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Fate/Antiquity Servant

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Born to Sarah and Orin Rockwell, Orrin began life as a curious lad. His family’s land, inherited from their ancestor Edmund Rice who helped cultivate the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was settled right next to the land of the Smith Family. Not reclusive and a family of preachers, yet also secretive. He was eight years younger than the man who would become the father of Mormonism, Joseph Smith.

In the early days he’d faithfully and obediently listen to Joseph who proclaimed to be a prophet and do odd jobs to help pay for what would become the Book of mormon, believing him to be righteous. To further prove his loyalty he joined the army, got a gun, and used the pay from his job to help Joseph Smith.

When he returned he became the sword of the church. Joseph would have him deal with difficult elements and enemies of the church, a job he gladly did utilizing the skills he learned in the military. He did so with no one ever able to come close to proving his guilt.

The closest he got was when Lilburn Boggs accused him of trying to assassinate him on the orders of Joseph Smith. Joseph was confident they were innocent, claiming that Rockwell couldn’t have shot Boggs because he was still alive.

When the trial arrived this fact combined with the fact that Boggs never considered one of his rivals, known for violence, before Rockwell quashed the accusations and attempt. In retribution he ordered that the mormons be violently excommunicated from the state, an order that they complied with before force could be brought to bear.

Moving to Utah, he was granted a prophecy by Joseph ‘I prophesy, in the name of the Lord, you—Orrin Porter Rockwell—so long as ye shall remain loyal and true to thy faith, need fear no enemy. Cut not thy hair, and no bullet or blade can harm thee’.

Upon the death of Joseph he continued to watch over the family, it’s secrets, and its purpose as well as the church. He still killed for the church but much less frequently. Upon his death, his prophecy was fulfilled as no blade nor bullet harmed him.

Orrin Porter Rockwell

Assassin is a man of contradictions. Despite his deep faith and penchant for violence, he is deeply philosophical, loyal to even non-believers, and a good man at heart and a love of alcohol.

Rather his violence is reserved for those he believes deserve it. Simply speaking against mormonism, even harshly, he doesn't believe is deserving. Its when it raises to violence that he lets loose his own violence. This naturally extends to his loyalty; once violence begins he will defend his master tooth and nail.

After all, loyalty is important to Assassin. Any promise he makes he will do his utmost to fulfill it, even should the other party prove disloyal to him. This naturally extends to his master, serving as their sword even should he become aware of a potential betrayal.

Finally he simply is a man that wants to help others. He helped Joseph Smith, expecting nothing in return and felt gratitude when he received a baptism in return. He felt gratitude when Joseph Smith granted him a prophecy. He felt gratitude when the family accepted his aid after the death of Joseph Smith.

Yet for all his good he indeed does have a dark side. Once he finds violence an acceptable answer to a problem, he immediately escalates, unless told otherwise, to attempting to kill the target. While he prefers to do so with them aware he has little issue with sniping them from a distance.

The only exception are other mormons. He will kill them but he will do so with great hesitance and sadness.

Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: C
Magic: D
Luck: C


Presence Concealment: B
Despite the supposed number of deaths he caused, he was only ever ‘caught’ once and even then was not proven guilty. In fact, no real evidence was provided that he did the crime beyond his reputation as a sword of mormonism.

Guardian Angel: A
He defended the faith. He defended the family. He defended the prophet. He is the sword of Mormonism and he defends the faith with zeal. He had a reputation as an assassin for Joseph due to his deep faith and ties with the church, being the first to be baptized and being a co-founder. He even received a prophecy upon being proven innocent.

Marksmanship: B
He has a long, successful career of gunmanshop. One particular anecdote regards him expertly shooting at an outlaw that ambushed him to make him dance without ever actually hitting him despite his rapid-fre. Further he had a reputation of only using one shot to kill his victims. Even his gun is aptly named ‘the Mormon Avenger’ and is his trusty sidearm that he always uses.

Eye of the Mind (True): B
He served in the military for several years and accumulated a record. He also served as the sword of Mormonism, utilizing quickdraw duels arranged secretly. His experience with battle has left him with this ability to utilize his experience to help him in battle.

Golden Rule: D
Based on how he funded Joseph Smiths various projects by utilizing the means he had available to him.

Noble Phantasms

Lex Divina Prophetae
the Prophecy Spoken by Prophet Joseph

Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
Rank: A

A powerful defensive noble phantasm based on the legend of Joseph Smith granting him a prophecy upon his joining the church in Nauvoo. It stated ‘I prophesy, in the name of the Lord, you—Orrin Porter Rockwell—so long as ye shall remain loyal and true to thy faith, need fear no enemy. Cut not thy hair, and no bullet or blade can harm thee’. So great was this protection that an outlaw gang ambushed him, unloaded all their guns towards him, and all the bullets did nothing to him allowing him to draw his own guns and slay each other them.

Effectively this passive noble phantasm exists to protect him from slashes and projectiles. Whenever he would be targeted by such attacks he may make a luck check to try to phase through the attacks. If he chooses to take them, instead the damage is displaced to his hair, destroying parts of it. If all his hair should be destroyed, he must consume enough prana to regrow it as for as long as he is bald this noble phantasm is sealed.

Confodietur in Tenebris
Crackshot Under Night

Type: Anti-Unit (FINISHER!)
Rank: B

Based on his greatest feat. In total darkness, with no moonlight or even firelight, a bank robber fled with the riches he stole. Being the only one witnessing he pulled his gun out and let the robber flee for 5 minutes, reaching the crest of a hill. With a single shot from his Mormon Avenger he killed the man while he was a speck on the black sky.

This attack, unlike prior attacks, already has hit the opponent. The moment he pulls the trigger when utilizing this noble phantasm the opponent being hit is already a determined, sure, unavoidable outcome. While protections can minimize the damage, he ultimately is aiming and picking where he shoots his enemy whether it be in the heart, head, neck, or other place on the body. Further protections based on blocking line of sight or other senses, including illusions, fail to prevent this effect.

Otherwise, the attack is simply a bullet from his C-rank armament the Mormon Avenger.

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