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Paraffectionate Exclusory Liner

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"You are humanity's hope and despair. I am at your mercy."
Months before the turn of the millenium, four ususpecting magi find themselves forced to shoulder a heavy duty.
Spirited away to strange incidents, they must face an unkown foe for the sake of the Human Order.
Servants are their only allies, but those fickle ghosts are not always cooperative...
Cut-off from the proper flow of time, the four heroes only have one choice: to face the———


Crimson mist fills the country with nostalgia,
taking the Wonderful City to ages long past!
In the darkness, the evil eye observes———


Fimbulsumars lasts longer still, through the Age of Man,
bringing with it prosperity without end!
Even so, humanity continues to quarrel———


Hundreds follow a boy to certain ruin,
but an arrival changes the fate of all!
From the chalice, blessings continuously flow———


The grand drapes open to a paradisiac sea,
in the meanwhile, the protagonist continues his duet.
All actors are aboard, and among them———


The lunar seas are painted in sickly hue,
its protector missing, the Eye of Heaven must make do.
But when the abyss stares back, what it sees is———

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  1. WhiteFrenzy's Avatar
    Oh boy I'm so ready for these. Take your crown and run, king.
  2. TrueMrMultiverse's Avatar
    This looks pretty interesting, the characters in Hy Brezail are great especially the 2 big antagonists.