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Long-Term Project; The Morrigan

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So the point of this post is to begin that one mega sheet I wanted to do; The Morrigan combined with Nemian, Macha, and Babd. However the sheer size of the thing will warrant more than simply copy pasting and I want to review each to make sure they are the best version they could be. So, over the course of... say... a month or maybe even until next year, I'm going to post the requisite sheets one by one and make alterations/formatting fixes. For now, it's simply here to note that this project is underway.

"... Hello, master... Servant Assassin... who is my prey...?"

Sources:, [email protected],,
Class: Assassin
True Name: Badb Catha
Origin: Celtic Mythology
Alignment: Neutral-Evil
Likes: Crows, the Morrigan, Macha, Nemian, and Money.
Dislikes: Humans, Society, and Being Alone.
Talents: Assassination, Murder, and Espionage.
Other Classes: none
Catalyst: A gold coin Badb once held, A live crow, or a valuable heirloom covered in the blood of an innocent.
Armament: Anything (D-rank)

"... Is something wrong...? I am a killer... but so was everyone from my time... it is no big deal..."


Str: D
End: D
Agi: B
Mna: D
Lck: C

"... My specialty is killing without being seen... hard to do like this but... I'll manage..."


Born to a man without a home, she learned quickly how to survive in the wilderness. She was taught how to stalk, how to kill, how to trap, and how to track. She was taught how society worked, she was taught what money was, she was taught how things have value, and she was taught how to best steal valuables. She learned all this from her homeless father. Her mother remained a mystery her whole life.

It wasn’t until one day when her father was killed by authorities that something snapped in her. She murdered them, took her fathers corpse, stripped it of valuables and moved on. Then she began hunting humans, employing callous methods to acquire wealth. As time went on, she eventually did gain it but she never quite her hunts.

She’d move village and village, secretly terrorize it, and then move on. She eventually crossed paths with Nemian and was in charge of spying on upcoming villages for goods and sabotaging them, a skill she developed due to extensive training and practical application.

When the time came to take down a kingdom, she was integral as she not only began an affair with the king but she took on different personas in order to prepare various vectors of sabotage, made the right connections and killed the right people so that when the time came the army would be weaker. Afterwards she traveled with Nemian and Macha, finding their company pleasant. When it was proposed that they become the Morrigan, she accepted whole-heartedly.

Interestingly, he legend crosses path with another; Cu Chulainn. She loved his blood brother one time but when she met him she fell in love with his spirit, similar to Medb. This romantic interest would bleed into the Morrigan who would use all manner of trickery to try, in vain, to win his affection and then would punish him for rejection

"... Do not feel sorry for me... I didn't... I will simply... do as I please... at least... that's what my sisters suggest I do..."

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: B+

Her class container alone entitles her to this skill but her skill at being hidden and only discovered by the time she is long gone boosts it. At this rank, she can generally stay hidden from even servants looking for her actively and hiding within a crowd until she decides to attack at which point she effectively has E-rank presence concealment... however, if within an urban landscape such as a city or even hamlet then instead before attacking her presence concealment only drops to D-rank.

"I have skill in remaining hidden... your modern era, while more advanced... has the same weaknesses as then... I am fine..."

Personal Skills

Subversive Activities: B++

Being Nemian's master of espionage, she has a long career in crippling and hampering enemy armies before a conflict even begins. As such it permits her to take actions that allows her to weaken enemy armies by 30%, rendering large portions completely useless all without them being entirely aware it is her.

If she targets a particular individual however she forces them to lose two ranks in their parameters and skills. Before these effects occur, she must set up such things and either set a trigger or trigger it herself.

"A battle begins before it is fought... my sister, Macha, said that... I always wondered if this is what she talked about..."

Divinity: A

She neither denies nor accepts being a goddess or demigoddess. She never even considers it. She simply is. The status matters little to her. Under normal circumstances however despite her parentage and non-denial of her divinity she would be lowered due to not knowing the identity of her divine parent.

However a single fact negates this and even raises her rank further. Of the three goddesses that form the Morrigan she is not only the most well-known but she herself is often conflated with the Morrigan herself. As such, she has this skill at this rank.

It provides large defensive bonuses, often stopping magecraft and attacks that would be fatal just long enough to allow her to dodge while also allowing her to pierce through most forms of faith-based protections. This is especially helpful as this applies to skills she utilizes as well.

"... Divine...? Me?... If it does not impede my work, I don't care..."

Aptitude For Slaughter (Tools): B

Granted to her through her legends of rampant killing, she is very adept at using whatever means she has available to her. This skill merely allows her to turn any weapon she lays hands upon into her armament for as long as she holds it.

The armament is D-ranked and will function against servants, humans, and anything else. However, this ability has a single hard limit; She cannot forcibly own an armament that does not belong to her. She can pick up Excalibur but all of its powers are outside of her reach. Even armaments below D-rank will not properly work for her, lacking the legend to utilize them.

"... Do not worry, master... even a bottle, in my hands, is a tool... I can and will turn anything into an instrument of killing... such is my lot"

Familiar (Crow): B

She was not skilled in magecraft for much of her life and she only received basic instruction from Nemian. The only arte she took to a skilled level was the act of contracting crows as familiars. She can create them from crow corpses but she has a special fondness for them and refuses to.

So strong is this that even command spells have difficulty reigning her in. Yet this does not come without compensation as she can instead empower living crows with special abilities. Faster flight, an understanding of the human language, and even turning invisible at will.

She will utilize crows both as pets and spies, training them in the ways of being hidden. For this purpose, all of her familiars have the skill Presence Concealment at C-rank.

Normally, it'd be noted that attacking would lower the rank but she never orders crows for offensive purposes and so that isn't an issue. Only servants with a proper skill set that are looking for them will find them.

"... Another crow, master?... Thank you... mmmm... Lindel. That is your name, little one"

The Three Become One: -

A skill that is wholly unique to the servants Babd Catha, Macha Aon Uair Fior, and Nemian de Fuile. It's effects are very, very simple. First, it instills a near all-consuming desire to become the Morrigan by any means necessary that acts like an A-rank mental pollution that even a command seal cannot nullify only heavily suppress.

Each react differently to this and she is very blunt and to the point about it but is patient and willing to wait. However if she is invited to by the other two and refuses, she loses the defenses mental pollution provide and has all of her skills ranked down once until she accepts.

When she invokes this skill in the presence of Macha Aon Uair Fior and Nemian de Fuile she makes a luck check against each, of which automatically succeed if they are willing, and if successful she absorbs the spirit origins, prana, and saint graphs of the other two and they become the divine spirit servant the Morrigan. If the other two have masters they sacrifice one of their command spells but she is equally loyal to all masters involved. Further, if she wins the grail all masters she is loyal to are considered legitimate victors and each are offered a wish

"... Master... I request you allow me to search for them... and let us form the Morrigan... what is your answer...?"

Might NSFW but unsure so be'in safe


She is a very silent girl, not speaking even when spoken to. The only times she speaks is when she feels familiar and accepted by the individual. The only exceptions to this are to strategize and share information with her master. However these are very blunt and to the point.

Beyond this, she will act as the masters shadow, following his moves and watching him. Every so often she will indulge herself and steal something, doing whatever is the quickest method. Often, following her summoning a string of break-ins will occur, often to tragic effect. There will be no trace of her as she eliminates evidence of her existence in the process with the expertise of a surgeon.

Her one weakness is her love of money, with her desiring wealth at almost any cost. The only exceptions are killing Nemian, Macha, or her master after a few days of her second Noble Phantasm being active. Likewise though, as her animosity grows the branded master may find themselves losing more and more valuables as she intentionally takes things unless they are particularly protective of their property or a caster.

Further, unlike the other two she doesn't restrain her desire to be the Morrigan, scheming anytime she isn't fighting, strategizing, or stealing wealth. However, she will often not hide her desire either, vocal about it after a few days. In this way she is contradictory, speaking in spite of unfamiliarity and a lack of visible acceptance.

If this desire goes unanswered or rebuked, there is a small chance her schemes involve harm to the master as he is now a potential obstacle to her goal of becoming the Morrigan. However if she is loyal she will be slow in her schemes to give master time to rectify his mistake. A good way to gain her loyalty is to simple give her valuables as she values money very highly. One can also offer her crows to care for.

"... Mmmm... don't worry, master. I will not betray you for mere wealth... after all, you provide me my existence..."


"... Servant Assassin... skilled at espionage and killing... what are your orders?"

"... It is nice to see you, milady. So, have you put thought into becoming the Morrigan?"

"... Ah. Apologies, I did not see you. I have put thought into becoming the Morrigan. I merely await our lady's word. How has master treated you however?"

Cu Chulainn
".... Oh sorry for staring. A question if I may... aren't you normally a Lancer...? I thought so... sad. That form is much better... though even now you have your charm..."

Jack the Ripper
"... in you I sense a kindred spirit. Tell me... how skill are you?"

Queen Mab
"..... ah. Hello. My lady has need of your skills. I have been instructed to acquire them. What is your price this time?"

Florence Nightingale
".... We have nothing to say, do we? We are antithetical existences... I create strife and pain, you create healing and relief. We can't fight though... so put your pistol down. Master has ordered it... and unlike you nurse, i am well equipped to take a life"

Noble Phantasm

Gràin, am Marbhadh Sàmhach
A Monster Birthed By Society

Type: Anti-Self/Anti-Unit
Rank: B+

A noble phantasm that crystallizes her role in society. What she did and what her purpose was in it. A thief and murderer to the last. A terror to common citizenry and a scapegoat for authorities. This noble phantasm encapsulates this fact about her life perfectly.

When she is summoned, another master, whose identity she does not know, is marked. She slowly gains animosity against them. This is mutual as this noble phantasm inflicts a very minor mental interference that makes that master grow animosity for Badb.

However she inversely accrues devotion. This usually manifests in the form of requiring more and more wealth in order to consider betraying her master. Each day, she will feel more and more loyalty and will feel more and more trusting of their judgement.

If she betrays him with a large amount of devotion, she faces a negative modifier for a number of days equivalent to how much devotion she accumulated. In general, for each day she is loyal she is hindered for at least triple that length. After this, all that is left are any feelings she may have regarding it.

If she faces the master that is marked then she immediately gains a plus modifier to all of her parameters and skills. She retains this while in battle so long as the master is present. Even should he leave, she will retain her enhanced power for a number of days equal to the accumulation of animosity. Generally, 1 day of accumulation grants her a day of enhanced power.

If she speaks its true name a different effect occurs. Her emotions lock and all the devotion and animosity she has accumulated is converted into prana and used to enhance her. For each half-week both grew she gains a rank in all of her parameters and skills. Further, her skill Aptitude For Slaughter (Tools) raises to EX rank.

During this however she believes her master is fully dead. He will find it impossible, even through command spells, to get her to acknowledge him as any other state then dead. This is due to the noble phantasm inflicting a heavy mental interference.

For the duration it is in effect, which is for the length of the battle, she will believe this. When it is lifted, she will become exactly as she was when she was summoned, barring any new injuries she has. Effectively, mentally, she has restarted.

"... Hello, master... Servant Assassin... who is my prey...?"


"So I have returned... where are my sisters? Not here? That's fine. This is chaldea... I trust they will make their way. I am Macha, goddess of horses. Now master, for what cause do I ride?"

Sources: 白井たぬき, Nikon94, Cardfight.Fandom.Com. Liirah,
True Name: Macha Aon Uair Fior
Origin: Celtic Mythology
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Likes: Horses, Badb Catha, Nemian, Crows, Conquest, War, Bloodshed, and Fighting.
Dislikes: Predators, Cu Chulainn, and Peace.
Talents: Tactical Sieges and War
Natural Enemy: Cu Chulainn
Other Classes: none
Catalyst: A live crow, a live horse, or a stone from the castle of her homeland.
Armament: Sword of Macha (C)

"Hmhmhmhm. I see my reputation precedes me. Point me at my enemy and I will conquer them. Kill them. Torture them. I will not spare them though. I am not the tool for that"


Str: C
End: B
Agi: C
Mna: D
Lck: D

"... What? My parameters are low? Oh, do not worry. I will still ride for your glory, master"


A princess of a now forgotten kingdom. She was born of its king and queen, a man of renown and the local god guarding the land. She learned well and was preparing for the day her parents would use her to acquire more wealth or gain favors, as was her role from her birth.

However her life was changed one fateful day, when the army of a foreign kingdom invaded her homeland. They reached the castle by night and her family was forced to flee. However as they fled they were ambushed by bandits. Seeing her family slaughtered before her changed something in her.

Taking up a random sword she began to fight back. Foe after foe fell before her. Yet the horde was endless and she eventually lost the strength to fight. However its leader was impressed. Rather than kill her he sought to use her aptitude for fighting for his own ends.

He gave her a choice; Join his horde and help his conquest of the land or die there and be forgotten. Her choice was obvious. For her own survival she joined the mans bandit horde and began a life commanding its movements. Her reputation as the 'Queen of Bandits' spread.

Yet one day she met a bandit of particular skill and grew fond of her. As she grew closer, she became aware of a wandering army taking residence near the bandits. The leader of the bandits ordered her to go and conquer the invading army. She conscripted the best bandits of the camp and rode out on her steed to do just that.

However when she arrived, chaos began as smoke erupted all around her. Her forces put up a small fight but were ultimately routed. Some managed to flee but a large portion were held at swordpoint. Only she was armed. She saw a similar situation as she faced back then. Faced with a powerful enemy with no way out. S

taring her down, the woman she'd learn was named Nemian called out to a Badb Catha and the bandit she trusted strode forward, joining the woman. Mirroring her past she was given a choice; Join her cause or die there. As nature as she understood it dictated, her choice was obvious.

Those that did not join her were slaughtered by her own hand as they were given the same choice. From there she and the other two planned the defeat of that leader of bandits and she became instrumental in felling the kingdom that wronged her originally, Badb, and Nemian.

After this she joined them in their travels through the land, finding their company pleasant and having pledged loyalty to Nemian. Never did she encounter someone who proved too great for Nemian and so she had no reason to betray her. When the offer to become the Morrigan was made, she accepted without thought. Yet as the Morrigan she gained something she never truly had.


"My history? Why is that important? I am here now. I will fight now... ah, you're worried. You should be... nature is never kind. Nor am I

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: C

As a Rider class servant she is entitled to this skill. However this alone does not grant her this skill at its rank. She lived and fought and thrived in a time where magic was abundant, granting her passive resistances. Further, she was commander for a powerful rune magus Nemian de Fuile.

As such, she has it at this rank. It allows her to shrug off any spell that isn't above three verses or isn't high thaumaturgy or a greater ritual. This makes the power of most magus worthless before her though with prep time they can slow her advance... sadly, even that may not be enough unless they have a servant.

"I did lose to Nemian. Her magecraft was strong and her army stronger. There was naught I could do. Nature though is not always cruel. Simply unkind."

Riding: B+

As a rider, she'd of course have this skill. However her self-proclamation and wide acceptance as a goddess of horses provides this skill a significant bonus... though it manifests in a very odd way. Normally, one would be able to ride all manner of natural creature and vehicle, even riding phantasmal beasts... yet she cannot.

Instead, she is effectively able to ride any creature with the concept of 'Horse' attached to it. Even if she'd normally be forbidden, such as with the divine horse Sleipnir, she can utilize this skill to ride them as naturally as a god might ride their trusty steed.

"Is it so surprising a goddess of horses would be limited so? I should think not."

Personal Skills

Divinity: A+

Normally, proclaiming divinity is enough to qualify, at a low rank, for this skill. However her case is wholly unique. Her self proclamation is generally accepted by humanity and so it granted her a higher rank. What elevated her to its current rank, almost entering the realm of godhood, was the fact she is of divine blood, even if only a demigoddess.

As such she is permitted a higher ranking divinity than normal due to her unique set of circumstances, as even in the modern day humanity has yet to stray from her own falsehood. At this rank, it provides great defensive bonuses and pierces through most forms of protection based on faith. However, when faced with Ulster servants, even if mentioned in legends in passing, she gains an additional plus modifier. She also gains one if her opponent is Cu Chulainn.

"Yes, I am a Goddess of Horses so-... I'm just a demigoddess? At one time perhaps... but I worked hard and became a goddess"

Crossing Arcadia: B+

As a natural at war, she has this skill. Further she is a fighter. She is capable of weaving through active large-scale battles without being impeded by even the most stalwart of obstacles or tightest of crowds. However it often is more of her bowling through opposition.

Even off the saddle though she weaves through a battlefield like a skilled thief makes his way through a bustling market street in midday, that is to say the concept of challenge does not exist. It does not permit her to phase through obstacles and people, merely that even the smallest of windows provide her escape or a way forward, mounted or not.

"A battlefield is no different from any other field. Simply more obstacles. The way through is the same; Never stop. There is always a way forward."

Tactics: B

Her sieges were not noted for nothing. Despite her aptitude and skill at battlefield conquest, domnination, and slaughter she did participate, orchestrate, and even partake in several sieges. Her most notable siege is the one performed against the homeland of Nemian, sieging the castle for a straight month and allowing for no escape.

While she gains no particular insights she is capable of using information to prepare for eventualities, even if some is vague. Further she can use this skill to minimize the effects and damage of Anti-Army noble phantasms while increase the strength of her own or others Anti-Army Noble Phantasms by increasing the number of targets, effected radius, or even overall strength of it.

It effectively adds a plus or negative modifier as she deems fit.

"I would not call myself a genius. I am simply a skilled tactician. If you require my services, I will give them freely, master."

The Three Become One: -

A skill that is wholly unique to the servants Babd Catha, Macha Aon Uair Fior, and Nemian de Fuile. It's effects are very, very simple. First, it instills a near all-consuming desire to become the Morrigan by any means necessary that acts like an A-rank mental pollution that even a command seal cannot nullify only heavily suppress.

Each react differently to this and she is very blunt and to the point about it but is patient and willing to wait. However if she is invited to by the other two and refuses, she loses the defenses mental pollution provide and has all of her skills ranked down once until she accepts.

When she invokes this skill in the presence of Badb Catha and Nemian de Fuile she makes a luck check against each, of which automatically succeed if they are willing, and if successful she absorbs the spirit origins, prana, and saint graphs of the other two and they become the divine spirit servant the Morrigan.

If the other two have masters they sacrifice one of their command spells but she is equally loyal to all masters involved. Further, if she wins the grail all masters she is loyal to are considered legitimate victors and each are offered a wish

"The morrigan should be formed... she is far stronger than me. Though... us three separate are more advantageous"


A serious girl, she often comes off less as a person and more as a living weapon. However there are ways to elicit emotional responses from her. She has a deep love of crows and horses and usually despises those that abuse them. A quick way to die is to kill, hurt, or otherwise intentionally harm a crow or horse she isn't utilizing for battle.

Her anomosity for those that do is so great her master will need to expend a command spell to stop her rampage as she seeks the destruction of the one responsible. Yet when caring for these individuals, she will show great care and affection. Not like man caring for a loved pet, but an elder doting on a younger family member. This extends to servants, with any servant that has the concept of 'Horse' attached to them receiving her favor and affection.

Her love of crows is also great, treating them like a modern human might a pet they've known from childhood. She will often train them to work as messengers, though less for utility and more as a personal project. However there are some others that gain her devotion.

Specifically, she has not denounced loyalty to Nemian and she still considered Babd a good friend. She cares deeply for them beyond just desiring the Morrigan and in her heart considers them family. When around them her ability to express herself increases and she becomes more vocal about her desires and emotions.

Yet this is a double-edged sword. When these two are around, they will plot to form the Morrigan, an act which requires permission from their master. She will agree to any plot to make it come about, including the torture of her master. Thankfully, her own loyalty to them will prevent this for a long time, though likewise she will not stand in the way of Nemian attempting it.

Despite this, she is very reasonable and can see the tactical value in being seperate. For this reason, she is capable of supressing her urge to become the Morrigan for as long as three years if nessecary though she has never needed to as many masters eventually give in before the first year is over. Letting her become the Morrigan or having a legitimate reason for refusal is often a good way to retain ones standing with her.

If one plots to acquire the other two if they are under anothers control, they may elevate themselves in her eyes. In the event that the master permits them to become the Morrigan, Macha's memory of the master, like with the others, will carry over including any resentments, grudges, or notable moments.

Out of the three, Macha is the easiest to influence and the masters best bet to gain the Morrigans approval. However in the event the other two are not present, Macha will display complete loyalty to their master though one should be careful.

As she strongly believes in nature and that it is simply natural to change loyalty when a stronger foe defeats her. As such, one should save a single command spell to save themselves... unless, of course, they are not a master like that.

"... Yes. If someone defeated us and offered me the same choice as others had before them, I'd accept... likewise, my loyalty to Nemian still stands. Do not despair... it is not malice that I'd betray you. Merely nature. I'd betray Nemian too... and she knows this. Though, we became the Morrigan to resolve this problem."


"As I have said. I am your servant of the rider class. Simply point me to the enemy and I will destroy them, no matter the cost"

Cu Chulainn
"... I can work with him, yes. I do not like it though.... why?.... ask Babd. She understands me, even if we do not agree."

"My sister in arms. I would not betray her ever. I may shift loyalties but if presented with a choice between her or me... well. It goes without saying, doesn't it?"

"I have sworn loyalty to her... and she has treated me well. Perhaps, frankly, one of only two friends I have in this world... yet she is my leader. If nature dictated... yes, I'd betray her trust. It is why I accepted the Morrigan. I wish not to and she is my best option"

the Morrigan
"A perfect form. A perfect union. I could think of nothing better. It never gets old and it never wears out... with that form, I never need to worry about loyalty or trust"

"A luggard that can't not meddle. I'd rather not work with him."

Fionn Mac Cumhail
"... Hmph. I have no comment for that bore"

Any Ulster Servant
"After your transgression, do you really believe yourself heroes? leave me before I decide you all are liabilities to my master"

Red Hare
"I was unaware that a perfect existence like you existed. I thought only the Morrigan was perfection... I may need to re-examine that belief."

"Truly, Cu Chulainn is deplorable. He stole the heart of my dearest friend... then refused to return it. I will never forgive him... I only tolerate for her wellbeing.".

Noble Phantasm

Each Mallaichte Macha
Your Kingdom is my Horse

Type: Anti-Army
Rank: B

A powerful noble phantasm that embodies the legend of the transgression the men of ulster committed against her. She vowed revenge and eventually saw to it through this curse. Despite its supposed greatness, rendering all men of the kingdom incapacitated as a massive army strode in, only one was exempt and that was the legendary Cu Chulainn.

Despite this, the kingdom still faced devastating losses from the skirmish even if they repelled the enemy. This legend is crystallized as this noble phantasm. Yet it manifests in a very odd way. First, it grants Macha a sword made from the combination and sharpening of various horse bones belonging to all the horses she ever owned.

Secondly it grants her to ability to summon a diseased looking divine horse. The horse while not sentient is capable of a level of cunning separate of its master and can autonomously maneuver and fight. Generally, it is equivalent of a D-rank servant of divine nature. Both have passive effects themselves.

The bone sword is a C-ranked armament that Macha can utilize as a weapon that will not break under normal or even special circumstances requiring the use of skills to do so. The horse on the other hand radiates diseased prana, making any use of it dangerous. Effectively, any magecraft or mana-reliant abilities inflict pain while being utilized. This pain can be distracting but it is temporary at best.

If they are capable of sustaining focus in spite of sharp, sudden pain then they will be capable of ignoring this effect. These effects can be mitigated by protection against curses or protections against magecraft of C-rank or higher, with the former mitigating the effects by 50% and the latter nullifying them completely.

However, this is a mere facet of her legend. It becomes fully utilized when she speaks its true name.To do this she must first walk the territory she plans to curse with her horse. The larger the area the more time she must take. All the while she must supply her horse with the appropriate prana needed and is under the effects of Perfect Form at A rank.

The more time passes the sicker and sicker the horse appears to be. Once finished, the horse will collapse and die. However when she invokes its true name it becomes a spiritual steed of divine power. It is now a manifestation of the land itself and it invokes a curse on the land.

All prana within will cause anyone attempting to utilize it to experience severe cramps while servants find themselves brought down to human level. They are still immune to conventional weapons but they move and attack on the same level as modern humans. There are only two exemptions; those tied to the Morrigan and those resistance to curses of the land itself.

If they are generally resistant to curses, then they simply have their parameters reduced to D rank so long as the resistance is no lower than D-rank. Any boasting outright immunity simply have a negative modifier applied to them. This changes however if the servants or magus are of ulster. In this case their own internal prana begins to become infested and for each hour they spend they outright lose a rank from their skills.

They can cure this through cleansing rituals taken outside the territory. Only Cu Chulainn is fully exempt from this land-based curse and it has no impact on him or his master. In the event her steed operates outside the territory she may choose to maintain it herself akin to a B-rank servant as the world rejects it and forces it to burn prana or it she may alter it to its sickly-looking state.

If in fact she sustains it then it loses its access to Perfect Form completely. Further, she receives two minor boons while this noble phantasm is in effect; First while riding her mount she gains B-ranked strength and B-ranked Agility and secondly if her sword would be broken then it repairs itself instantly a second later with an invocation of this noble phantasms true name, equivalent to a single-action spell.

Due to the power of this spell and its nature, she can usually with an average master and in an unfamiliar terrain maintain a 1 mile diameter territory for only a day, requiring her to retake the steps she took for the first release of its true name. Of course, her master is normally exempt from such effects unless they have managed to gain her ire. In this case, she may include him to ward him from 'her territory'.

"Ah... my curse made manifest... my honest plea and prayer to mother earth herself to punish those villains... and it was answered... and is being answered again. Truly, the earth is my mother, one and wholly"


"Ah... My time has come. If only my sisters were here. No matter master. Come, let Nemian de Fuile bring you glory."

Sources: XBlake123, topstrongest.Fandom.Com. DracoDrime, BlackTyrantVRC,
Class: Caster
True Name: Nemian de Fuile
Origin: Celtic Mythology
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Likes: Destruction, Chaos, Misery, Power, Babd Catha, Macha, the Morrigan, Crows, Pastries, Honey, and Managing Armies.
Dislikes: Peace, Order, Her former homeland, Sour Foods, Mutiny, and Rebellions.
Talents: Raising and Managing armies and Rune Magecraft.
Natural Enemy: none? (Cerdiwen)
Catalyst: A live crow, A forgotten rune, or an item from her old, now forgotten kingdom.
Armament: Rune Magecraft (B++), Anything she can Enchant (E-B).

"Huhuhuhuhuh. My reputation should speak for itself but I suppose I could. Gaze upon my glorious history. I clearly am a powerful servant, no?"


Str: E
End: D
Agi: D
Mna: B+
Lck: B+

"Huhuhuhu. See my strength? I can fight any servant!... I just need some time to prepare my tools of war!"


Warning, Long
A well known terror to the countryside of the ancient celts, however this was her reign as the Morrigan, Goddess of Havoc, War, and Strife. However, her origins lie earlier than battlefields. Born to a high-ranking general, she was raised to be a mere soldier. A simple tool of war in a kingdom that now lies in ruin and times forgotten.

Nemian did not mind this but some desire within her burned and drove her to take actions that would eventually see her discovering and using a runic magecraft. Her lords court and her father were shocked and the trajectory of her life instantly changed. She changed training from being a soldier to being a magus.

She was placed in the care and tutelage of the court magician and she learned ancient runes from him. For the rest of her teenage life and even some of her adulthood was spent in esoteric, solitudal study of ancient rites. This satisfied her as she saw progress each day.

When the day came that her teacher had no more to teach, she discovered the true schemes by her parents and lord; They intended to make her quit her studies and become a warrior for them using her talent. Of course, this did not happen. However it was not the conscription that drew her ire. She could learn on the battlefield the effectiveness of her talents.

No, they committed a greater sleight against Nemian, that they denied compensation for her efforts. In the name of the king and for her kingdom they demanded her power. Not even support for her research on her return was offered or given and so she abandoned them that very night using the very talents she learned under the cover of night.

Only by morning had her desertion been found. When this transgression was discovered, her father was summarily and publicly executed for all to see. So angered was she that she vowed revenge on the whole kingdom and disappeared the next day... for only a short time.

Town after town fell after that. It's possessions leveled, goods burned, save some select ones. The inhabitants gone and a small band sighted roaming. What was thought of as urban myth was really a legend in making as Nemian was amassing a small army using fear and magecraft to conscript soldiers.

She trained a few in magecraft and others in the sword but none did she truly trust. When a mutiny began she used magecraft to try to find the cause and through this act she came to conflict with Babd Catha, whom had infiltrated her band with the intent of pilfering all she could before moving on. Yet she had met her match in Nemian, who utilized her skill in Runes to take Babd's skill in tools away from her.

Despite her superiority she gave an opportunity to Babd and the woman accepted. As her spymaster, Babd joined the growing army and would scout ahead and begin operations to sabotage the defenses of their next target. She was given first choice among the selection of goods they pilfered from each sacked town.

The king of the land tried to stop her growing army, and at first it was a stalemate with her magecraft and their nomadic nature evening the odds. However Babd Catha and her traps with her magecraft ended the skirmishes as due to their nomadic nature the king's army could not properly deal with them.

Eventually, she desired the forces of the bandit horde that had grown alongside her own army. She also guessed they had good supplies. She sent Babd Catha to sabotage them as always and made preparations to conquer the bandits and add the survivors to her army.

Yet halfway through her preparations, a cheeky warmonger visited her band and began a slaughter. She rallied her forces and while the fight was fierce, the battle came between her and the warmonger. The outcome was obvious and she made an offer. It was accepted and the fearsome tactician Macha Aon Uair Fior joined her traitorous band of rebels.

The following battle took nary a week. The combination of Badb's sabotage, Macha's tactics, and her army defeated the bandits and swelled their numbers and equipment. With all her preparation done, she revealed her intentions to two companions who had proven themselves; Macha and Babd. She planned to sack her former home and destroy the place that wronged her. She was shocked when the others revealed they had too and so with glee they plotted the downfall of their former home.

The following battle was certainly vicious... yet in all writings of it the name of this kingdom was forgotten. Whether intentional or otherwise none spoke its name and so its name was all but forgotten. Very likely, as they stood amongst the burning of their homeland's capital, she made the decision to ensure this kingdom's name was forgotten as a final revenge.

After this, she retrieved a number of secret tomes from her former masters library and began wandering with her compatriots, Babd Catha and Macha, disbanding her assembled army to do as they wish, caring not for their fate. In time, she'd discover that most ancient of rituals and its first and only recorded use would form the most terrifying entity to curse the ancient celts the Morrigan.

"Huhuhuhuhu. My story is long but great. I felled a kingdom with nothing more than power, vengeance, and friendship!"

Class Skills

Territory Creation: C-

While she was always a proper magus, she was a wanderer. As such she never truly made a workshop of her own until the Morrigan. However, she is not the Morrigan and so what would be a high rank is quite weakened. Even so, she does have the knowledge and talent to and so can create a druidic grove of some power. She generally uses them as a safehouse in which to craft items, enchant to-be armaments, and carve runes.

"Huhu... hu... Yes, I suppose I did wander... it didn't leave time to make a proper grove... not that I needed one."

Item Confiscation: D+

A unique version of the skill Item Construction. She was never known to create anything but her armies were supplied through pillage and raiding and sacking. This facet of her legend bleeds into this skill that allows her to simply take without consequence whatever she might require at a particular time.

She must use her normal, sound, judgement to determine what to take and when but when she makes her move this skill invokes and the owner will ignore the theft for fear of divine retribution. In normal circumstances if they are not religious they instead fear retribution from whatever figure they most respect. While in her hands, the item acts as though she constructed it and it becomes 'hers'.

"Huhuhuhu... yes, a proper facet indeed. Of course my minions should give me goods. i need it to arm my army!"

Personal Skills

Enchant: B

While a lengthy process, Nemian utilized this skill often. From swords that blinded their victim to arrows that lit themselves mid-flight. However as a servant her power is somewhat reduced from her when she was alive. She can imbue concepts into items from 'Fire', to 'Horse', to even 'Heaven'.

The effects largely differ between a combination of implement and concept. A club imbued with fire will become engulfed in magical flames while a saddle imbued with heaven might turn its wearer into a divine being. However, there is a peculiar manifestation that occurs when combined with Rune Magecraft, even while weakened.

When the two mix the 'Concept' becomes idealized by the 'Rune' and it materializes through that clarification. An sword bearing the concept of 'Flame' but a rune meaning 'Battle' will often materialize as sending it's wielder into a bloodthirsty rampage.

A saddle with the rune 'Power' and the concept 'Fast' will find it's speed multiplied. While the combinations are not endless, due to be limited to Nemian's personal knowledge, she nevertheless studies to find new combinations. To date, she has discovered ten consistent patterns.

"Huhuhuhu. I was certainly a magecraft genius in my day. I was certainly a match for... ugh. I cannot lie, I did not match Scathach before Morrigan... but Morrigan made us equal. Speaking of..."

Divinity: D+

Despite being the child of a goddess, she never knew her mother and her destruction of her homeland ensure that they were forgotten. Forgotten and unknown, her own divinity as well as her lack of acknowledgement of it until the Morrigan reduces this skill to this low rank. Even so, it confers minor bonuses to bypassing Faith-based defenses and confers adequate defenses.

"Do I need to be divine to be great? I think not! I became divinity to become powerful and help my sisters aspirations! Huhuhuhu!"

Rune Magecraft: B

A type of magecraft that employs carving runes descending from the primordial runes utilized by sage god Odin. Her particular study never, even as the Morrigan, delved into these particular runes but of expanding the current knowledge of these descendants.

Even weakened by the container, her skill, power, and talent with the craft is self-evident and she can easily hold her own against even ancient magus from the height of the Age of Gods. Particularly, through her combination use of Enchant and Rune Magecraft, imbuing an item with a concept and then enforcing her vision through a rune.

"Huhuhuhu. My genius is truly boundless. Someday all will bow before my magical might!... wait, that already happened... still! It shall happen again! I just need to find Macha and Babd..."

The Three Become One: -

A skill that is wholly unique to the servants Babd Catha, Macha Aon Uair Fior, and Nemian de Fuile. It's effects are very, very simple. First, it instills a near all-consuming desire to become the Morrigan by any means necessary that acts like an A-rank mental pollution that even a command seal cannot nullify only heavily suppress.

Each react differently to this and she is very blunt and to the point about it but is patient and willing to wait. However if she is invited to by the other two and refuses, she loses the defenses mental pollution provide and has all of her skills ranked down once until she accepts.

When she invokes this skill in the presence of Babd Catha and Nemian de Fuile she makes a luck check against each, of which automatically succeed if they are willing, and if successful she absorbs the spirit origins, prana, and saint graphs of the other two and they become the divine spirit servant the Morrigan.

If the other two have masters they sacrifice one of their command spells but she is equally loyal to all masters involved. Further, if she wins the grail all masters she is loyal to are considered legitimate victors and each are offered a wish.

"Huhuhuhu. Gaze upon my genius. I discovered divinity itself. I can forge it now... but it is mine! I've forgotten most of the research related! All I have left is this skill! Muahuhuhuhu!


Of the three it is undeniable. Nemian is certain the most opinionated, ambitious, greedy, arrogant, and extroverted among the three sisters that form the Morrigan. She constantly praises herself and seeks new ways to gain power, her study into runes being merely a method even if she has a natural affinity for it and a detrimental relationship with all other forms of magecraft.

She isn't afraid to speak her opinion even in disadvantageous or even wholly inappropriate situations that borderline offensive. Despite her negative claims to the contrary, she isn't a wholly evil person as she rarely partakes in torture. Rather she simply demands things done and does not care about how it is accomplished. As such, often her evils are more the fault of her followers than her.

However one should not mistake this as innocence. Nemian has committed plenty of wrongs in her life. She will easily betray others if it will gain her more power with the sole exceptions being Babd Catha and Macha. She has destroyed the lives of others for personal gain with no remorse. She openly delights in the pain of others.

Cruel is a good word to describe her. Cruel and Ambitious. Even if her friendship and sisterhood with Babd and Macha is genuine and real, of the three she is the most underhanded in becoming the Morrigan. This stems from a single fact that shaped her life and outlook; That ancient king of that forgotten kingdom. He shaped her image of a strong leader. For better, or worse.

She rules with fear. Fear and torment. When she makes contacts or conscripts humans she utilizes a combination of magecraft to weaken the mental inhibitions of her targets but also her own terrifying presence and nature to scare compliance and cooperation.

Often she will use one to make an example out of to the others to quell potential rebellion. All without invoking her noble phantasm. Yet she will readily utilize it to it's maximum potential if it is for her goals. Even to her, her master comes merely second at best.

"Huhu-... I'm sorry? My personality is a problem...? So? Why is your opinion of my personality my concern? You're just my master... barely fifth on my list of priorities... work harder and maaaaaaybe I'll elevate you"


"Huhuhuhu. I am a fine servant for you... but are you a fine master for me? Right no, carve me ten runes of-... what do you mean you don't know that kind of magecraft!?"

"... I-I'm not jealous! I'm not! I... who wouldn't desire the primordial runes!?.... If i could study just one..."

Cu Chulainn
Huhuhuhu. He should feel honored to be chosen by one of my sisters. His station would be higher as is natural! But no, he rebukes her, the brute... no matter. He'll fall to her eventually"

"A strong girl but she could learn to enjoy herself more... I wanted to build an arena for her, you know... say... could that be arranged now?"

Babd Catha
"Such a quiet girl. Useful however. She is often one I confide in... who better than my shadow?"

"A useful tool. She served her purpose"

"... Tsk.... how did you survive...? No matter. You were just visiting anyway... surely you don't hold a grudge?"

Noble Phantasm

Bidh Buaireadh a ’Leantainn Cogadh
The Terrifying Army of Havoc

Type: Anti-Army
Rank: B

The crystalization of her legend, the terrifying tyrant that sacked villages, conscripted their occupants, and forced them against their king. As a Noble Phantasm, it has a simple, subtle effect that is always active. Whenever she interacts with another while intending to get something out of it beyond a simple business transaction or a greeting, a small amount of her prana is implanted into the individual and it inflicts E-ranked mental interference into them.

This interference has two distinct applications; first it brings them into service of her willing or otherwise. They will do as she asks to her intent and they will feel a deep, personal fear that prevents them from confiding in anyone else her conscription. The services she can elicit have some limits as they must use their own means and so if given an impossible task this phantasm will not activate.

Unlike many noble phantasms this effect can linger for a persons natural lifespan easily as the prana infects their Od and works off that to do its magecraft. Naturally servants are immune and magus require a luck check when done. Due to this method, this noble phantasm can persist even long after Nemian perishes, and often her enemies face a nasty surprise when they think they won.

However it has a much more insidious effect. She requires two things before invoking its true power. First, she must have accrued enough conscripts to count as an army and secondly she must have seven individuals she considers noteworthy among them; whether they are magus or simple but skilled humans. As a note, for her purposes her 'army' consists of at least one hundred individuals.

When she invokes its true power, she burns all her prana besides what is nessecary and instills it into all of her conscripts with those seven receiving notable chunks of them. This prana empowers these conscripts and permits them to fight equal to E-rank servants with the seven attain power equal to C-rank servants. Any weapon or tool their are most proficient in combat in become their natural armaments and are capable of harming enemy servants.

Of course, having an army of servant-class humans is a powerful tool and one she uses regularly between summonings. Of course they are not omniscient and so require training to be used to their new bodies and utilize any powers they gained as through this method she can create magus out of regular humans, simply lacking a magic crest, mystic codes, or any of the normal benefits a proper magus would have.

As such she will not utilize the army immediately and will instead take time to train each individual in a particular role. As a note, she cannot retrieve any of this prana and it effectively belongs to those individuals. If they lack magic circuits to intake prana, then they will revert to simple humans upon the burning of all their prana. The only part that never burns is the small bit that compels them into her service and into silence.

"Huhuhu. Yes... yes! My terrifying might! I've conscripted you, master! Now fear me!... oh and don't think your command spells will help! It's already done!"

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