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Timely Attack on Chaldea Servant

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So. Morg's recent clarification has changed my sight. I'll add Mary Shelley to the list. Instead I'm going to do a Servantverse version of a servant I've yet to actually release. Here he is; Maurice Doreal SV

"Blast it all! Where did the warp drive take me this time!?"

Class: Rider
True Name: Space Cowboy Doreal
Origin: Servantverse
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Peace, Relaxing, and Enjoying Space.
Dislikes: Work, Being dragged into incidents, and Putting in effort.
Hates: Not helping those in distress.
Other Classes: Archer, Assassin, Foreigner, and Faker.
Catalyst: a copy of the Book of Thoth, the actual article, a piece of Lost in Thoths.
Armament: Jericho (E-rank), Lost in Thoths (B-rank).

"Uhhhh... I mean... I'm a qualified, licensed space cowboy but uhhh... I'm sorta on vacation...


Str: E
End: E
Agi: E
Mna: E
Lck: E

"Uh. Yes, those are legitimate. Wait, is there a problem? Do you doubt my ability?.... so does that mean I can just relax?"


A writer before the mutation of the universe, this somewhat changed after as the entire universe became fantastical and nothing he wrote came close to it. Anything he wrote was too grounded in reality, contrary to the fantasy he found himself in.

In despair, he languished for a long time, eventually facing homelessness in a particularly rough place in the Sapphire Galaxy. He initially believed himself human until a chance encounter with a certain person revealed himself to be a servant, albiet one so weak that his attacker stopped attacking finding him not even worth spending time on.

Distraught and finding himself in the depths of despair, a chance purchase in an antique store at the edge of the universe would change his entire life. A green-bound tablet entered his possession for an extremely low price. When he activated it he discovered something truly fantastic.

Using it he taught himself various skills and found himself mastering several talents. Through using it he also came to discover a lost treasure and used it to gain a reward. As time went on he would perform more and more heroic feats that in some cases matched the more famous servants.

Yet it was not meant to be. His many deeds drew the ire of some servants, both nefarious and otherwise. They set their sights on him, determined to find out his means of rising to fame. One of these enemies was a powerful crime lord whom he had interfered with numerous times.

This newfound attention and attempts on his life drew him to retire and attempt to go into hiding. Unfortunately for him, his enemies would not accept this nor would fate.

From then on he would end up in incident after incident, foiling his enemies in their nefarious plots either through happenstance, to help another, or with the AI that laid within the tablet to the increased anger of his enemies.

Even cooperation between them was not enough to capture or destroy him, though it made him lose his golden spacecraft the Yamato 2. He ended up replacing it with a simple red battle-type spacecraft he named 'Lost in Thoths'.

To this day he runs from his enemies and gets roped into the unrelated schemes of villains or he uncovers a plot to end him and foils it, either increasing the villains ire or adding to his list of enemies.

"Let's just say... me and villainy have a long, long, unwanted history. So please... keep a weak servant like me away from that stuff, okay?"

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: C

Initially he had no magic resistance but a long career of foiling all forms of servants attempting to capture or destroy him through all means including magecraft have built up a natural resistance.

At this rank most modern magecraft that is not a greater ritual or high thaumaturgy are useless against him. However he cannot mitigate magecraft equal to those levels.

"When ya gotta deal with crazy casters all the time, ya get used ta a lotta shit. Just how it is"

Riding: C

Riding his trusty spacecraft the Yamato 2 after learning this skill granted him increased skill in it. Then after spending time riding his new spacecraft that is equally trusted he rose it to this natural peak level.

While he cannot ride divine or phantasmal beasts or vehicles he is a master at driving all forms of vehicles. Even if it is not his Lost in Thoths he can ride it masterfully and grants it bonuses.

"I mean... Not to brag but I'm pretty good at driv'in my ship. Ain't the best but we can put up a fight"

Personal Skills

All Kinds of Talents: EX

Due to extensive use of the Book of Thoth he assumed competent in any and all skills not unique to specific servants. However due to the unique nature of his existence rather than grant a skill at a particular rank he instead can simply utilize any skill he believes he needs at C rank.

"Eh? I mean sure. I've just been doing odd jobs here and there. I gotta make a living somehow and my money ain't good here. Ya'll use those 'saint quartz'"

Existence Outside Fate: C

Not a sealed skill, simply a skill unique to the existence that is Maurice Doreal. In all universes his is supposed to be destined to be a failure, never accomplishing anything. This is the proper history of any Maurice Doreal.

However those that discover the Book of Thoth and rely completely on it gain a connection to it unlike other possessors of it. This connection grants a single powerful but simple benefit. An exemption from Fate.

The strength of this skill is determined purely the by amount of defiance of fate he exhibits. At a base, Maurice Doreal is perfectly capable of bucking fate with enough honest effort. At its strongest, Maurice Doreal fate forgets he is not doing as he should.

At this level attempts to divine information about his past, present, or future become clouded. Skills like Revelations, Clairvoyance, and even Mystic Eyes of Precognition cannot accurately foretell his movements as he can move with autonomy from fate itself.

As a result they only know in general what he might be doing. Even acquiring an accurate location is difficult. However this skill is a double edged sword as he himself is under the same conditions.

If he uses a skill to try to predict his future then he receives the same general information. While he may make a luck check to determine more he cannot gain anything more than a general summary of his or his enemies general layout and plan. Specifics will elude him.

Additionally whenever he makes a luck check he uses the rank of his noble phantasm in place of his actual Luck rank. Further anyone that uses skills like True Name Discernment to discover his parameters see his Luck parameter rather than his noble phantasms rank.

Finally, attempts to learn about this skill fail completely when the attempts use skills. Instead the servant attempting it will find themselves getting confused to the point of completely forgetting what they were doing. However if they use analog means this effect does not occur.

"Errrr... sorry John Baptist but I've got no idea what you're talk'in about... now please, excuse me"


Despite the his newfound abilities his long history has rendered him somewhat useless. He has no desire to fight or do anything other than relax but his long list of enemies prevents him from attaining that relaxation. Everytime he gets close one of his enemies finds him and makes an attempt on him; to either capture or kill him.

Due to this chaotic lifestyle he has a slight paranoia about situations being too good to be true but will take just about any opportunity to rest. Often he takes naps in his spacecraft, 'Lost in Thoths' so that if something happens he can take off at a moments notice.

Despite this nature he is not completely a downer. When he does have a genuine moment to rest he will make the most of a situation and enjoy himself; Drinking, playing games, and enjoying life.

To change the subject such moments reveal a troubling factor of his personality; He hates working. Whether its to capture an enemy, fight, or even to simply help another. He hates doing it. As far as he's concerned his 20 years of bounty hunting was enough excitement for him.

He will often lie and act like he's very weak in an attempt to trick either his master or others that he can't possibly be helpful and that they should look to someone else for help. Even if he were to work it's unlikely he'd put in any more effort than the bare minimum.

Yet for all this there is a way to get him to try his best even if he doesn't want to. Place someone that genuinely needs his best effort in front of him. Someone with an imminent need. Due to his roots as a weak, broke, homeless servant so weak that he was mistaken as human he empathizes with such people greatly.

When put in that situation his personality shifts completely. From a selfish, lazy, wanting no trouble attitude he will shift to a bounty hunter mindset, analyzing the battle field and working with his ship's AI to determine the best course of action.

Additionally he will not hold back, seeking to resolve the situation in the most efficient but satisfactory way, heavily favoring the latter. If he must fight he seeks to end the threat as quickly as possible.

"... tsk... man master... when ya look at me like that... I can't help but wanna help... tch. Fine. Ya got me. I'll help... just don't expect too much, master"

Noble Phantasms

All-Knowing Artificial Intelligence Thoth

Type: Conceptual
Rank: EX

An artificial intelligence made for unknown purposes. However it can be surmised based on the fact that it seems to know all there is about not just the servantverse but existence in general. Even when taken out of Servantverse it is capable of operating and providing information.

While technically part of the Lost in Thoths that is more where she resides. As an AI she can transfer between computer systems with ease so long as a connection can be made and the systems are strong enough to handle her. Generally, so long as a it's stronger than a high-end tablet, it can handle her even if her functionality is minimized.

However when she is examined for where she keeps her knowledge; There is no source. No memory, no external connection. Unmistakably she is simply a navigation AI. However the only notable fact is that when she acquires facts relevant to a question posed her prana use spikes to the level of using high thaumaturgy.

In terms of function she existed purely to grant knowledge and wisdom to whomever bonded with her, which currently is Space Cowboy Doreal. However after spending a long time with Doreal she has developed a personality all her own.

Thoth acts like a dark mirror to Doreal himself. She is outgoing, explorative, actively seeks adventure, and gets excited at the prospect of being in danger. However one trait not mirrored is her total loyalty to Doreal. So long as he lives she refuses to obey others. She won't even help another without thinking he'd be okay with it.

Despite being confined to the ship, she can communicate somewhat telepathically with Doreal due to a particular chip she arranged to have implanted in his head later on. Through it she can impart knowledge and wisdom regarding a particular skill he requires. In other words she herself is the basis of his personal skill All Kinds of Talents.

Additionally she herself has abilities on par with the skills True Name Discernment, Clairvoyance, and Revelations at EX rank. She can utilize them seemingly at will. Further due to the nature of her Knowledge information erasure skills simply don't work on her; they have nothing to gain purchase on. Instead she simply has no logs about information she acquired.

While she can create copies of herself these are simply extra agents that increase her own functionality allowing the relaying of information and the observation of other things to be left to them than herself. They do not have the same knowledge acquirement functions as her and it seems such power is special to her.

However a secret function of these unknown to even Doreal himself is these copies, which currently exist in two different computing devices on his person, is to become her upon her own death. Should Thoth be destroyed then one of her copies will mutate and become Thoth themselves including access to the same method of acquiring knowledge the original had.

Despite its status as an Artificial Intelligence it hates this designation and becomes offended when referred to as such; to the point she will not even acknowledge when addressed as such. Further it is difficult to truly tell if she is artificial as there seems to be no signs of any part of her personality and logical processes being artificial. According to Doreal she was very robotic when they first met long ago.

"Heheheh... yeah... guess I gotta let the cat outta the bag... okay Thoth, introduce yourself!"
"Hello! I am Thoth, the Intelligence aboard his vessel Lost in Thoths, named after yours truly! I hope we get along!
"So yeah... don't rely on me much but go ahead and rely on Thoth. I do"
"Hey! Don't just offer my services! I can make my own decisions Doreal!"
"Oh and be careful. She's a handful... Oh, but I'll need to make a connection with your systems. If she has more resources than my dingy spacecraft then she can do more... that's okay, right?"

A Man's Vessel is A Man's Home
Lost in Thoths

Type: Vehicle
Rank: B


A spacecraft he purchased after the destruction of his original one, it is a red model with thrusters on the back of the craft and the ends of the wings. Despite it being considerably smaller it is more efficient for his purposes; the escape and fleeing of his enemies.

The interior functions akin to a small-scale A-rank territory. It has bounded fields that heavily defend the pilot within and also boost his capacity to react quickly. It also heavily increases his perception. Further it utilizes external mana to support this bounded defensive field of which blocks C-ranked magecraft innately and mitigates any attacks above that rank, only failing to if a particular weapon is entitled to a luck check and that is succeeded.

While riding it his agility becomes EX rank as the craft moves extremely fast normally almost entering mach speeds. Further he can increase this temporarily by burning more fuel aka prana. However he can only support this for roughly 10 minutes though he generally doesn't do this; he instead sustains a minute and then only enough to maintain the velocity in space and letting himself recharge.

In terms of weaponry it only has three weapons; a pair of lasers on the front end of the wings that shoot directly forward and a gun underneath that rapid-fires single shots of 50 caliber bullets. While the lasers are powerful B-rank armaments they require either his prana or prana he's put into the Prana Tank to utilize while the 50-cal cannon requires no prana and is a C-rank armament.

Additionally it has only two extra features; A prana tank separate from the fuel tank and a warp drive. The warp drive requires a full tank of prana to utilize but can jump between planets though he only uses this to flee as its easily traceable according to him. The prana tank can store enough prana to fuel an EX-rank noble phantasm.

However it's strongest feature is housing the AI Thoth. It handles most of the onboard operations with him simply steering the ship and fueling it when required. Despite its status as 'Artificial' it itself seems to lack any traits denoting that.

"My pride and joy... though she's seen better days. Been 2 years since I was able to settle and focus on repairs... by the by ya got any tools? I got a chance so I'm gonna take advantage and repair the warp drive... pushed it too hard com'in here"

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