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Long-Term Project; The Morrigan

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When cultures meet there is always a mingling of customs and beliefs

Syncretism is the term for this and this servant has utilized this very tool for their own purposes
What a fascinating place master. You humans advanced about as far as he predicted. Still to see it is an experience. Thank you, master, for allowing me to stay. It's wonderful here in Chaldea, home of the stargazers.


True Name
OsirisDionysus Osiris

Berserker and Ruler

Egyptian Mythology
Roman Mythology
Greek Mythology

Wine, the Underworld, his Wife, Harpokrates, Traveling, Overcoming Adverse Circumstances, Hermes Trismegistus, Stargazing, Good harvests.

Dismemberment, Set, Typhon, Giants, Sour Drinks, Sour Food

Natural Talents
Utilizing Mystery and Defying Death

Natural Enemy
Typhon and Set

Other Classes
Berserker, Ruler, Voyager

a Crooked Thyrsus found in Britain
Wine made from Ancient Egypt
A certain room underneath a certain bar in Rome, Italy

King's Crook (C-rank)




Dionysus-Osiris was a figure of somewhat obscure origins during the reign of Mark Antony in Rome. This was his highest point of worship for this particular aspect of this figure calling itself 'Osiris' after the rampage of Typhon in Greece. However there is a truth to this story. One that even famed historian Herodotus missed when he wrote.

He wrote of simple syncretism. His writing suggested that Osiris and Dionysus were in fact one in the same with minute differences and wrote them as a Greecian diety through an Egyptian lens. However the truth is far, far different as he did not base his findings on older depictions of Osiris but newer ones based on a figure that came from Greece later than his brethren.

This being, named Osiris, did have some functionalities as a Judge of the Dead, having gone to Duat and back with seemingly little issue. He also managed to increase crop yields with his divine power and also had a history of dismemberment. There was a difference none noticed between this Osiris and the previous. That he had ties to wine. Specifically he utilized wine in many of his rituals.

The true history of this figure, unknown to Herodotus, is a long one. Beginning with Zagreus, a demigod who was the son of Persephone, he was conceived in order to be the heir to all of Olympus. Zeus planned for him to one day inherit the title of 'King of the Gods' and have his throne. Either through willing succession or if Zeus prematurely died.

One day Zagreus met a curious figure in Hades, the homeland of his mother. They introduced themselves as Hermes and asked for a particular spirit they knew of. He guided them there and they talked along the way. Once delivered Hermes thanked him and left. It became routine for him to guide him to certain figures of Hades who had a message or delivery addressed for them.

Then, one day, Zagreus grew curious of the outside world. Spurred on by Hermes stories of the outside world, and in particular of heroes, he grew a desire to see it for himself. So he asked Persephone. Persephone refused at first, not wanting a Prophecy the Olympians learned about when Zeus decided to seek the creation of a heir. Eventually she decided to seek the counsel of the Olympians on the matter. Most did not want to risk the heir.

Zeus however permitted it so long as Hermes accompanied the young heir throughout his travels. He believed that all of the white titans remnants had been slaughtered and none remained. Thus he felt it fine to let Hermes guide him safely through the world. The two left shortly after heading to lands unknown to anyone. They felt confident that Zagreus and Hermes would return.

They traveled to many lands and met many people. Heroes, common folk, demons, gods. Zagreus met and spoke to many people and learned about many cultures. Hermes, the entire time, guided him through each using their own blessing to ensure smooth talks between Zagreus and others. For a while it was fun for each. Then the tragedy happened.

They had been going to explore a ruin they found. Attached was a cave. Zagreus assumed it to be some bears den and figured it'd be a good meal. Hermes agreed and followed him inside. Yet, after the light faded behind them, Zagreus realized what was happening and told Hermes to run. It was too late however. They had been surrounded by the last remnants of the White Titan.

A fierce battle ensued. Zagreus took blow after blow but kept fighting while Hermes fought cautiously and carefully. Together they killed the remnants down to the last mote. In that moment however Zagreus collapsed. His wounds were too great for even Hermes to heal. Zagreus however accepted his death. He had known he was fated to die and went anyway. He wanted to see the world and return with his tales of it. He simply asked Hermes to finish his journey and take his heart home afterwards.

Yet he would not die then. Not entirely. He awoke once more but altered. No longer Zagreus but as Dionysus. He knew instinctively what had occurred. He had, somehow, been reborn. Everything about him, except for his desires, had changed. Even the nature of his soul was different. At first Hermes looked elated. When he revealed this truth to him it only dampened. Hermes knew that was a risk but said he was willing to take it for his friend.

Dionysus, feeling a kinship with Hermes, thanked him deeply and confirmed that he remembered their friendship and still felt it. That had not changed. The king of the land he had been reborn in gave them lodgings until they decided what to do. They discussed many things and he regained some memories thanks to Hermes effort. While different he still cherished them. It was then he decided that after their travels they would return home. Eventually, after many travels, they did to the shock of every Olympian.

They introduced themselves as Dionysus and spoke of their travels. Lands filled with treachery and betrayal but romance and kindness. Lands filled with humans, demons, spirits, and gods in constant strife. Even a land of cold and snow whose gods were as fickle as humans. Then he spoke of his own death. How a small pack of remnants had been living extremely remotely. How he and Hermes, by sheer happenstance, came upon them.

What none of the Olympians expected was that he returned. The prophecy never spoke of him surviving. Hermes explained the rest. The sole remaining piece, Zagreus' heart, was taken to a king in a land filled with spirits and mystery and a cauldron there was used to grant Zagreus new life. He could not be revived but he could be reborn from the remnant.

Zeus, satisfied with the explanation, brought Dionysus into the halls of Olympus as a member alongside Hermes. While he did not speak of naming Dionysus as a heir, he recognized him and Hermes as Olympians. Dionysus explored Greece once more to see how it had changed. He was kidnapped by pirates, he drove a rude king mad, and he reprimanded a greedy lord, and even found a wife to marry.

Yet tragedy eventually struck. Typhon began his rampage through Greece, forcing the Olympians to flee. However one god tried to fight but was too weak due to circumstances. Zeus. Dionysus, knowing he was their only way to defeat Typhon, weathered blows meant for Zeus, giving them time to escape. He then fled, despite his heavy injuries, from the pursuit of Typhon. He, guided by Hermes, managed to escape the beast.

Yet, as once before, he was too weak from his injuries. Hermes insisted on carrying him but he knew he wasn't going to make. He suggested Hermes use the cauldron if he could not accept their death so easily. He pointed out that even if he would come out different he would at his core always be Hermes friend and always be a free spirit. Hermes, reluctantly, agreed to the plan and he let himself pass. Hermes respected his wishes and took his heart to the cauldron once more.

As before Dionysus nor Zagreus emerged from the cauldron. Instead a new being, calling itself Osiris, emerged. However something was different this time. He had two divine essences. Yet he denied it. Something in him told him he must be Osiris. Thus he introduced and acted as such. He was Osiris, friend of Hermes, lord of the Duat, god of rebirth, and he liked exploring other cultures in his free time.

Hermes and Osiris naturally traveled back to Egypt. The Olympians greeted them warmly though admitted they were unsure if he'd return. He admitted he would not as he was now a god of Egypt due to the magic that brought him back. However he swore to help his previous iterations comrades in reclaiming their homeland with everything he had.

As plans were made he fulfilled the duties of Osiris. He would bless the crops with good harvest when proper tributes and ceremonies were made, he healed those who had given proper prayer and were worthy of healing, and he even traveled into the Duat often. He also would spend hours talking to Hermes about what each of them did that year.

Eventually the time came for him to leave when Hermes revealed something shocking to him. Hermes, after the fight, intended to retire permanently and return. He had become fascinated by the Mysteries of Egypt and how abundant they were. He was happy that his friend was staying and expressed such. However he knew they may well die in the fight. He made a simple request in turn. If he died to bring his heart to Egypt and deposit it into the Duat. He, too, was done with rising. He felt three times was the right number. Hermes agreed and they marched on to fight Typhon.

It was a hard fought battle. Every god nearly died multiple times. However Athena's wisdom, Zeus' might, and Hermes' guidance allowed the Olympians to fell the dread demon Typhon. Hermes utilized a volcano to seal Typhon permanently so that they may never trouble humanity or the gods again. Then, as they decided, Osiris returned to Egypt and Hermes followed resigning from service.

They lived their days out quietly after that. Osiris would perform his duties and Hermes would study mysteries. Eventually however the Age of Gods came to an end. Feeling the shift in the world he told Hermes that he had to go. Forever. That Hermes, a human, could not follow. However Hermes showed no sadness. Instead Hermes gave him a happy smile and farewell before Osiris embarked on his final journey; to the Reverse Side of the World where he'd be safe from the Age of Man.

Class Skills

Magic Resistance

A skill granted to Saber, Lancer, Archer, and Rider servants as part of their class container. However when Rulers are summoned they are also granted this skill. He insists his high ranking in the skill is purely from being a god of the lands of Egypt, a land he calls 'the Land of Endless Mysteries'. He will, however, also confess to having studied his fair share of mysteries in life and knowing how to counteract a great deal of them.

At this rank all magecraft that is lower than A-rank will fail regardless of its status or supposed power. Even greater rituals or greater magecraft will be ruthlessly nullified by him. Even should something fall beneath his notice his divinity will naturally snuff it out.

God's Resolution (False)

A god of the land of mysteries, Egypt, and a god of the land of divinities, Greece. He has several Mysteries pertaining specifically to the binding and compulsion of high class familiars; even those as powerful as Servants. He even has been called the undisputed lord of Duat, the Egyptian underworld. A class skill of the Ruler class of servants, they gain it to mediate grail wars. While his claim to being the lord of Duat is shaky, it is undeniable that, at least at some point, he was welcomed into it and returned to rule over men. As a result he has this skill at a high rank.

Even if it is a false variant it is a powerful skill. Rather than Command Spells he instead utilizes high-grade mental interference Mysteries in order to compel servants. Similar to command spells he can order servants to do as he says and if not resisted they must obey. However this skill does not grant command spells and his Mysteries do not function like them either.

Unlike proper command spells proper wording is required as the servants need only obey to the letter. A command of 'kill them' does not imply immediately and the servant may take their time killing the enemy, even if he intended them sooner. Further unlike proper command spells he cannot empower servants. Further, unlike proper Command Spells, his can be resisted with proper magic resistance. Specifically magic resistance of at least A+ rank.

Divine Core of Intoxication

A skill normally held by gods of Wine. Yet despite being named after the lord of the dead and a god of rebirth he has this skill even if at a lowered rank. This is because of the circumstances of his creation. He is not the proper Osiris, even if he fooled an era into believing he was. As a result of doing so and the truth of his circumstances he has this divine core at a much lower rank.

At this rank he only benefits from the personal skill Revelations (Intoxicated) at an equivalent rank. A skill that will grant him visions on the best course of actions but with the caveat that he cannot understand them with a sound mind. They appear to him as muddy visions and only become clear with intoxication brought about by either drugs or alcohol. At his rank however even then they tend to be symbolic and vague, requiring deep thought and consideration. They also are useless for battle. They also are not constant and come randomly.

Normally this skill would provide Divinity as well but as he possesses two Divine Cores his Divinity operates differently than other gods.

Divine Core of the Dead

A skill held by him. It is the divine core of the foreign god Osiris. Despite his claims of being Osiris, these are not true. Rather he was reborn with his original Divine Core and the Divine Core of the Egyptian God Osiris. As a result he can utilize both Divine Cores as he wishes, though at a heavily reduced rank. His rank in this skill is increased due to claiming the name Osiris and all believing his claim save a few individuals and later generations.

At his rank he can access a single function of his divine core and a personal skill. The function he gains is the capability to incite growth in living things. He cannot control them or how they will grow at this rank but whoever he blesses properly will undergo a change and growth in some way. For servants, this manifests as a rank up in a random number of skills, armaments, noble phantasms, and/or parameters. This change is permanent.

The personal skill this divine core grants is Perfect Form. It allows him to regenerate so long as he receives mana from the earth. At his rank the skills regeneration is quite faster than the average humans self-healing capabilities but is not perfect. A killing blow will not heal within even days, requiring a month to recover, and even sufficiently heavy blows can remove him from a fight under normal circumstances.

Normally this skill grants Divinity at a rank equivalent to the rank of the core but as he has two divine cores that are synchronized within him and operating together, even if at a reduced capacity due to various factors, the divinity they provide instead is stronger than what either one alone provides.


A skill held by divine beings either passively or actively. It denotes a divine presence within them that enhances their very being. As he is the thrice risen Osiris he would gain divinity from his divine core. However due to unique circumstances his access to his primary core is reduced considerably and he has a second one that synchronizes perfectly with his primary core. This synchronization has granted him a high, but not what it once was, level of divinity.

At his rank his divinity is practically godlike and his divine cores cement the fact. He is a god. However he does not exhibit the divinity of a major god like he is. Even so it provides significant enhancement to their power and a bonus to their defenses.

Personal Skills

Blessed Successor

A skill he is entitled to and can utilize as he is not only the inevitable successor of Zeus, he also bears the name of the Lord of the Dead in ancient Egypt. While it could be a simple case of mistaken identity the fact of the matter is that he shows qualities of Osiris to the point even the Egyptians think he is simply Osiris. Thus he is granted this skill at a higher rank than he had in his youth as Zagreus.

At his rank he can completely dominate a space around him both magically and physically. As he speaks there are none that can force him to stop in the mortal realm. Even in the court of gods he will have his say and they will have little recourse. So long as he does not dare to tread onto foreign soil and speak to the strongest of those gods he cannot be forced to stop speaking. This effect dissipates once he is done.

Thrice Risen

A powerful skill based on the various legends of him being dismembered and reborn. With each dismemberment Zagreus went through he was reborn as a new being from the old one. Zagreus to Dionysus. Dionysus to Osiris. Twice destroyed, thrice risen. An extremely unique form of Battle Continuation is what this skill is. His ascension into Osiris, whose focal myth is the dismemberment and rebirth, has cemented his incalculable rank in this skill.

This skill allows him to ignore practically any injury he has. So long as his spirit core is intact no injury will slow him down unless it would physically otherwise. A lost leg for example will certainly impede his mobility. Losing his sword arm will impede his combat capability. Losing his head makes operating his body more difficult. However none of them, beyond these logical means, slow him down one iota.

All, except his spirit core, his heart. Should that be damage every wound ceases to be ignored. Rather what a human would feel in that condition is what he feels. In all legends one part survives his various events of dismemberment which allow for him to be revived. As a servant this still stands but also acts as his weakness; if his spirit core, his heart, is ever injured or destroyed then the protections of this effect fade away.

Another feature of this skill, like his legend, is rejuvenation. If the heart is submerged within wine his divine core will completely rejuvenate his lost body within 3 nights so long as it stays submerged for the duration. Afterwards he loses access to the skill for a period of 24 hours, after which his divine core recovers from overuse and returns to its full functionality.

Bounded Field of Madness

A legend states that when he was young he was kidnapped by pirates. Lacking anything valuable or noteworthy the pirates openly pondered using him for unsavory purposes. To say he was not amused would be as much of an understatement as it would be to say that Hera was annoyed by Zeus' constant trysts. He created fires from nothing, he turned dead wood into living, dangerous animals, and when the pirates tried to flee he changed them forever into immortal dolphins so they'd know the error of their ways. It is unknown if he ever lifted his curse upon them.

The cause of this however was not only divine godly power. It was a specific mystery he had mastered as Dionysus. While he could assert his authority to enact madness on men it would only be in their minds. However with the specific bounded field he had uncovered and come to understand, he could turn that madness into reality. However he is no longer only Dionysus and so he has this skill at a lower rank than he properly would.

At his rank he can generate a space around him that he can fill with his godly might. This manifests as filling the minds of others with madness. While he can do so without the bounded field, it simply functions akin to Loss of Sanity with the difference being he can target who is affected and who isn't and being capable of being nullified by B-rank or higher Magic Resistance.

However if he generates the bounded field first this changes drastically. While the visions of others do not become full manifestations they are projected into the space of the bounded field. While it is not quite as powerful as some that can alter the dimensions within, he can at minimum fill a space the size of a large galleon or a luxurious mansions main building. It should be noted that all manifestations, due to a loss of rank, are not under his control and will attack as the madman who unwittingly created them believes they will.


Osiris' personality can be described very simply. He is duty-driven. Older myths paint him as a responsible leader that does his duty to his fullest and instills life even in the land of the dead, granting peace to the deserving souls granted entry. However this manifestation of Osiris is anything but that. He does his duties but not because they are his duty and he is bound to them; rather fulfilling his duty is gratifying to him and so he pursues completion of them.

This is reflected in his relationship to the Olympians. Even with memories of them he regards them as foreigners and shows hospitality and due to his prior promise he fights for them not to truly fight as brothers in arms but to fulfill the duty he promised to complete.

The only exception is Hermes whom he regards as a dear friend. Rather Hermes is one who he shows exception for. Rarely does he ever attempt to bind or reign in Hermes even when the mortal takes on a gods name. He lets Hermes do as he pleases and enjoys a nice platonic friendship with the mortal, only regretting that he had to leave them behind.

However he does have an indulgent side. It comes somewhat from his secondary divine core but it primarily comes from the fact that his a form of Dionysus reborn. If he focuses on his duties for too long he develops a wanderlust and must travel for some time. Usually, during these times, famine occurs. He travels to places he has yet to sea sometimes being gone for years. Alternatively he will utilize Hermes grand workshop to hold rituals that he knows of from his previous iteration, though these usually devolve into hedonistic sessions.

As he appears as a Ruler type servant he generally mediates grail wars. While he normally will do so impartially this flies out the window if he ever encounters Hermes. At that point he will immediately favor the servant in most instances, even potentially siding with them. Due to his nature he generally doesn't appear in grail wars that also have Hermes summoned.

In terms of masters he will work with few but often he will partner with one to aid himself in combat, finding utilizing one for additional mana helpful. During this time he will view it as a partnership and will try to help the master as payment for the resources. This can range from allowing them to claim the grail if no winner is declared to simply teaching them some mysteries from the age of gods. As a personal ethic he very rarely involves the uninitiated in matters of the holy grail war, viewing bringing outsiders of mysteries into the affairs of mysteries as completely unethical and out of line.

A good way for him to immediately suspect someone is for them to use his true name. Not the one he gives but the one he actually has. His given name, Osiris, is only part of it. If one uses it to research history they'd find a different name and be able to discern his true identity as Dionysus Osiris. This is the truth behind him and one he rejects because of a hunch he had upon his rebirth. He had a feeling that he should hide his true name and his solution to do so was to simply call himself Osiris and reject being Dionysus completely.

His one regret perhaps is that he lied to Hermes after that the rest of his life. Hermes, in any form, is the one servant he'll entrust his secret with. All others that discover it will be met with hostility as he follows that hunch he had that day and if they cannot be bribed into silence or intoxicated into stupor he will fall back on the option of violence.


Greetings, master! I have heard your call for aid and I, Osiris, have come! I am a ruler serv-... eh? You know I'm Pretender? My name registers as what!? No, no, no! That's wrong! I was Osiris at one point in time!... though... the class is right... still! I can help!

What a fascinating fellow. Yet... hmmm... its strange. Why does it feel like sometimes I cannot hit you?... I feel an answer on the tip of my tongue... perhaps a little wine will help my brainpower

Demetrius of Thessaloniki
Well. I see what your situation is now... but I'm sure next summoning it will be fixed. Look at the silver lining though; your saint graph isn't too deteriorated so your closer to your living self than most of us here!

Sundowner Gremlin
Apophis! How dare you show your face here! I thought you were defeated!... If your being loyal to master, fine. Stay in line however. I, Osiris, shan't allow you to disrupt this peaceful sanctum!

Another hearth god. I knew one you know. Hestia. She was rather introverted so I rarely saw her. However she had many of the same qualities as you. Oh, I suppose there was Hathor too... still. Glad to see other cultures view the home as my homeland did. Egypt, that is.

Mmmmmm. I admit, I was skeptical of the idea of an 'onsen'... but now I see its worth. Even my homeland, Egypt, could have benefited from this sort of thing... if only we had discovered you all sooner....

Santa Claus
What a kind person you are. To think you'd spend the year preparing to give gifts at the end of the year and expect nothing in return. Truly, you are a selfless man. My former homeland could learn a thing or two from you.

I see. How tragic. You fought so hard for your people and that's how it ended. Poetic, but tragic. In Greece they'd view it as an artistic story of man's folly. In Egypt it'd be a karmic lesson on betrayal... I however see only tragedy. My sympathies, son of man and god.

Erzulie Freda
Hmmm. Don't know what to make of you... don't think I visited your lands in life. Well then! This is a new experience! Come, friend, let us drink to this joyous meeting! On me, of course!

Erk... fairy eyes! My one weakness! I mean, good day ma'am! I come bearing gifts! My finest wine! My marbled meat! Of course luscious grapes and most of all a wheel of my gourmet cheese!... So? dinner at 5?

Hermes Trismegistus
... Well... it's been a while, old friend... heh. Come. Let us sit and drink in remembrance... and tell me. What new things have you discovered? You loved talking of them. You loved discovery more than even I... I who was born to do it... as Zagreus... What cherished days those were... if only... they could continue, eh?

Noble Phantasm

Hmhmhm. What a great environment. What an exquisite gathering. The preparations are complete. Then let us commence...



A crystallization of a roman tradition tied to Dionysus, Bacchus, and the roman wine god Liber whom he usurped and later was syncretised with. Dubbed the 'Bacchanalia', it was a celebration that lasted several days and nights in secret, dedicated to rituals Dionysus passed onto them while they were connected through intoxication. It was heavily disapproved by authority figures until they attempted to take over the religion with little success.

Similar to the celebration this noble phantasm contains all the Mysteries that he was aware of in his multiple lifespans. The Mysteries he discovered in foreign lands as Zagreus, the local Mysteries he uncovered as Dionysus and Bacchus, and the Egyptian Mysteries he unearthed as Osiris. All of them are contained within this noble phantasm, from single-action E-rank spells to mighty rituals that cannot be properly classified within modern magecraft.

However there is a catch. As much as he has them he does not properly understand all of them. Even if he were to hold a ritual to immediately unsummon every heroic spirit in a grail war he may not be able to utilize it if he has not taken the time to try to study it. However this does not mean he is defenseless. He does understand a sizable portions of the mysteries contained within this noble phantasm.

However these are merely methods of attack for him. While the strongest Mystery he holds is roughly B-rank, this noble phantasms true purpose is not offense. It is to enthrall others. To liberate the spirit and free the mind. This is what he thinks, at least. When he calls out this noble phantasms True Name its true effects manifest so long as a few conditions are met.

First he must have his Bounded Field deployed over an area the size of an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. Second he must have at least ten people in attendance. Finally the meeting must not be hostile. Once these conditions are met he can unleash the true power of his Noble Phantasm.

Once activated the effects are immediate. The inside of the space operates akin to a Reality Marble-the rules of the world are shoved out and replaced by rules laid out by his Mysteries. However unlike a proper reality marble he is not entirely in control of the rules nor does it reflect his inner self. It instead reflects the Mysteries he has accumulated throughout his various lives. It also completely rejects entry or exit. One must possess the proper skills to forcefully enter or exit the space. Even he cannot leave if he wishes; he must deactivate his noble phantasm.

Within this space any spell derived from a Mystery from the Age of Gods, even those foreign to Greece where his cults originated, gain an extra rank when being utilized. If this manifests as a Noble Phantasm, like in the case of Rule Breaker, then this rule applies as well. This also applies to his own spells, though it only enables his strongest spells to pierce through A-rank and of those there are very few. However this is but one function of the space.

Within a mental interference is laced in the very air acting as both a magical and physical aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic gas. As it is embedded into the very magecraft of the space dispelling it requires dispelling the entire Noble Phantasm., a task that is all but impossible. However it is not instantaneous or all-powerful. Proper protections against poison, mental interference, and magic resistance all at once can filter out, mitigate, or otherwise nullify this effect.

A side effect of this gas makes verbally speaking lies impossible or rather only lies of ignorance are possible to be spoken. If the speaker attempts to hide behind their speech skills, this fog prevents the sound from reaching anyone else. Even those with a high level of Charisma will find their skills useless if they do not speak completely honestly. Dionysus-Osiris himself is subject to this. What makes this aspect of the gas so terrifying is that due to targeting sound in the air rather than any subject within Magic Resistance is not sufficient to prevent this effect. The only known method of preventing ones speech from being cut off or being lost is to simply speak truthfully or alter their memories outright.

Another effect of the space is that an empathic connection upon contact with another is formed. Even should it be an attack, upon touching another with even an armament will cause the attacker and attacked to form an empathic bond at that precise moment and for both to share what the other is feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally. Not quite a mind-reading power as any thoughts that go through the link are vague but it is close.

A final effect is enacted on any who eat flesh within the space. They gain some strength from whatever they gained the flesh from. So long as it is not cooked and the original animal, phantasmal, or whatever it might be has not died then upon consumption they will receive a plus modifier to either a skill, their noble phantasm, their armament, or one of their parameters. They can eat more and gain more plus modifiers, and eventually, a rank up. So long as the flesh is consumed before the expiration of the subject, then the enhancement is permanent even once leaving the space. The flesh can come from practically any subject considered 'living'; even familiars. Further the quantity or quality does not matter. Even a drop of blood will provide a plus modifier. The only existence that does not grant this are golems or golem-adjacent existences that have zero chance of developing an individual will.

However there are certain downsides to utilizing his full strength. First is that his mana upkeep skyrockets. A normal magus could only hold it for five minutes without aid from a command spell. Secondly is that all the effects laid within; Increases to the potency of spells, the magic and physical gas laced with drugs, the inability to speak lies within the gas, the empathic connections formed on contact, and the strength gained from eating raw flesh affect not only him but all within. Not just servants or familiars but even normal humans caught within. Enemy masters could benefit from this noble phantasm just as much as he and his master could as well.

Yet these, despite being points of weakness, only apply to a careless, reckless, or aggressive master. A master that is cautious or diplomatic may come to view it as he does; a method to smooth over relationships, open dialogue, and to come to an understanding and mutually benefit.

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