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What makes a man? His deeds or his mistakes? His flaws or his traits? His virtues? Perhaps... his sins?... Master. I come to serve... as the Archer class...



True Name


German Folklore & Der Freischütz

Hunting, Being faithful to the church, Honorable combat, and His late wife.

His legend, His lack of faith, Dishonorable combat, and His wife being dead.

Natural Enemy
Francis Drake

Other Classes

6 Magical bullets surrounding a cursed bullet atop the original copy of Der Freischütz

6 Magical Bullets & 1 Cursed Bullet (C Rank & A+++ Rank)

... So master. Where is our competition to be held?


Str: D End: C Agi: EX
Mna: E Lck: C NP: C

My parameters are disappointing? Look again, master. You may have missed something... that parameter, Agility, is EX rank for a reason. Even without my noble phantasm it is deadly as befitting a figure such as me


Freischütz is the figure of 14th-16th century folklore. Spoken of less like a fairy and more like a demon, he was well known enough to be adopted into several plays. One of them however was somewhat sympathetic... however that was because they obsfucated the identity of Freischütz.

The play details the event of a man, named Max, attempting to win the hand of princess Agathe. It begins with him losing the final round of a shooting tournament against a peasant who is named King of Marksmen.

Lamenting his loss but not losing hope he retreats to a tent. The assistant of the Head Forester, Kaspar, enters and has drinks with him. He plots the death of Max behind his back having been rejected by Agathe himself.

Before leaving Kaspar offers his gun to Max for good luck which Max obliges him. The next day, before Prince Ottokar, he loses the tournament with his own gun but using Kaspars his bullet hits an eagle at great height.

Unbeknownst to him it used the last magic bullet that was owned by Kaspar who must make more. Kaspar invites him without telling him the truth to Wolf's Glen. Once Max arrives Kaspar has Max help him cast more.

When Kaspar reveals the truth, he warns Max to not tell a soul for he'll be blamed equally. Max swears silence and leaves. The next morning he heads to Agathe who is being tended to after an ancestors portrait fell on her and informs her that he is not the victor but has proven his skill and will claim victory the next day.

Heading to Wolf's Glen he is unaware of a wager made between Kaspar and the Black Huntsman, who gave Kaspar the ability to forge magical bullets. That in exchange for anothers soul the black huntsman would delay in claiming his. The black huntsman stated simply that either Max or Kaspar's soul would be taken the next day and the one taken would decide if the deal was accepted.

More bullets are cast and the next day each hunt before the tournament. Max uses three bullets while Kaspar uses three, leaving the last as he planned. As the tournament is underway Max makes it to the final round between him and Kaspar. He uses the last bullet but it attempts to kill Agathe... however it turns away and kills Kaspar, unable to land on Agathe.

Kaspar, in his final moments, realizes that the holy man nearby repelled the bullet at the last second and it changed targets to him. Ottakar, seeing these events, demanded an explanation on threat of execution. No other choice Max revealed the truth.

Enraged the prince sentenced Max to exile and a refusal of marriage... but suddenly a hermit appeared. They said that as abhorrent Max's actions were he in truth took no innocent life. Further he only partook of the magic bullets to try to win Agathe's hand.

The hermit suggested, alternatively, that Max be made to live a lawful life for a year and then attend a final shooting tournament. If he succeeds then the prince will permit their marriage. If he falls to temptation or fails, the prince may do as he wishes.

The prince agrees and a year passes. Max attends the tournament and this time wins purely on skill. The prince, happy to see Max's reform, agree's to their marriage and Agathe and Max live happily ever after.

... No, master I am not a normal servant. I am a pseudo-servant. Do not worry, it won't reduce my combat capabilities... no... not at all...

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: C

He is entitled to this skill as an archer. However in the play he never encounters magecraft. Rather its power comes from his host who was a Wizard and fought many, many other wizards.

At this rank it can do nothing to greater rituals or high thaumaturgy but it can cancel spells of two verses or lower.

My magic resistance is low? Normally it'd be lower... but the man who granted me additional power to manifest had some experience so it's better than normal

Independent Action: C

A skill that allows a servant to exist without a master. Max is noted as being very reliant on Kaspar and so his rank in the skill is heavily declined... but it is raised to nominal levels by his host, who did rely on another but still acted very autonomously. As a result their ranks in this skill are middling.

At this rank he can exist in the world for 3 days without a master or while cut off from his master so long a she does not fight or utilize his noble phantasm. If he does either it is cut in half. If he does both he can only last 12 hours.

... Master, if you're worried about betrayal forget it. I was knighted and as a knight I will not betray you.... hmmm? Well, not me but my host. He'd... be cross if I did something so untoured.

Personal Skills

Protection of the Outsider: B

This skill notes how the servant was protected by another from a just fate and was able to prosper from it. The strength determines the exact effects. In his case, based on the hermit that swayed the prince the lighten the sentence, now the hermit lessens the effects of his conceptual weakness.

Due to his legend he is weak to Princes and their charisma... however this skill, while not eliminating the weakness, reduces the extraneous damage and effects from their skills and attacks by 75%, making them only 25% more effective.

Hmmm? It is disadvantageous that saber is a prince... but thankfully my conceptual weakness is weaker than normal. Even without him with me, my legend allows for it

Pride of the Hunter: B

A skill that grants a bonuses to his attacks targeting anything that is conceptually a beast and applies demerits to attacks from such things as well. He has it due to hunting several beasts throughout his story including a great eagle from a great height and his hosts long-standing sniping career.

At this rank he applies two plus modifiers to any attack against 'beasts' and applies two negative modifiers to attacks from 'beasts'. Should the attack be a noble phantasm then he instead ranks it down once.

Ah, you're here. Come. I just hunted some food. It'll be ready in a minute

Codecast: D

A skill from an alternate timeline wherein Wizards are the only spellcasters in the world. Their version of magecraft utilizes computer code for casting. His host was one such Wizard even if a poor one. As such he has it at a low rank.

At this rank he has minor casts to use but they are slightly effective. He can temporarily reinforce his limbs or enhance his bodies natural regenerative capabilities.

... Ah, yes. I have a bit of... 'magecraft'... my host calls it 'Codecasting' however


His personality is a bit complex... but ultimately simple. This is due to his circumstances. He is a pseudo-servant and in practically every summoning uses Dan Blackmore as part of him. This is because he is a literary servant and so his strength is low.

As a result he usually takes Blackmore's body to try to compensate. As a result his personality and Blackmore's mingle and combines. While both had differences they ultimately are very similar and so their combined personality is close to both of their core personalities.

They both have pride in their skills, both take their vows seriously, both have people they dearly love, both of them also made mistakes that they regret, and both value their loyalty. Yet there is a small complication that makes their personality... unstable.

Blackmore was an honourable knight that was deeply faithful of the lord. So much so that he openly defended the church and berated critics. Max utilized and utilizes bullets made by 'the devil'.

As such Freischütz has a sense of hatred for himself. He hates his noble phantasm and his legend. So much so that his wish is to have his folklore erased. This self-loathing manifests with a hesitance to fire his noble phantasms, opting to try using regular bullets instead.

... Ah, sorry. Don't mind me... it's just I'm... troubled... about something


Ah, apologies master. We've just met and I'm making you purchase equipment... but trust me. It is because of my noble phantasm. I do manifest the armament to fire them but I have one nonetheless

Hessian Lobo
Such hatred... such a beast however is my forte. Have at you!

A fellow hunter eh? Though... rather than monsters I hunted beasts... shall we compare notes on hunting styles?

The famous wish-granter... but if you're here I doubt you'll simply stand aside for my wish... and if you have a wish I shan't disrespect you and ask for that... instead... I ask for an honourable duel for our wishes!

Van Gogh
To see the venerable painter desecrated so... my heart weeps for thee

Noble Phantasm

Im Feuer des Teufels Geschmiedete Kugeln
Freischütz and His Magic Bullets

Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C

A crystallization of the most infamous part of the legend of Freischütz. His magical bullets. Six Bullets that always hit what the shooter aims at and one bullet that the devil himself controls. Forged each day in Wolf's Glen, Max and Kaspar could've never wanted for naught... but of course, it wasn't to be.

This noble phantasm has no true name release or at least it doesn't do what one would think. He needs it not to use his bullets, even the seventh. Rather when utilized all bullets he has expended magically reform on his persons.

Passively this noble phantasm raises his agility to EX rank. Not for speed, which is equivalent to a D rank, but for precision. As revealed below most of his shots cannot miss. This noble phantasm however also affects his capabilities, making his aim deadly precise up to the maximum visual range physically possible.

Normally he has access to seven metal spheres. These spheres morph into a the strongest calibre bullet possible for a particular gun that he has opted to use. The first six will keep their momentum and chase the target he has selected for that bullet until they strike. These six bullets are C-rank armaments.

The last bullet however is an A+++ ranked armament and so can overpower armaments weaker than it... however he cannot control who it targets. Like others a target is selected and hunted but he is not the one selecting the target. Rather it is the 'devil'.

Effectively when this last bullet is fired a luck check is made. This luck check determines the target. The target can be anyone he has laid eyes on knowingly or not during his summoning. Once the target is selected the bullet will fly after them. Once it is fired he may utilize his noble phantasms true name to regain all seven bullets.

Drat! He took the hit again... grrr... my last bullet... better to destroy it. Now... Im Feuer des Teufels Geschmiedete Kugeln!

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