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Self-Teaching Japanese

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The Japanese-only release of Remake has got me thinking about learning Japanese again. I have already built up a range of online and offline resources to to help me with this.

I have a few minor advantages going into this:
- I have already taught myself hiragana to the extent that I can read anything written in it at a moderate pace, and have made good progress with katakana.
- I am already familiar with some linguistic terminology and the IPA because of my conlanging hobby.

Obviously, I'm probably not going to be reading Tsukihime (at least not within any reasonable span of time), but I figure it would be a good way to prep for proper schooling or just another fun hobby. I think I can probably reach N5, maybe N4 level if I work hard and stay dedicated (based on brief internet searches).

What do you think?

Also if anyone wants the list of resources I am using, let me know and I'll compile the links and post them in the comments below or in another blog post.