is done. Next up is Glooscap.

"Hehehehehe... eyo sonny. Names Glooscap! I'mma Berserker! Now let's get ta fight'in!"

Class: Berserker (Caster)
True Name: Glooscap
Origin: American Myth
Alignment: Good
Likes: Painting, Animals, Nature, and Agricultural Peoples.
Dislikes: Industrialization, Commercialism, and the Modern World.
Hates: Pollution and the Alaya vs Gaia conflict.
Talents: Communions with Gaia and Shamanism
Natural Enemy: Malsumis
Other Classes: Saver and Foreigner
Catalyst: A sacred grove or Remnants of his treasures.
Armament: the Ever-Changing Staff of Glooscap.

"Heeehaaaa! I wasn't fergotten after all! Oh, how it warms my old heart!"


Str: C+A-A* End: C+A-A* Agi: C+A-A*
Mna: AEX Lck: ED NP: B

"Heeeheee... dontcha worry sonny. I may look weak but... well... let a spirit possess me and you'll see what hell looks like..."


Gaia. The soul of the planet. Both an ancient or modern fact privy only to those of the moonlit world. Even then, in both eras, few knew of this truth. Even fewer had the skill to commune with the spirit of the planet... one of these magus was Glooscap of the Wabanaki peoples.

Not quite a shaman he was a divine spirit made by the creator of the humans that resided in the north american texture. This creator was named Tabaldak. He was created to be a divine spirit of good while his brother Malsumis was made to be a destroyer spirit.

Despite their status they were not proper divine spirits. They were as mortal as humans and needed sustanance like them on top of faith to sustain their divine cores. Indeed, the more accurate term to describe Glooscap is not as a divine spirit but a divine mortal.

However there was another limitation. He could only utilize his divine powers while carrying out his divine duty; watching over and protecting nature and humans and the goodness they contained. So long as he pursued this duty earnestly, he'd keep his divine power.

For many years he did with varying levels of success. He had many battles with Malsumis, he had many adventures with nature and man, and through it all he enjoyed life. Then came the day he heard a voice of nature he'd never heard before. Something from deep below the earth. As he explored what this might be he happened upon a great tree.

As he entered the grove he realized what it was. The source of their world and life. A great tree stood before him. Conversing, he learned many things including that it had been watching him, curious that a divine spirit was tending its garden for it and wondering why. He answered simply it was the duty of his creator and he had been growing fond of the duty.

As day turned to night he had to end the conversation and leave. He had left the garden unattended which he assumed meant Malsumis was running rampant. Yet to his surprise the tree accepted his departure but commented that Malsumis was busy elsewhere and had no time to that day.

From there Glooscap visited the tree when he had free time to learn more about their world. However he utilized this newfound knowledge with making his protection and tending of the garden of the world more efficient. Yet the day came that he sensed the end approaching. He received a challenge from his brother honorably. It meant to him that his brother meant to end their conflict once and for all.

He went to the tree to say goodbye. Yet he found the tree saddened. It was going to lose a friend. Smiling, he simply stated that it was going to happen eventually and that it was now was simply unfortunate timing for both of them... yet the tree did not lament. It instead simply made a request; Should he survive then to please visit and tend to it like the rest of the garden.

The exact nature of their final conflict is unknown but the result was simple; Both lost their divine cores after the conflict and both became complete mortals. Glooscap is said to have built a

Yet it would not be their deaths. While his plot was mostly foiled, the end goal of causing Glooscap to fail was met. Yet to his dismay Glooscap accepted it. With that action they lost their divinities and became mere mortals and went their separate ways. Glooscap would go on to become a living legend while Malsumis would be remembered as his opposite. Upon their deaths, they were recorded together as one would not exist or be as legendary without the other.

"Mmmm... indeed. My legend was well remembered... and correct. Malsumis was as essential to life as I was. No two ways about it... now master. Let us speak of my powers. I'm sure that's what you really want, right?"

Class Skills

Madness Enhancement: EB-EX

Not really insane, he receives a plus modifier to his Strength parameter while pursuing justice or preserving the stability between nature and man which are his passions. Otherwise, this skill largely does not affect him.Possessed by a spirit of nature of some sort, his mind melds with the spirit and they become one leading to some level of madness.

At a minimum he becomes a mad berserker incapable of regular speech and becomes bent on some goal. However at the extreme he becomes a veritable avatar of nature or even Gaia itself and while capable of speech becomes able to only focus on keeping the balance between nature and man... and, if he had lingering goals, those as a low priority.

During this state at a minimum he receives an entire rank to his Strength, Endurance, and Agility. However this can rise to raising them by 3 ranks.

"Mad...? Passion! It's passion ya hear!.... nature...?"

Territory Creation: BD

A skill utilized by him in his time. He made a cottage and helped people through the spells he weaved within. Famously three men sought different boons from him and he sought to test each by giving them what they asked for but making them wait to arrive home to open it and to his surprise only one failed.

At this rank he can create a proper workshop. His specific workshop is not quite that of a medicine mans but of a mixture of druid's grove and medicine hut. It takes the form of a hand-made cottage utilizing few actual logs or processed woods. Further he will always make it on a leyline with a basement that is within the leyline.

In addition to the leyline, the consequence of it and his powers are that spirits wander the property. While they regard Glooscap and their master as friends and generally refuse to harm them this does not apply to others without them being escorted by Glooscap, making it inhospitable to potential allies left alone or enemies.
At this rank a mere bounded field acting as a deterrant for intruders to their campsite as well as the construction of one are the extent of his powers in this state. The most one gains is receiving the benefits of a good nights sleep regardless of how long they actually slept or the conditions they slept in.

"Ehhhh? Call of tha spirits? Why? Your friend is be'in attacked? Tch. Fool. That you think they're mine is a problem... no matter. We have time to correct that thinking... first your friend. Let's fetch him before he angers them further.... Shelter... granted..."

Item Construction: BD

A skill that allows those of the caster class to create items. From the mundane to the mystical. While they cannot wholesale fabricate magical reagents they can still create mystic codes provided they have the right materials. In his case he is known for creating several different mystic codes throughout his life to solve others problems or help himself.

At this rank he can forge mystic codes provided he has the materials, correct environment, and time. Thankfully he can create said environment through his class skill Territory Creation which also provides for the need of materials growing them naturally though certain materials requiring phantasmal species are out of his reach.

Two specific mystic codes he can make is a canteen of water that acts as a separate store of prana enough to grant him a full day of autonomy or raising his Mana parameter to EX rank without being possessed. Another is an ointment that grants him the personal skill Miracle at EX rank that dissipates when it activates.
In his possessed state he is incapable of crafting mystic codes. However he can instill prana into items, granting their wielders a one time Mana Burst of roughly C-rank. Further, they are capable of crafting mundane items provided they have the materials on hand and the process is not complex. For example assembling a gun is outside of their ability but making a hatchet from stone, wood, or already processed irons is possible.

"Heheeee... dontcha worry sonny. This beaut is fer you. Can't 'ave my master walk inta battle unarmed now can I?... spells? Master, you jest. Ya more unarmed than a babe with yer peashooters... no, sit back and let 'ol Gloopscap take care of ya... Assembling... Instilling prana..."

Personal Skills

Communion with Nature: A

A powerful skill denoting his great skill with shamanism. He would often commune with nature and acquire what he needed for a particular journey or task. It granted him great power in life. So great with his skill was he that he could even commune with Gaia itself... of course as a servant this skill is lost.

Rather contained as he is, he cannot commune properly with them. He can hear them but he cannot respond. He supposes if her were a grand servant he might be capable of it but he is unsure if he properly qualifies for a position. However he can still commune with stronger nature spirits and be possessed by them. He claims to be capable of being possessed by a heroic spirit safely but refuses on the grounds that it'd kill his master.

This takes shape in two different ways; Allowing him to utilize the mana of the land remotely akin to magecraft from the Age of Gods though through the filter of the Shamanism foundation and by allowing him to be possessed by spirits. Not merely spirits conjured through Shamanism but wraiths and even elementals of practically any stripe. He has claimed he could handle possession from a heroic spirit but refuses on the grounds such an action would kill their master. Perhaps the scarier fact is the claim that his brother is capable of the same.

When possessed the grade of the spirit determines primarily the rank of Madness Enhancement he receives though the minimum is always B rank. However he requires a few things to do so. Specifically he must be bathed within mana for at least a few minutes and he must commune with one in a greater ritual set up through this skill. Further while it isn't hard for him to find a spirit willing to possess him he cannot force one to. Should it desire not to at any point of the possession it will leave.

When possessed certain skills degrade due to the loss of finer thinking but other skills rise as a result. For example his Mana and Luck parameters rise a full rank when possessed.

"Huh... I wouldn't say I speak ta the planet... but there's something there. If I had ta guess... I prolly talked ta a terminal. Thas it. Still... if one a' those terminals existed... I could prolly talk ta it... though this modern world has prolly degraded 'em all inta dormancy...... Possession complete. Eliminating enemies of Master..."

the Ever-Changing Staff of Glooscap: B

A skill denoting the unique nature of his armament and his mastery of utilizing the weapon in martial combat. It is his signature weapon throughout myths and his actual life. It appears as a simply bone staff with a curl horned skull at the tip. However the truth is very different it is an armament that can change forme at his will.

Specifically it can change between a sword, a bow, a staff, a spear, a sling, and a pair of knives... in other myths. In his hands it can also take the forms of clubs, an axe, and boomeranges as well. All the forms are equivalent to B-rank armaments but the swift change between fighting styles and weights can leave opponents confused.

Normally ones martial talent would degrade with madness but in his case it is kept intact due to most of the styles being muscle memory completely and requiring little thought.

"Heheheh... Well whaddya expect? Had ta be able ta fight while be'in possessed... and had ta be cause if I weren't my bro'dve made sure I was with tha worse possible spirit... we knew each other well we did...... Engaging enemy. Chance of victory... 90%!"

Divine Core of Good: CB

Granted to him by Tabaldak, the creator of all humans and one of the ones responsible for the north american texture, he was in charge of maintaining the balance between humans and nature and by consequence creating a good world. He liked this idea and did his duty... though his devotion to the duty and the faith of others determined the approximate power of the divine core.

It does not impart an authority at his rank but does grant the effect of some skills to achieve a similar effect. In essence he has the personal skills Anti-Evil, Bravery, Natural Body, and Double Summon at the same rank as this skill. Further any enemy of an evil alignment faces receiving a negative modifier even if other effects would impart them.

As a note, the Double Summon always grants the Caster class.
His divine core activates more and increases in strength. While he no longer receives the full benefits of all the skills contained aside from Divinity he still receives the benefits of Natural Body, Divinity, and Double Summon at the same rank as this skill.

However in exchange it grants an authority. An authority over Comparison. It functions similarly to the personal skill Ultimate One with the sole difference being it is not the planet determining the strength between the holder of the authority and their foe but the holder of the authority itself.

If the spirit possessing Glooscap believes their foe to be outside their current capabilities their parameters raise until they are a rank higher. Shoulder they be equal then a plus modifier is applied. Should it believe it stronger than a negative modifier is applied to the enemies parameters.

Normally there would be a stipulation that he must be working in support of balance or justice but being possessed by a spirit acts as a workaround as he is considered to be at balance while possessed.

"Mmmm... the work'ins a' tha world sure are strange... ain't they young'in? Ta think I was an actual god... though that ain't quite right... never did feel like one and I don't think I mind that much...... Enemy Analyzed. Current strength insufficient... activating divine core as circumstances are optimal for its utilization..."


Glooscap is a very carefree person. Their duty done and being in the hands of humans he doesn't really concern himself his former duty of keeping the balance. He will still do small things to restore it but overall will not do much. He views it as not quite his concern... this is false however.

He has a deep love of nature and humanity but does not view the two as exclusive. What he views as exclusive is the modern world and nature. For his love of nature the industrialization and commercialization of the world upsets him greatly. So much so that he must suppress himself in order to contain his rage. This manifests as a degradation of his Madness Enhancement.

In truth he is very disappointed. In the discovery of the fate of his people, the degredation of the balance, and most of all his friend Gaia. He feels a sense of failure at seeing it and feels responsible. He distances himself purely to protect his ego. He had died thinking he did a good job. He failed to account for peoples outside his texture. Had he, he might have journeyed outside to protect that balance more.

It is his greatest regret and one he seeks to rectify. His wish is twofold but exclusive to one another. He either wants to return to the time after his final fight with Malsumis so that he may journey instead of becoming mere mortal and living with his peoples or he wants to be reborn so that he may begin his sacred duty once more powered by the full might of the grail. Not a destruction of the modern world but fixing it to be in balance.

Interestingly what he views as natural is shockingly disparate from what one might think. Far as he is concerned things like guns and even technology are in a sense natural. What he finds unnatural is the wholesale alteration and destruction of the environment as well as pollution.

Despite these things he still has a love of nature and humanity and wants nothing more than the two to find a balance, fully believing one is possible... if difficult to achieve.

"... Hmmm. Interestin' but... not unexpected. What can I say other than this is wholly correct?"


"Well master. Our base is finished... now, let's jus' rest. When we awaken the spirits should be wanderin'. They shall be our patrols... huh? Nature spirits don't exist? Don't be silly lad. They're just sleepin'... you really think Gaia would let her children suffer like that? Nonsense."

"A dangerous witch... evil too... but I think I can handle her... I just need a bloody strong spirit... c'mon. I need ta go search'in fer it. "

Bran the Blessed
"A giant...? A divine giant!?... Erk... not good... one a' tha spirits prophesied my death at the hands of a divine giant... I thought they meant Tabaldak... not this fellow!"

the Hero Twins
"Huh... a hero pair... interestin'. Wonder if they're any good at hunt'in though..."

"... 30 knights? How weak. I felled 30 men in my sleep."

"... Wait. My brother actually honored an agreement...? Interest'in... very interest'in. Master, I suggest we team up with that archer... It'll be very beneficial ta us..."

Honda Tadakatsu
"... A strong man... master, he's the biggest problem 'ere besides tha giant an' tha witch... be careful, master."

"... Tsk. Ta think I'd meet ya again... no matter. Ya haven't given up on destroy'in the good world I sought ta build... it's been setback but not destroyed... so ya haven't succeeded, ya bloody phantom."

Noble Phantasm

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